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FUNAAB New Students’ 2016/2017 Medical Registration Guidelines And Schedule

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The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, FUNAAB New Students’ 2016/2017 Medical Registration Guidelines and Schedule has been published by the school management.

Students are to note that the Medical registration involves 3 sequential processes (X-Ray, Laboratory Test and Consultation).

Students are to ensure that they follow strictly the schedule and instruction provided.

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The Medical registration schedule and guidelines for the newly admitted undergraduates in the 2016/2017 academics session are as stated below.

S/NDepartmentsX-RayLaboratory TestConsultation/Registration
1MTE & COLVET17th March, 201720th March, 201721st March, 2017
2CVE & ELE20th March, 201721st March, 201722nd March, 2017
3AGE & MCE21st March, 201722nd March, 201723rd March, 2017
4ABG22nd March, 201723rd March, 201724th March, 2017
5ANN23rd March, 201724th March, 20173rd April, 2017
6ANP24th March, 20173rd April, 20174th  April, 2017
7APH3rd April, 20174th  April, 20175th  April, 2017
8PRM4th  April, 20175th  April, 20176th  April, 2017
9BCH5th  April, 20176th  April, 20177th  April, 2017
10BIO6th  April, 20177th  April, 201710th  April, 2017
11MCB7th  April, 201710th  April, 201711th  April, 2017
12AE&FM10th  April, 201711th  April, 201712th  April, 2017
13AERD11th  April, 201712th  April, 201713th  April, 2017
14AGAD12th  April, 201713th  April, 201718th  April, 2017
15AQFM13th  April, 201718th  April, 201719th April, 2017
16EMT18th  April, 201719th April, 201720th April, 2017
17FWM19th April, 201720th April, 201721st April, 2017
18WMA20th April, 201721st April, 201724th April, 2017
19FST21st April, 201724th April, 201725th April, 2017
20HSM24th April, 201725th April, 201727th April, 2017
21HTM25th April, 201727th April, 201728th April, 2017
22NTD27th April, 201728th April, 20171st May, 2017
23ACCT28th April, 20171st May, 20172nd May, 2017
24BAM1st May, 20172nd May, 20173rd May, 2017
25BFN2nd May, 20173rd May, 20174th May, 2017
26ECO3rd May, 20174th May, 20175th May, 2017
27ETS4th May, 20175th May, 20178th May, 2017
28CHEM5th May, 20178th May, 20179th May, 2017
29CSC8th May, 20179th May, 201710th May, 2017
30MTS9th May, 201710th May, 201711th May, 2017
31PHS10th May, 201711th May, 201712th May, 2017
32STS11th May, 201712th May, 201715th May, 2017
33CPT12th May, 201715th May, 201716th May, 2017
34HRT15th May, 201716th May, 201717th May, 2017
35PBST16th May, 201717th May, 201718th May, 2017
36PPCP17th May, 201718th May, 201719th May, 2017
37SSLM18th May, 201719th May, 201722nd May, 2017

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While mop-up days will be as follows:

COLVET & COLENG: 22ndMay, 2017

COLPLANT: 23rd and24th MAY, 2017

COLPHYS: 25th and 26thMay, 2017

COLMAS:29th to 31stMay, 2017

COLPHEC: 1st and 2nd June, 2017

COLERM: 5th and 6thJune, 2017

COLBIOS: 7th and 8th June, 2017

COLANIM: 9th and 12th June, 2017

COLAMRUD: 13th and 14thJune, 2017 


X-Ray: Transportation will be available at the FUNAAB Health Centre to convey students for X-Ray centre strictly on their scheduled date. Time:8:00am | Cost: N100

LaboratoryTest:Students are to come with the following to the laboratory as scheduled

  1. One white transparent bottles (labeled with their names)containing their freshly produced URINE specimen.
  2. Original copy of either their School fees receipt or Departmental receiptor Composite form.
  3. They must be at the Health Services (Laboratory Department)between 8am and 12 noon on the day scheduled for their department.

Results and Consultation: follow the process below

  1. Collect medical result at the Laboratory by 8am.
  2. Proceed to Nursing unit for vital sign.
  3. See a doctor.
  4. Visit Medical Record Unit for final registration at the health centre. Below are the registration items needed for your registration.
  5. Form B – Verification of Certificate(s) Eligibility for Registration Form duly signed with recent password photograph.
  6. Form G – Entrance Medical Examination Form duly signed by FUNAAB Medical Doctor.
  7. Medical Laboratory result.
  8. X-ray report/result.
  9. Photocopy of 100 level (200/300 level for DE) School Fees.
  10. Photocopy of your birth certificate or declaration of age.
  11. X-ray film.
  12. Two current passport photographs.

Please, adhere strictly to this schedule

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