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JAMB CAPS 2020 is activated: Check Admission Status

JAMB CAPS  for 2020/2021 admission exercise has been activated. See how to check your Admission Status on JAMB Central Admission Processing System(CAPS) portal and know when you have been offered admission.

Jamb Caps makes it possible for prospective candidates seeking admission into various tertiary institutions for the 2020/2021 academic session to monitor their admission status and easily know when they have been offered admission by any institution.

If you have been offered admission on Jamb caps, your admission status will show; “ADMITTED” the name of the school and course you have been admitted to study will also be displayed. Once a candidate has been offered admission, such a candidate is required to do either of two things; to accept the admission or to reject it.

Once you accept admission on Jamb caps, your admission quest is over as you will no longer be available for other schools’ admission consideration. On the other hand, if you reject the admission, you become available to other schools that have free admission slot for admission consideration.

It is important to note also that candidates who have been offered admission on JAMB CAPS are to equally print their admission letter after accepting the admission, as they will likely need this during clearance and registration in the school that they have been admitted to.

We, therefore, advise candidates to closely monitor their admission status on JAMB CAPS so as to do the needful as soon as possible. Some schools may not even publish the list of admitted candidates on their own portal or notice board. So for candidates that applied for admission in such schools, the only way to know when they have been offered admission is to check their admission status on JAMB CAPS.

How To Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal

  1. Visit:  and login with your registered email address and password to access your dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Check Admission Status,
  3. Click on ‘Access my CAPS’
  4. Click on ‘Admission Status’ to see if you have been offered admission.
  5. If you have been admitted you will get a response with your Photo Image being displayed and a text Congratulating you on your admission offer, But if you are not offered any admission yet you will get a text response with “Sorry No Admission has been Given Yet
  6. If you have been offered admission, you can proceed to ACCEPT OR REJECT ADMISSION

If you have been offered admission, ensure you either accept or reject the admission on time.

Also, if you accept your admission, proceed to print your admission letter you will likely need this during clearance and registration in the school that has offered you admission.

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  1. Can someone be offered admission without writing post utme anybody please?

  2. Lawrence okon Bassey

    I can’t create account, it’s keeps showing error, I need help

  3. Please someone should help me hw can I accept my admission with my phone I have been offer admission since


    Please is there any hope for those that have not issued admission, because I have not issued admission..

  5. Please help me, I have trying it but it keeps telling me invalid email and password, while it has been the email I have been using to receive my information

  6. I have been offered admission since but when i got into the CAPS is empty nothing to accept since upto now i can’t accept my admission pleas need help.
    Regards l.

  7. Samson Onyebuchi

    Please please my cap is telling me that I have been offered admission but when I click on the access my cap button to accept the admission, nothing is showing there , where to accept my admission is empty, what should I do please

    • LuyiPedia_Academic

      At first., Is that your browser in Desktop site?
      Guess you’re using a mobile phone., Us a PC instead

      Try and visit the nearest computer center….

  8. Pls I have been offered admission but my caps is writing admission in progress, check back later

    • LuyiPedia_Academy

      Be rest assured that your Admission is sure…

      Your Admission is in process….

      Get close to your cap

  9. Pls my jamb caps is telling me I’m not eligible to use this service.pls wat can I do

  10. Christopher Nirat Rap

    My caps is still saying no admission yet but school have given me admission please what can I do

  11. Amos Tochi isioma

    Pls wat can happen to my caps, when it keeps telling me i’m not eligible to use this service

  12. Please how can I get my jamb password because I can’t check my admission status without the password please someone should help me out please?

  13. My jamb registration number is show invalid 20172435IF please help me

  14. Please how can I get my jamb password because I can’t check my admission status without the password please someone should help me out please?

  15. Hi, please my grade on my uploaded o’level result is showing A/R, please i would like to know if anything is wrong and how to make corrections. thanks.

  16. My CAPS has been showing ‘ADMISSION IN PROGRESS’ for over 2 months now. Should I still wait, seeing that it has waited for so long?

