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Important Updates On JAMB CBT Exam You Need To Know

There are few important changes in JAMB CBT candidates should know. If you are participating in the UTME for the first time this year, it is important you take note of these changes.

For the sake of clarity, we wish to point out these new important changes and provide explanations where necessary so that you will be properly guided.

Changes On JAMB CBT Exam You Need To Know

JAMB CBT Exam Duration (Time) Has been Reduced from 3 Hours to 2 Hours:

The time candidates have to answer the exam questions have been reduced from the 3 hours that it used to be to 2 hours.

This simply means that candidates will have to work on how fast they can answer JAMB CBT exam questions. There are JAMB CBT softwares you can use to practice JAMB CBT questions and with constant practice, candidates will be able to increase their pace of answering questions and be able to do well during the actual JAMB CBT exam.

Number of Exam Questions Have Been Reduced

Before now, JAMB CBT examination usually comprises 100 questions for Use of English and 50 questions each for the other three subjects a candidate is expected to sit for bringing the total number of questions to 250. However, JAMB has disclosed that there will be a change.

Questions on Use of English will be reduced to 60 while for the other remaining subjects, the questions will be reduced to 40 questions each. This will bring the total number of questions a candidate is expected to answer to 180.

Exam Questions Are Uploaded 5 Minutes Before The Exam

The CBT exam questions will be uploaded by JAMB just five (5 mins) before the examination. This means that candidates must have already been seated in the examination hall before the questions will be uploaded. The purpose of this is to make sure that the JAMB CBT exam questions do not leak before the exam begins. It will also make the exam malpractice very difficult.

So this simply means that it will be almost impossible to get an idea of the questions before the examination. So anybody promising you that he/she will send you answers or give you “EXPO” is only deceiving you and just wants to defraud you.

So candidates writing the exam should note that the only sure way to succeed in the JAMB CBT exam, is to study hard. Do not fall victim to fraudsters who only want to eat your money by promising to send you “EXPO” on the examination day.

Use Of Eight-Key Device To Answer JAMB CBT Questions Not Mouse:

In previous years, JAMB candidates use a mouse attached to the computer systems to answer JAMB CBT exam questions and navigate through the whole CBT interface. However, many do complain that some of the candidates who have little or no idea on the use of computer systems are often put at a disadvantage compared to those who already know how to use computer systems before the examination.

Now considering this, JAMB has developed an eight key device that candidates can use as a navigation tool to provide answers to the exam Questions.  Both the Mouse and the Eight Key device may be available on the exam day. So use the one you are comfortable with.

Let us take the time to explain the “eight key device” system for a better understanding.

The “eight key device” will be made up of eight letters of the alphabet namely: A,B,C,D,P,N,S,R,Y

Letter A,B,C,D is to be used to provide answers to the CBT questions. So if the answer to a question is letter B, just simply tap letter “B” on the device and it will appear on the computer screen that you have selected letter B as your answer to the question.

letter P,N,S,R,Y serves other navigational purposes as explained below;

P = Means “Previous Question” (when you tap on letter P, it takes you to the previous question you have answered or jumped)
N = Means “Next Question” (when you tap on letter “N” it takes you to the next question )
S = Means “Submit” (Candidates are to tap on this button only when they want to submit their examination. This means you have FINISHED THE EXAMINATION)
R = Means “Reverse” ( If for any reason you wish to go back to the questions after submitting, simply tap on the “R” button to go back).

Y = Means “Yes” (This means you are confirming that you want to submit. Only use this if you are sure you are through and want to submit).

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    • ABCD
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      P is for previous question
      N is for next question
      S is for submit

      Y is for Yes you want to submit

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    • Contrary to the announcement made by JAMB earlier. There will be a mouse attached to the computer, So you can use the mouse to select the subject you want to answer by using the mouse to click on it.

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    • No! The system will submit it automatically for you.

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