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Why You Need to know the Right O’level/UTME Subject Combination for your course

One of the common mistakes candidates make when choosing course of study during UTME registration is picking a course they do not have the O-level/ UTME  subject combination or requirement for. This mistake is one of the major reasons candidates fail to gain admission into higher institutions every year.

The reason many candidates make this mistake is that they are not informed. Some of them believe that once you have 5 credit pass in your O’level including English and Mathematics, you can apply for any course. Others believe that the subjects you sit for during UTME do not matter.

The truth is any course of study you want to apply for in any university, Polytechnic etc. has specified O’level/UTME subject combination/requirement. Before applying for any course in any institution, it is advisable you know the acceptable O’level/UTME subject combination for that particular course in that institution.

For instance, if you are applying for an engineering course, you will have to sit for mathematics in UTME. Similarly, if you are going for any medical related course, you will have to sit for Biology in UTME.

Many have been disqualified from gaining admission for the simple reason that they did not meet the O’level/UTME subject requirement for the particular course they applied for.

One can easily confirm what the acceptable O’level/ UTME requirement is for one’s chosen course in any institution directly from the JAMB Brochure.

The only sure way to confirm the correct O’level/UTME subject combination is to check your JAMB Brochure. However, to ensure you make the right choice, we have painstakingly put together the official JAMB UTME subject combinations for all courses as it is on JAMB brochure. You can access this by clicking on JAMB SUBJECT COMBINATION FOR ALL COURSES. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do the same for O’level subjects due to the fact that most universities have their own specific O’level requirements.

So you may need to check the JAMB Brochure to confirm the correct O’level subject requirements for your school.

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  1. Please I have credit in mathematics, English, Economics, Commerce,and civic Education and my Utme subject combination is mathematics, English, Economics and Commerce please can I study business administration??

  2. Jimoh Qudus Olasunkanmi

    Is it a most I must sit for economics to study Law??

  3. Please I wrote
    Chemistry in jamb but in my O level I had D in chemistry, English C, mathematics A1, physic C
    Please can you suggest what course I can study with my d in chemistry

  4. Pls,i wrote biology,chemistry,physics and english in jamb
    And have English,math,agric,chemistry,physics as my olevel and I want to study Agric science and education in unilorin,i had 224 in jamb,what are my chances?

    • Joshua elkanah

      I send my nin number to 55019 and the repley me with this massage my surname was missing in my ninc pls us the solution to it

  5. Good day Sir. I credited Eng,maths,chem,physics,biology,geography and I want to study geology or geography . pls can I combine Agric science as part of utme but is not in my Waec. In a nutshell,can I include a ubject in utme that is not in my waec

  6. Sir I made a mistake while in the subject combination
    Sir when will I be able to change it back and where
    I need an answer as soon as possible
    Thank you sir?

  7. is it possible to combine subjects that one didn’t pass in the o’level in jamb

  8. Emedoronwa chidimma blessing

    Can someone use the sim card he or she used on 2017 to register this year jamb

  9. Pls sir I want to do criminology and security study can I pick govt,eng,crs,and lit-eng in jamb sir

  10. What’s subject combination for political science

  11. Please I want to study Computer Science and my UTME combination is English, Maths, Physics but i had issues with only my Chemistry (pass) in my NECO result, so is it better i add it up with Biology or Geography

    Which subject is more preferable between Biology and Geography please.

  12. What is the jamb subject combination for Guidance and Counseling in University of Uyo

  13. Pls sir what is the o level subjects required to study public admin in federal university oye ekiti…

  14. 1 have maths,civic,govt,eng,yoruba,i have pass in literture

  15. Sir I want to study political science at Nnamdi Azikiwe University and I got credits in the following subjects in my waec: English, maths, Agric, data processing, civic, Igbo, crs, Gvt. And my Utme subjects combination includes English,Gvt, Igbo&crs, can I be admitted?

  16. I have credit in Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Biology in O Level and wrote English, Maths, Physics,Chemistry in my JAMB. I want to study Medicine in Bowen or Babcock.

  17. Hello,plz I had e8 in my English,c6 in maths-chemistry-agric-civic-enomics-geography&f9 in physics. So with this result can I pursue going for unilorin to study criminology and security studies. Thanks

  18. Pls sir in my utme subject i choose eng, government, commerce, economics and in my O/level result i have credit in eng, math, biology, economics,commerce and ICT am i qualyfy in gaining admission and will i be consider to study Business Administartion in ABU?