  17. Did jamb approved Metal work wood work technology education in federal university gusau

  18. Please, I registered for jamb last year but the o level result I uploaded my chemistry is still pending till date Will jamb grant me my admission. Yes have written my post utme exam, passed welldown.

  19. Please when will Federal University of birnin kebbi start giving admission for 2020/2021

  20. After admission on jamb caps after how many days would the school use before giving admission and is the admission from school sure if jamb caps has given admission please reply me

    • I tried checking my 2020 utme result
      But the response is “you did not register for the examination

  21. Please somebody should help out here what if the NIN details did not match with the Exam details what do we do?? please i need an answer

  22. Please when is unizik admission coming out for direct entry 2020/2021?

  23. Please help me,,,, I can’t reach the caps page,,, after I entered my email with password and candidate registration number,,, they ask me to enter my user ID and password please I don’t know which user ID

  24. oha precious okechukwu

    Pls I just upload my wassce now and I checked and it’s still saying not giving admission yet,

    I should still have hope

  25. Pls sir I had 202 in jamb ND I applied for mass communication in EBSU but no admission yet, I even bought supplementary form

  26. I have been admitted into school, I’ve seen my admission letter for school, but in jamb it says no admission yet, I cant access my caps it doesn’t work, so what should I do

  27. Please i just login into my jamb portal which its says i haven’t been given admission, but i cant fetch my utme results it’s showing i didn’t register for this exam am scared pls what does it mean

  28. Has unilag released admission list

  29. Oladosu Olayinka Ismail

    What can happen to my caps, it’s telling me I’m not eligible to use this service

  30. Pls is there any possibility that unilorin will still be able to open their portal for the last time cos my A’level result was not uploaded in the portal

  31. please when is Kadunapoly Degree Programme (affiliation to ABU) would be release?

    • Muhammed Khadijat oluwaseun

      I was called that have been given admission buh I went to my school portal they said that it hasn’t been uploaded

  32. Hamza Ridwan pate

    I’m trying to log into my email account but its writing invalid password for me.And I requested a new one,they said they sent it via my account but i didn’t see it up to date.Please help me out!!

  33. Mine have being showing you have not being given admission yet

  34. I cant access my CAPS whats the problem

  35. i can’t access my caps, what is wrong?

  36. It’s been some days now that my admission status change to admission in progress. Hope there’s no problem

  37. Sorry I can’t access my caps it’s not saying anything it just doesn’t load open

  38. Pls, mine is also saying invalid email or password. What do I do?

  39. I try typing my email but it won’t.i don’t know why but I can type me password but not the email.anybody knwos what wrong

  40. i am also trying but it not successful whats the problem

  41. I am unable to access my account, I mean I am unable to login in, please I need help, just to know if I have been admitted

  42. Please sir, any time I try to log in , it’s always write invalid … Pls help me and check mine sir

  43. Adolphus Ephraim Chibuzor

    Am logging in to my email but it’s not going what’s the problems

  44. Christian Ucheburueze

    My son got addmission on jamb but has not bee given admissions on school portal IMO POLY

  45. Please I want to log in to my account and is showing me invalid login credentials.please I need do I do?

  46. Adebiyi Adeiretomiwa

    It is showing me invalid email too sir.
    What can I do about it?

  47. Pls I can’t log in to jamb caps its showing invalid email. Pls help me out

  48. Odoji ransom Daniel

    I can. Access my jamb cap

  49. Why is it writing admission not given pls

    • Bkos you have not been offered any admission in any of the schools and universities you have choosen so far

  50. Hello
    I have uploaded my o’level result on jamb portal.
    But when I checked my school portal I saw another person o’level result what can I do pls I need you guys reply

    • AKinsola Oluwagbenga John

      Hello…visit help centre on jamb website and log a complaint or still visit nearby jamb office.

