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How to know if you are to write 2023 JAMB mop-up/supplementary exam

JAMB had earlier disclosed that it has concluded plans to conduct the 2023 JAMB mop-up/supplementary exam for 2023 UTME candidates on May 6th 2023. According to JAMB, candidates that have certain issues and could not take the exam on the original date they were scheduled will be able to take the exam on May 6th. For the benefit of the doubt, we have decided to explain how candidates can tell if they are to take part in the supplementary exam or not.

It should be noted that candidates who, for whatever reasons, were absent at their centres during the original date they were scheduled to take the exam are NOT eligible for the mop-up examination and so need not attempt to print as there won’t be any slip to print.

How to know if you are to write the JAMB supplementary exam
The rescheduled candidates are in the following categories:

1. If you are among the candidates that encountered peculiar biometric verification problems, or whose finger prints were not captured due to some technical issues and hence could not take the earlier exam (please do note that adequate screening arrangements have been made to reverify such claims and any candidate found to be involved in any form of impersonation will be identified for prosecution). This includes candidates who had issues of mismatched data at the point of verification.

2. Few candidates who were verified in their centres but could not take the exam due to technical issues and other irregularities that were officially reported in their centres.

3. Candidates who are able to print out their mop-up/supplementary exam slip. The truth is that even if you fall into any of the categories above but you are unable to print your mop-up/supplementary exam slip, it simply means that JAMB has not shortlisted you for the mop-up/supplementary exam and hence, you are not qualified for the exam. So we advise that you proceed now and print your JAMB mop-up/supplementary slip. CLICK HERE to do so.

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  1. Victor Baridilo meshach

    They sent the message late to me during my jamb mopup the message came by 1:53pm and my exam time was 9:00am how will I do now
    I really don’t understand what’s going on does dat means I can’t write again since jamb have ended pls they should find a way out for me pls

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