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FG Plans Morning, Afternoon Classes For Students Ahead of School Reopening

The Federal Government has disclosed that it is considering sectionalizing classes for primary, secondary, and Universities, and other tertiary institutions in the country ahead of school reopening. This means having morning and afternoon classes . This was made known by the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, on Wednesday during a briefing by the Presidential Task Force in Abuja.

The minister also dispelled the rumours that schools will reopen on June 8th stating that the government could not afford to take any costly risk, especially as it regards the safety of pupils and students in the country.

He said, “Until we are sure these children can go to school, return safely and not put those who are more susceptible than them at risk, then we are running a huge risk and God forbid, in our hurry, something happens to our children, I am not sure how anybody will be able to retrieve what has been lost.”

Nwajiuba said the ministry is being guided by the advice of experts as well as those of the World Health Organisation, noting that the decision to reopen schools in the country would be carefully arrived at because education is on the concurrent list of the Nigerian Constitution.

“We are going to publish a specification on what we expect the reopening to look like.

“For a country that has over 115,000 primary schools, you will understand that 35,000 of these who are private must agree to set up the same standard in other to allow children to go in.

“We may have classes in the morning and classes in the afternoon so that we will have the whole of the infrastructure divided provided they can serve us. I am not sure we will have classes at night. But we can do with morning and afternoon for now,” he explained.

“The Presidential Task Force wishes to use the occasion of this celebration to congratulate our children and assure them, their parents and all stakeholders alike that all hands are on deck to reopen schools at a safe time.” He added.

He appealed to private owners of schools in the country as well as other stake holders to co-operate with the government in ensuring the safe reopening of schools in the country.

What do you think about the idea of having morning and afternoon classes?

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  1. It is a good idea, but as for me I don’t think it is a welcoming one, because most of public schools teachers that is even on normal days where their is school they still come up with their lazy attitude and don’t even av all d necessary things.
    And as for the parent they are struggling to eat two squares of meal in a day how are they going to cope with this opinion so pls let have a rethink not all fingers are equal and lives also matters alot


    Nice,but what about boarding schools

  3. Now what of schools who normally runs post-utme exams, how are the going to cope with this..

  4. Nigerian don collapes

  5. Having two sections in schools is a good idea. But please try and reopen school quickly.

  6. It is good idea, let them think about it properly.

  7. Favour chigozirim

    It’s gonna be okay!!
    But the issue here is, are parents ready to release their children to this risk?? 🙄

  8. Iretomiwa Folorunso

    Nice, but what of government boarding schools

  9. I think is a good idea because children can’t continued staying at home it will definitely affect their brain, children need school because they are the leader of tomorrow

  10. FG and others who are working in the reopening of school should do their best as student are tired of staying at home.God bless Nigeria

  11. Though I’m still wondering how the Kg,Nursery and Primary school pupils would practice social distancing…….even if they’re just seven in a class

  12. It’s a very good idea…..but the FG should make necessary provisions for schools such as good water supply and hand sanitizers before reopening.Yes,we really want to go back to school,but we have to also think about our safety.

  13. Make them find solutions to it…..

  14. That means people going to sch are only jss3 and ss3
    Considering upcoming weac

  15. Esther Alamezie

    The Waec should be online for now
    Because schools will soon be giving admission and the result is important

  16. Is a good idea to open universities and secondary schools but the problem is that there is no money to take along to school because there is no job we are just struggling,and then most of we students have forgot our maltric number,we have forget alot of things so federal government should assist we student on that so as to prevent failue

  17. Julius Ayodele

    Reopening the School as things stands present a very high risk situation.

    The government should adopt distance learning for now. All the School and tertiary institutions should be mandated to start distance learning immediately so students can resume their learning.

    The school should reopen by next academic session or next term,by then their may likely be a vaccine or other solutions to COVID-19 and the students can then resume safely.

    In respect of morning and evening sessions. It a good idea. But do they have enough resources and money to pay the teachers. This will increase the number of teachers and other non-teaching staff required to deliver quality learning.

  18. I think it’s a good idea to reopen schools but some schools are still demanding money from online classes because they need to pay teachers but they are forgetting that the parents of the children are not working.

    • Okolie Lydia -Ngozi

      Yes ooh because the online classes they are demanding for money. Please 🙏 let the school reopen please

  19. The question nw is wen are they going to reopen it we hve being hearing of reopening since
    We aint interested in words anymore we need action

  20. Waoooo that is a gud idea but all dis i believe it’s in the favor of those rich parents in the country what about the local areas what are they saying concerning their part
    Are they not counted also

  21. Emmanuella Shinshima

    So many other schools might not have the available resources especially public schools so I think it would be better if it all goes to normal or Nigerians adjust to the pandemic before the general school opening can take place.

  22. I don’t think its a good idea to start with the reopening of schools. What about parents who don’t have the means to provide the necessities for this children who are said to resume? Is there any policy to effect this change? People are out of jobs now? They are tryimg to survive a 2-square meal, let alone this massive change…

    I think the government should effect policies before they complicate things!

  23. Good idea,but FG should fast think about it. They should make sure that life of students is very important because of this pandemic

  24. It would be noted as a very good idea but pls all that are needed to protect the lives of students of this great country should be put in place 1st because our life comes 1st


  26. That’s good idea to reopen the school.

  27. The idea of reopen of school is fantastic and reasonable
    So many student have their hope on that
    I pray the almighty will keep protecting us in the country.

  28. They should get their plans into action…I’m tired of staying at home.

  29. Lmao it has always been morning and afternoon classes na what’s new

  30. Never too late in life

    Good idea I hope they could start with University and secondary School first.

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