  51. I login to my jamb poral is showing not admitted sir, am I qualified to go or not sir

    • I’ve uploaded my olevel result on jamb Portal severally..but I can’t see any of it..what do I do

  52. Am unable to login to jamb caps

  53. adewunmi racheal toluwalope

    I want to log in on my jamb portal its saying invalid email or password and I am confuse was that what they are asking

  54. Have been offered admission on my school but jamb Capaldi still says no admission given yet…. and my o levels as been successfully uploaded

  55. Is OOU releasing a second batch

  56. Orzungwega Terngohol Osbert

    When is fulafia going to start working on admission processing for the 2020/2021 academic session?

  57. When is jamb 2021 registration starting up please ??

  58. Will I have to upload my O’level results? Because I have to write post utme for unical and its not out yet and they can’t give admission without writing post utme??

  59. My documents are not showing up on the jamb website and we’ve uploaded severally. What’s happening?

  60. Please i can not access my jamb cap why ?????

  61. i cannot access my jamb caps

  62. I’ve been given admission but JAMB caps still says “No admission given” what should I do?

  63. I’m trying to change my institution but I lost my sim is there any other way cause d said they can’t use my Gmail and I need the sim
    But no network is doing welcome back again
    Please I need help

  64. please need help i can’t access my jamb caps its showing invalid email or password. what to i do?

  65. Please kindly help me as I cannot access my JAMB Caps . I have uploaded my results but can’t access my caps to see if the result is successfully uploaded

  66. I can’t access my caps

  67. Any news abt futa pls?

  68. Can someone tell me what’s happening pls,am unable to access my caps on my mobile phone,I even downloaded the caps app it is telling me connection error, someone should help me pls

  69. The link has not been opening on my phone for the past few weeks now… please is there something I’m doing wrong?

  70. Sir please is change of institution still on?

  71. When MAUTECH start giving admission to 2020/2021 candidates.?

  72. Pls when will they do admission Sir

  73. Joseph Asuquo Inyang

    I can’t find my o level results why?
    Some one should help me out

  74. Nwaobu Chukwudi Valentine

    I’m trying to login but it continues showing invalid e-mail… Or isn’t it the e-mail I used to register for jamb not what they need or what? I’m confused and stranded… Please I need help on what to do, to login my account and check my admission status.

    • Listen have the same problem but I was able to solve it by going to my Gmail and started checking all the message jamb sent me there was one that said this are all my profile details my password was there,Deos idot change it,it was different from the password I use.pls the one that your password is in ,is not the one you have to download a pdf to see the details,if you are confused just check all the messages jamb sent to you,

    • Pls does anyone has information on when Unical is starting it post utme or are they going to conduct online screening?

    • Khalid ishaq ardo

      I’m trying to login but it continues showing invalid e-mail… Or isn’t it the e-mail I used to register for jamb not what they need or what? I’m confused and stranded… Please I need help on what to do, to login my account and check my admission status.

    • Try using your jamb registration number on your school portals.

    • please school has given me admisdion ,but Jamb is saying not admitted ,Have also uploaded my O’level results but no change ,what am i supposed to do ???

  75. Abbey Ibitamuno Edmund

    How can i upload my documents to the CAPS portal

    • Joseph Asuquo Inyang

      I can’t find my o level results why?
      Some one should help me out

    • Can someone help me out here I’ve been trying to log into my jamb caps by it keeps showing me invalid email address or password, plis what can I do

  76. Abbey Ibitamuno Edmund

    When i logged in, i didn’t see any of my information like my waec result and passport, is that normal, if it isn’t, please can i get a resolve

    • You have to upload your o level result on your jamb portal

    • Yea, the same thing happened to me, when I checked my cap, I didn’t see my o level result, it was not uploaded. I had to called d guy dat uploaded it for me, he said I should pay money again, which I did, now my o level result as been uploaded again.
      All u need to do is for u to visit a computer center. For anoda uploading.

