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How To Calculate Screening Score based On O’level Result

Many candidates would like to know the current system of determining their post-UTME admission screening score? Well, with the return of Post-UTME Aptitude test, school that will conduct Post-UTME aptitude test will no longer use the POINT GRADE SYSTEM. They will decide candidates performance and screening score for admission based on what they scored in the aptitude test and their JAMB Score. (Note: this does not mean that you do not need to meet the O’level requirements for your course of study to be admitted).

However, if your school of choice is going to screen candidates using only O’level results and JAMB score, then they will likely use the point grade system as set by JAMB. This means that each grade you have in your O’level results represents a certain point. The same thing also applied to your JAMB Score.

However, the truth is that how these points are determined varies from one institution to the other. All schools do not used the same point grading system to determine the total Post-UTME admission screening score of candidates at the end of the day.

To further explain this, let’s take a look at the O’level result POINT GRADING SYSTEM method used by the Lagos State University (LASU) and University of Ibadan (UI) last year;

LASU O’level result POINT GRADING SYSTEM for last year

A1 10
A2 (B2) 9
A3 (B3) 8
C4 7
C5 6
C6 5


UI O’level result POINT GRADING SYSTEM for last year

A1 6
B2 5
B3 4
C4 3
C5 2
C6 1

From what you can be seen above, the two universities used different point grading system for candidates O’level results. This is because institutions have different requirements.

This means that even if they are to use point grading system, it will not be the same. Each institution will develop and use a point grading system that meets its requirements. Another thing is that not all schools will make public the type of point grading system they used to determine candidates admission screening score.

Be that as it may, we received information from a reliable source that this year, 60% of candidates’ admission screening score or points will come from your JAMB UTME score while 40% of the score will come from candidates’ O’level results.

If that be the case, most schools will use the point grading system below to determine candidates admission screening score for this year. Let’s see the point grading system most institutions will use and how to calculate your Admission screening score.

Point Grading System For O’ Level Result:

Only the five (5) relevant subjects on your o’level result with the best grades will be used to calculate your screening score. Your O’level result will contribute 40% of your total  admission screening score in this order;

  • A1-8%
  • B2-7%
  • B3-6%
  • C4-5%
  • C5-4%
  • C6-3%

This means that if you have Five (5) straight A1, you have -40%

If you have Five (5) straight B2, you’ve scored -35%

If you have Five (5) straight B3, you’ve scored -30%

If you have Five (5) straight C4, you’ve scored -25%

If you have Five (5) straight C5, you’ve scored -20%

If you have Five (5) straight C6, you’ve scored -15%

Point Grading System For JAMB Result:

Whatever you have as your JAMB score will contribute 60% of your total admission screening score in this order:

180-189 = 10%

190-199 = 20%

200-209 = 30%

210-219 = 40%

220-229 = 50%

230 & Above = 60%

With the above explanation, you can easily calculate your possible admission screening score or percentage by adding the percentage of your O’ level result and the percentage of your JAMB Result.


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