  19. Sir,good morning
    I credited my maths,English,economics,commerce,civic education but I didn’t write government
    Will UNN give me admission to study economics or do they substitute civic for government
    Pls I need answer ASAP

    • UNN requires Five ‘O’ level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics and two other relevant subjects at WASC or GCE ‘O’ level. So Civic Education is ok

  20. I’m I good for Education and political science with ENGLISH LANGUAGE, GOVERNMENT, COMMERCE AND MATHEMATICS

  21. Sir i have 3 credit and 1 B (math b3, english c6, economics c6 and financial account c6) the remain is D and E pls sir i want to studies accounting plz can i gain admission into any school

  22. Sir I’ve credit in English,maths,eco,agric,bio,geo,I.r.k,yoruba and govt in two sittings without literature which I had d7.please I need your advice in what subject I can put in for because I don’t know maths that much.Thank yuh sir

  23. Pls I have credit in English, govt ,civic econs ,lit in English, crs, data processing, but d7 in maths which course can I go for in unilorin. pls I need a quick answer I haven’t register yet.

  24. Hi pls can I study Economics in UNN with maths English Economics Government commerce and D7 in Literature……….. public administration and Economics which of them can I study without Literature

    • Literature in English is not compulsorily needed for any of the two courses you mentioned. So you can study any of them without Literature in English.

  25. I took eng.maths.chemistry. physics.civic edu.biology.igbo my O level result but registered gov’ my utme pls can I gain admission with this combination

  26. Can I use civic education in place of government? I had a1 in civic and b2 in government. I need a quick response pls

  27. sir, I want to study accounting and my olevel subjects are:maths, English, government ,account and commerce. pls is this combination OK for adeleke university?

    • Most public universities will require Economics but since it is Adeleke University, you are good to go.

  28. I HV eng math phy bio chem in my waec results I want to study radiography at udus but I made a mistakes during utme registration I chose to write exam with Eng math physics chemistry now I want to no how I’m going to changed mathematics to biology????

    • At the moment, JAMB has not announced the process to correct subject combination. So you can check back from time to time to see if there is any solution to that issue.

  29. Sir, I want to go for Philosophy in AAUA… This is the o’level I have with credit passes… (Eng, Maths, Civic Edu, Biology, Yoruba, Physics, Agric, Marketing)… Pls if I’m good to go with my o’level result…what subjects can I choose as utme’s from the above?

    • You can choose any of Government, Lit-In-English, CRK, Economics as your UTME subjects. Of course English is compulsory!

  30. I want go for political science am I good to go Sir?

  31. sir I have eng b3, govt b3, lit b3, crk A1, ani huz b3, Igbo b3, econs c6, civic b3, math c6.

  32. is biology part of the o level combo for psychology

  33. Please sir, am having Credit in Eng, Maths, Chem, Bio, Geo, Econs & Yor, I want to know the course i can study & the institution i can choose.
    Looking forward for your quick response

    • With your O’Level result, you can consider going for Estate Management in any institution of your choice.

  34. I ve 5 Cs in my wassce …eng- c6
    mathz- c6
    econs- c5
    govt- b2
    civic- b3
    …can i study economics in uniben wit thz my waec result

  35. Sir pls. Am a commercial student! I studied, english, maths, econs, biology, commerce, govt, alc, yoruba, geography. I credited all d subj expect maths which I got e8 pls which art course can accept my mark particularly unizik

    • UNIZIK accepts E8 in Mathematics for mass communication. But you require a credit pass in Li-In English. If you have a credit pass in Li-In English, go for Mass Comm.

  36. Sir i hve 8 credits in eng,maths,econs,accountn,civic,biology,bkkpn,,,,, bt D7 in commerce bt i credtd it in NECO… I ve chosen eng,maths,econs and accounting for UTME…..can i combine both waec nd neco….am i qualified for accounting in UNN?

  37. Sir,I’ve eight credits in maths,eng,economics, commerce, account,animal husbandry,civic education,biology and I want to study business administration and I’ve chosen eng,math,economics and govt as my utme combination, with this qualifications will I be given an admission into the University?

    • Obviously you have the right UTME/O’level Subject combination to study Business Administration. That equally means you have a good chance of gaining admission. Goodluck!

  38. mohd sagir Abdullahi

    Sir,I’ve seven credits,eng,math, bio,geo,Hausa I.r.k,animal husbandry,and I want study psycology,then I’ve chosen,eng,gov’t geography and i R k as my utme subjects combination,with these qualifications will i be given admission at university?

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