  77. Please can I get the link to the past Post UTME questions for Federal University Oye Ekiti? With some information on when the screening exercise and Post UTME examinations will be taking place?

  78. Please I want to login to check my admission status but it is showing me wrong password I changed my password again but still the same thing what can i do please

  79. Please my jamb cap is empty and I have uploaded my result is there a problem

    • Me too o..let someone tell us what happening oo??

    • Oguntade Oluwadamilare

      Download the jamb Mobile App,, your result would be there when you have successfully uploaded it

    • I have downloaded the jamb mobile app but it keeps saying error in connection anytime I try to login

    • Please which reults did u upload and how

    • Either your neco or waec results.
      Which ever you felt like you did better in.
      You would have to go to a jamb center with a hard copy of the result and pay for it to be uploaded to the jamb portal.
      If you haven’t done this pls hurry and do won’t get admission without it.

    • Please can one apply for changing of course after post Utme exam in Delsu??

    • When I did mine as well .it was not showing so I went down to cyber cafe,and I was told that we can’t see in through the phone uu can only see it on the system so go to any cyber cafe to re check it

    • I can’t find my o level result on my jamb portalm

  80. Hi,am Kafila
    I actually have alotta qualms.i want to study international relations,I had 176 in my jamb and I choose OAU as my first choice and LASU as my second been really hard to think straight cos my subject combination was math,literature,government and English.However,I had D7 in my literature.
    With my score,do u think I can still Go on or polytechnic is the right thing. Or what can I do please?? I need your help!!

  81. Pls I have been offered admission in AAU during this lock down, and time to pay for acceptance fee has expired. What should I do??

  82. What can do about my Upload my O’level result on my jamb portal which I didJamb around 2019 but have not upload it because of this corona virus because they have already give me admission late hour. But I want to upload it, because when I get we’re I want to upload it they said can upload it they are doing. I want to ask it will affect my Admission they give to me in that school I should because have not upload O’level result to my jamb portal.

    • It depends.
      They might redraw your admission.
      But there’s still time to upload your result.
      And it might not affect your admission.
      Just do it to be on a safer side.

    • Please has AAUA stated giving admission, or has anyone here been offered admission from AAUA.

  83. Please I have being trying to log into the JAMB portal but it keeps saying invalid email address or password. Please I need assistance

  84. I saw admission eligibility on utme caps that I should upload O level to considered for admission, I have uploaded my o level still not admitted. what do I do.

  85. I have been offered admission at my school O.O.U in fact I am almost through with my first semester examination now yet JAMB Caps is telling me not admitted yet.
    Pls what could possibly be wrong and what can I do?

    • Please sir my own refuse to login for me to check my admission status, please help me

    • Chukwuezue Nnenna

      Sir i can’t login at all

    • Hi
      Please am trying to login to the jamb cap
      But it appears my email address is not correct
      Is there a solution please?
      Can I use the phone number I registered with?

  86. akintunde muritala olawale

    my jamb cap has been on admission in progress for more than 1 1/2 month now uniabuja law

  87. Pls I was given addimission into unn
    In first list but my cap is still showing not addimmitted
    Although I uploaded my o level result late
    I don’t no we’re d problem is coming from
    Pls help me and check d problem

    • Have been offer admission in my school even am almost done with my first semester

