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What To Do If Offered Admission in A School You Didn’t Apply For in JAMB

Did you receive a Text or email Message from a school you did not apply to that you have been offered admission?  You are not the only one. Many candidates have gotten text messages from schools they didn’t apply for stating that they have been offered admission.

The first thing that will run through your mind is whether or not this is a scam. The truth is it is not all of such messages that are from fraudsters. Some are actually real.

Another thing that may run through your mind is, how did they get my phone number? These schools can get your details directly from JAMB. Do not forget that JAMB recommends people for admission yearly. So if your score is not high and Jamb observes that the school you applied for won’t offer you admission, JAMB may decide to make your details available to other schools and recommend you for admission.

This means that you can actually get genuine admission into a University, Polytechnic or College of Education you never applied to study.

However, the SMS you receive that you have been offered admission could be a scam. Some set of scammers can send you such a message and demand money from you to secure the admission.

So what do you do when you receive a notification that you have been offered admission. Read the details below.

What To Do When A School You Did Not Apply To Offers You Admission

1. Check Whether You Are Interested In The Admission or Not

Before anything else, you need to know if you want the admission. Some candidates may not like the school that has offered them admission or the course they have been given to study. So you need to be sure you want the admission before moving to the next step.

2. Check JAMB CAPS If The Admission Reflected

There is a possibility that the admission may have reflected on JAMB CAPS. So log on to JAMB CAPS to confirm this. If the admission has reflected and you really want the admission, just go ahead and accept it. However, if you do not want the admission, simply reject it so that it will not stop other schools from considering you. After that, just ignore the message you received. There is no need to take further action.

3. Reach Out To The School That Has Offered You Admission

If the SMS contains a phone number, call the number to find out some things about the admission offer. If the person who answered is demanding money or is not straight forward, then ignore. In this case, it is a scam. Disregard immediately

However, if there is no Phone number but a link to the school’s portal, visit the link and see if there is any information on how you can proceed to validate your admission. You can also google the name of the school and see if you can locate their website or better still visit the school to confirm on what steps to take to validate your admission.

N.B If you accept the admission offered to you by the school. you will have to do a change of institution and course from the one you applied for initially to the one that has now offered you admission.

Do you have further questions? Feel free to ask me using the comment box.

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  1. I was admitted in CRUTECH but due to their high school fees I rejected the offer.
    Since i reject the offer my Jamb cap is not reflecting any other school as in my second choice of Institutions, please what can I do???

  2. Thanks so much once again

  3. I tried to reject the offer given to me on JAMB CAPS but it’s not going.what am I to do?

  4. D admission does not appear on my jamb caps and also d school does not recognize my details.
    What should I do??

  5. Good day. Without me visiting the school website or replying back to the admission offer of the school I didn’t apply for, will that stop my own choice of school from giving me admission?

  6. titilayo olatubosun

    Goodday, l heard the change of course and institution is close how can ll change even if the admission is given, pls l need reply

  7. sir i will like to know the situation of fuoye, about the admission sir, are they going to relasease more list, also is the school true on strike and does it affect other admission prosseess in the school.

    also the school that accept D7 in english language for economisc courses or other releted social science courses.
    Thank sir.

  8. ABU DE Admission list is out on JAMB CAPS

  9. ABU DE ADMISSION LIST is out on Jamb Caps..

  10. What if it did not reflect in the CAPS side, what am i to do?

  11. Sir, i scored 32.50 in my post utme, and their cut off mark is 40. Can they consider me admission in that school or others school?

  12. Have not been admitted with the school I applied for

    • What can I do in a situation like this I choose FUNAAB as my first choice and EKSU as my second choice but I later change EKSU to be my first choice but later FUNAAB gave me admission on the school portal I accepted the admission on the school portal now for it to reflect on CAPS I need to change back to FUNAAB as my first choice but it is telling me that you cannot change to this school again. What can I do in a situation like this.?

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