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Study In UK: University Of Sheffield International Merit degree Scholarships – 2024

Interested students can apply for undergraduate scholarship at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. The university is offering 75 students Merit Scholarships. Students The scholarship is available for new students living outside the United Kingdom who would meets the eligibility criteria and would like to study in the University of Sheffield, UK.

Value of Scholarship: Scholarship covers 50% of the school fees all through the undergraduate studies

  • The deadline to apply for the undergraduate scholarship is Monday 22 April 2024 at 1.00pm (UK time)
  • Scholarship winners will be announced on Wednesday 15 May 2024..

To be taken at (country): UK

Scholarship Type: Undergraduate

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for the University of Sheffield Merit Scholarship;

  • Your programme must be scheduled to commence at the University of Sheffield in September 2024.
  • You must receive an offer for a course studied in full at the University of Sheffield. All undergraduate degree courses are eligible with the exceptions of Medicine (A100/A101) and Dentistry (A200).
  • For tuition fee purposes you must be self-funded and eligible to pay the overseas tuition fee.
  • You must not be a sponsored student*.
  • You must enter a degree programme at the University of Sheffield in programme year 1 or year 2.
  • The University of Sheffield reserves the right to review and change scholarship provision.
  • Applicant has provided a clear rationale for applying for a course at the University of Sheffield.
  • Applicant has clearly articulated future ambitions, these goals relate to the degree they have applied for.
  • Applicant has a strong academic profile.

Number of Scholarship Awards: 75 students will be offered the scholarship.

Duration of Scholarship: for the full period of study

How to Apply for the undergraduate scholarship

To apply for a University of Sheffield, merit Scholarship, please follow these steps

Note: You are to login using the login details created during admission application in the school to login on the scholarship portal. For more information, visit the official scholarship page.

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