      But jamb as not giving me admission

      Though I uploaded my O ‘level result late

      But have done dat now more than a week now

      Still showing not addmited yet

      Hope I will still be admmited

      Pls sir /ma I need ur help on this

  88. AROWOLO, Tarsus Ibrahim

    Greetings! I’m to inform you that I have been able to secure Provisional Admission am KWASU to read the course of my choice and I thank GOD FOR THAT after many years of applications. Having paid the necessary fees and commenced receiving lectures, even to the extent of sitting for the first semester’s Exams, the JAMB Management has not considered it appropriate to offer me admission on their Jamb Caps portal (as it regularly revealed NOT ADMITTED, anytime I checked my Jamb portal).
    It is unfortunate to inform you that I applied and secured the admission through Direct Entry with 2:2 First Degree in Social Studies Education of Ado-Ekiti State University. I had ten credits in related subjects (at two sittings) with requisite combination of subjects for the intended course.
    The School Management complained that the reason why Jamb has not offered me admission on their jamb caps portal is not known to them yet. They advised that I should visit the Jamb Office to find out and I promptly complied to visit the Jamb Office in ILORIN.
    At Jamb Office in Ilorin, an Officer assigned to help verified reported that everything was intact. When I requested for what has been preventing the Jamb Office to offer me admission, she said they are still working on it and I will hear from them later – that was about two weeks ago now).
    Would you please help me finds out what is happening because many other students have been able to see and accepted their admission on Jamb caps since.I have been struggling for admission to read this course (LAW) for the past years now and Jamb should please be lenient to have the fear of GOD AT HEART NOT TO CREATE UNNECESSARY PROBLEM FOR ME WHERE THERE IS NONE. “The fear of GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM” said the proverb.
    Thanks for the assistance you have been rendering the needies. GOD will further help and enhance your wisdom and strength. Amen.

  89. 10days now my Jamb status showing Admission in Progress check back later.
    What should I do please help

  90. Ûbãïdū Âbübækãr Æltïnê

    If you have any questions kindly help yourself go to the jamb efacility there is a bar titled “for enquiries and complaints”

    vomit all what is disturbing you in mine,
    you would be considered but mind your tongue

    • Pls sir I tried to login on the jamb caps bt was told that my email address n password were nt correct and that’s what I’m using to comment pls sir is there anything that can be done abt it

  91. sir please i don’t understand on my jam cap the institution and course name is showing but not admitted, Why?

  92. My school and my course show on my jamb caps is there any possibility of getting admission

  93. When will my admission status change if I was given admission on the transfer approval and I have accepted it on jamb caps

  94. Abasiono Michael Hanson

    Please why have I not been offered admission? A candidate who went on screening alongside me was given admission with 208 JAMB score while I have 215, same department, University of Uyo. Please what’s really wrong?

  95. Can’t I do the result uploading myself on my laptop and pay from my account

  96. Michael isaac udoh

    pls.I when login in jamb caps,it does not process it said credentials. pls what can I do

  97. I have not gotten admission yet ooo is still showing welcome and I scored 190 in jamb in laspotech

  98. Please any ATBU student here?

  99. I haven’t gotten any admission yet I scored 196 in my jamb to federal university of wukari why?

    • Please my jamb caps is referring to me as female but what I have and put during registration is male.
      What should I do?

  100. my jamb caps is showing invalid email address and password… what should i do?

  101. av tried to log in but email not displaying to log in

  102. pls i can’t log in on my phone any time i try to log in it will tell me invalid 07063353885

  103. Please jamb reg number please give me admission 95909252Eg

  104. pls the jamb portal login is not working…anytime i try logging in it will reply email or password incorrect.
    i even tried resend password bt all to no avail.
    is it that my password is wrong or im using a different password?

  105. please when is unical second batch list coming out

    • Please why is portal.for checking screening result saying access denied

    • Good evening everyone i can’t even login to jamb portal anymore
      I don’t know the problem
      Can someone help i want to check my admission status Nd it’s not working
      Someone should help me
      Thank you

  106. What is happening it freaking me out ,I haven’t been giving admission.

  107. Please how do I check my school portal

  108. please i need help. Jamb portal is not showing my school of choice or the course i applied for.. Is anything wrong or its normal?… Please

  109. My caps is showing not admitted why others are showing App what should i do

  110. my school has given me admission but getting to jamb portal is saying’admission is not given yet’ pls what can i do?

  111. my school has given me admission but getting to jamb portal is saying ‘admission is not given yet’ pls what can i do ?

