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JAMB Exam Slip Printing For 2020 UTME Has Started – See How To Print Yours

How to print your JAMB exam slip directly from the JAMB website is what this page is all about. The official portal for 2020 UTME candidates to print their JAMB exam slip has been enabled. See details on how to Print Your Exam Slips Directly FRom JAMB Website.

JAMB has started emailing candidates the link to print their examination slip. If you are yet to get the link, there is nothing to worry about as the official link to print the exam slip has been enabled by JAMB and we have provided the steps for you to print yours..

Please note the Printing can only be done using a computer system connected to a printer. You are to use your phone (DO NOT USE OPERA MINI) to only confirm if yours is available on the JAMB portal before going to a Cyber Cafe to print it out. That is if you do not have a computer and Printer at home.

This post will show you how to print your JAMB Exam Slip without mistakes.

Steps and Procedure To Re-Print JAMB 2020 Exam Slip Directly From JAMB Website

1. Visit the JAMB exam slip printing portal:
2 Enter your JAMB Registration Number or email address in the space provided.
3. Click on “Print Examination Slip” your exam detail will pop up and you can now proceed to connect your computer to a printer and print.

Please note:

1. If you do not have a computer and a printer at home. You can proceed to any Cyber Cafe to print your slip

2. You are advised to print two copies of your 2020 JAMB exam slip. You will need to submit one on the day of the exam and keep the other one for reference purposes.

3. Your 2020 JAMB exam slip should preferably be printed in COLOURED.

The portal may be a bit slow due to the number of users trying to access it at the same time. So you may need to reload the page as often as possible to gain access to the portal. You can share your experience with others in the comment box.

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  1. I was absent from the exam
    Because of my location was very far
    Can i be re write

  2. Zainab ileanwa Idris

    Please is today’s results out

  3. The slip must it be in colour? Because mine is not colour print,please I need an answer

  4. must we print it colored

  5. i have been trying the jamb site but it not working

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  7. Is it compulsory that Jamb must send the details through gmail or u can print it out directly

  8. Falujo oluwaseun

    Is it a most we most print it coloured. Pls

  9. Pls ous,i haven’t seen my date and the center for my exam but what the is saying is that your detail is not found for the exam,i even try using my number but all the same.Hope no problem

  10. Ukauwa Ahunnaya

    I haven’t seen my date and center,so please what should I do

  11. I have seen mine. It was sent to my Gmail; the exact date, centre and time.

  12. I haven’t been sent a message on Gmail but have checked it on chrome. Why have they not send it to me on gmail?

  13. Oluwabona omobolanle

    Have seen mine ooo.

  14. I haven’t seen mine o …
    but anyways I can still try it tomorrow..
    All the best..

  15. I haven’t seen my date, center oo.

  16. Pls can I check the details about my exam date and time before going to print it out

  17. I have seen mine

  18. Wait I thought the print out is starting tomorrow? This one everybody is doing (trying) their own today πŸ™„

  19. Can we print the one sent to our g mail?

  20. Emmanuel chinonso

    How do I print it
    I mean what are the procedures

  21. Please why is the reprint not send to me by now from jamb portal…
    But my friend have just seen it own.
    Or should i go to de cyber cafe and do the reprint?

  22. How do I access jamb portal to check my slip but my slip has been sent to my gmail

  23. Abduljalil Aliyu Umar

    At any cyber Cafe

  24. What’s jamb portal

    • They do not send my jamb reprint they only send it through my Whatsapp and am confused right now, what should I do??

  25. If they is a life they is a hope by god great

  26. The print option is not activated

  27. pls o I want to change my institution that I put will it be possible

  28. haven’t seen mine all am seeing is NO DETAIL FOR U IN THIS EXAMINATION. what next, please.

  29. @freddy am confused that why am asking, and the most funniest part of it all is when I even try to open an account with email on my slip I was told some one has already taken the name…… so tired and frustrated now….. till now now it hasn’t open

  30. ogbu philip ibe

    i have not recive my detail , pls when am i going to have my exam centre pls tell me

  31. ‘Your details is not found for this examination’

    Thats the message i’ve been getting

  32. can u pls suggest browsers, thanks.

  33. Pls when am I going to receive my date and center of examination? Almost everyone around me have seen their… Y is my case different?

  34. I followed the instruction but it’s telling me my details are not available

  35. Please oh am here with another problem am facing now oh, as been directed to use my reg number, I tried it’s now but what I saw there is no detail find for you….. please my school what can be such problems or what do you think might be causing it

    • cool down dear..
      It’s like they’re working on the server..
      it’s same everywhere as at now..!

    • Hmm….
      lolx.. you amaze me..
      my dear JaVe patience nah…
      you’re not everyone around you. you’re you..

      so cool down you’ll still see yours..

      and also,many others haven’t gotten theirs too…

  36. i havent seen my jamb date yet why?

  37. I visited the site stated but the response was that my details was not found.

  38. I guess the site has mot been enabled. Nobody has seen theirs

  39. Please. Whenever i try to login to jamb website, it always tell me, wrong password or email, and its correct

  40. Please my school should I go to the cafe now or i shld wait till i see my re-print on my email? I’ve been trying to access the website but writing service unavailable…. Pls help me…

  41. after typing in the jamb red. no. it will not appear. why

  42. The site ins’t responding….it says service unavailable

  43. Please oh I think have made a big mistake please
    My email address is Maryjunaid8 nd during my jamb registration, the cafe man nd I make the mistake by uploading a different account with this username Junaidmary8……. please house what am I going to dowith the re-printing…… House pls needs your answer

  44. Omolola olarenwaju

    I haven’t seen my own why?

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