  112. Y’llow good moments!
    Sir I was here to asking some questions, what is happen to my school admission ? I’ve done everything that nesesery to give me admission, but totally is not,
    I don’t see school admission, I don’t see anything from portal, my Gmail is working! Any time that I checked the portal “NOT GIVING ME ADMISSION YET” why?

  113. Pls I have a question if by any chance you misplaced the email and password you used for your jamb registration and you have only the Jamb reg number is it possible to register it to another email, pls I need an urgent answer. Thanks

    • Yeah, but it’s slim.. And you can’t forget your email. Reason, so is that if you have forgotten your password, then you reset it will be sent to your email.

    • The email was opened for jamb and I wrote it down but now I can’t find them

  114. is Federal polytechnic nasarawa admission list out??

  115. What about me that my O’level is active on jamb caps… My school has given me admission but Jamb still says “Admission in progress check back later”
    O’level still showing on CAPS.. Advice please

  116. Mine has been showing admission in progress check later plz when is it gonna change to admitted

  117. I have checked my admission status but my course and the uni i put is not showing please someone should help me

  118. Please i have checked my admisson status…. but my course and tthe uni i put is not showing please someone should help me am confused

  119. Pls HV cheaked mine BT my course and institution is not showing and it’s written not admitted ..what is de reason

    • Sorry Debby, it actually entails you haven’t been granted admission. But don’t panick, second and third list will be out.

  120. Olorungbemi jesuferanmi

    Pls I still checked the school portal now which is fuoye saying not yet to b admitted n jamb caps do say no admission is given yet…. Pls m so much confused…. N I choose agric economics and extension n I scored 186 in jamb n in fuoye post utme my aggregate score is 54.90%…. Pls wat should I do….. M tired of waiting….. Pls I need immediate reply pls

  121. why is my jamb caps not activated,and when will lasu release other batches

  122. Good morning
    My jamb caps is not showing my institution and course

  123. Sir when will the caps for 2019 be activated??

    • Sir my school have given me addimision.but when I go to jamb portal an check it ,it shows no adimision have been given yet i check it with my phone?

  124. Olayoriju abosede Hope

    Sir when I check my admission on school portal it said your name is not yet uploaded but when I check jamb site it said not admitted

  125. Pls I scored above my departmental cut off mark for radiography 250 in Unical but am still yet to be admitted.
    Jamb why?
    Am frustrated and confused, whenever I check I keep on seeing YET -TO-BE-ADMITTED kindly check back!! for 5 months now.
    My jamb score is 219
    Putme 290 Average of 254.5

  126. My first choice was fulafia and still yet they have not offered me admission wen i check my school portal it will show me u have not been offered admission yet!!while in jamb cab it shows not admitted there still hope 4 me are they still offering admission pls help me i need an answer

  127. Ademakinwa Abosede Wuraola

    Hello guys please am so confused,my Admission status keep writing NOT ADMITTED and I choosed computer science,i scored 191 in my Jamb and scored 66% in my post utme,pls should I still be expectant,have being checking all this while and am getting tired of checking,i thought my admission should be written admission in progress or something,but I dnt knw wat NOT ADMITTED means,pls I need a reply thank you.

    • I was given admission at mapoly but the admission status keep writing NO ADMISSION GIVEN YET pls help me

  128. Badmus aminat oluwatosin

    My jamb portal Is showing no admission is given yet,pls help me

  129. Alogu Evelyn ojone

    I wrote jamb and applied for microbiology in unibuja and I scored 223 in jamb and 58.57in the pre-screening and others that scored lower than me have gotten admission and I have not gotten and jamb said you need nobody to get admitted please what’s delaying my admission?

  130. Blessing onuche ochonya

    I don’t know why my jamb profile is showing 2017 whereas I wrote jamb in 2018, I tried to change it but it’s not possible, if I want to check my result, I’ll see (2017 only) now am confused

  131. Akintaro balqees temitope

    I choosed polyibadan has first choice and have not been given admission and i meet the cutoff mark

  132. Akintaro balqees temitope

    I chooseed poly ibadan has first choice and have not been given admission and i meet the cutoff mark

  133. Please my school gave me admission but jamb hasn’t offered me admission. What about that. As there is no way I can accept it without jamb

  134. Any information on OAU Admission list

  135. Ahmad Abdussalam Lawal

    My 1st choice is BUK but POLAC has offered me admission. How do i go about it?

  136. Please I was offered an admission on school portal but when I check jamb caps it display Not admitted pls what is wrong oo

  137. pls sir…have been unable to access my jamb caps lately… its been saying
    can you pls address this issue sir

  138. please i wrote unizik post utme for law but
    “my jamb caps is showing adult education and admission in progress check back later” what should i do
    also i need info on how to check it on unizik portal

  139. pls,I have been admitted in gateway polytechnic but jamb Caps still shows “Not admitted” and the deadline for payment of acceptance fee will soon close

  140. My school of institution has offered me admission but jamb caps is saying no admission is given yet

  141. I need a help, I was to enter my email and password on jamb caps but it displayed “incorrect email or password,I want to ask that what going on??

    • Olanrewaju ayomide daniel

      My email is showing incorrect email and password

    • Please I want to get the link to the past Post UTME questions for Federal University Oye Ekiti, the time and date for the screening exercise and the date of the Post UTME examinations. Thank you.

  142. Please I want to know if university of Illorin has released there admission list.

  143. On the JAMB caps, it shows that I have been admitted by AAUA but its still showing no admission offered yet in AAUA portal. Hope I’m save?

  144. please I have not been admitted I have stayed at home too long

  145. Sir my school AAU av given me admission but jamb caps is showing not admitted on my jamb status and also showing,if u av been offered admission click accept or reject button on my admission profile. Please am afraid

  146. Is adsu admission list out….cos I was told that,physical screening first before admission

  147. Oladepo Idris Gbolahan

    Please if you’re told not yet admitted, would such person still be given admission

  148. Google mail has blocked my email therefore making it invalid….I can’t login but I have uploaded my O’level results on jamb CAPS.Please is there any alternative way of checking my admission status?

  149. I have forgotten my email address
    Can’t I checked it through another way

  150. If u re told not yet admitted, does it mean u will still be admitted? Pls help me.

  151. I want to login but it’s showing me invalid credentials
    But I have tried opening d account tru a gmail app and it’s opening
    Wat could b d problem

  152. My school of choice has released their admission list and my name appears on the merit list but jamb has not offered me admission considering my high score of 273, does it mean i will not be admitted again?

  153. Please notify me when admission list of lasu is out

  154. I am solidly with you.
    ride on

  155. My second choice has given me admission but on jamb caps its showing only my first choice…..sholuld I change my second choice to first choice or what shild I do….Please help a brother

  156. Nwafor ogechukwu

    Pls am only seeing sorry u av not being given admission yet…doz it mean DAT dey will still gv me admission?

  157. Is unilag admission list out please

  158. When will oou release their admission list..

  159. Any about the university of maiduguri admission

  160. Please when will Unizik released their merits list or list(s)? Am tired of staying at home.

  161. Please how do i login into the CAPS portal bcoz login in tru JAMB portal isnt working out, can u pls send me d direct link sir?

    • There is no direct link. You have to login through your portal. Use a computer System and ensure to follow the procedure as instructed.

  162. But my school admitted me last week on merit. is showing admitted on the skool portal but jamb did not notify me oooo. am tired of this CAPS oooo.

    Becos i am sure i have been admited by AAU i accepted the admission yesterday which changed from proposed to accepted after accepting it.

    please guide me sir.

  163. Do my school of choice have to give me admission first and how do I knw when my school of choice have given me admission plz answer

    • Your school will announce the release of the admission list or JAMB will notify you that you have been offered admission.

  164. Please, is EKSU admitting for anatomy this year?

  165. ?? Thank God
    Thank you, School News Ng

  166. Nice info cos I was wondering

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