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JAMB CAPS Admission Status: What You Need To know

Since the JAMB CAPS portal was enabled for candidates to check and confirm their admission status, many candidates have been a bit confused about certain terms they see on their dashboard. This post is to explain the meaning of some of the terms you are likely to find once you log on to JAMB CAPS portal.

Please you are advised to only check your admission status on JAMB Portal through your JAMB Profile. Once you are on your JAMB CAPS page, the important thing you should look out for is what is written under “ADMISSION STATUS” If you have been offered an admission, what you will find under your ADMISSION STATUS is “CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION!”. You will equally see two buttons under it : “ACCEPT ADMISSION” and “REJECT ADMISSION”.

You are expected to click on the appropriate button to either accept or reject the admission . Like JAMB said earlier, if you accept the admission, it means the admission window for 2017/2018 session has closed for you. If you reject the admission, you will be available in CAPS MARKET PLACE for other schools to consider you for admission.

On the other hand, if your admission has not been approved yet, what you will find under your admission status is “NOT ADMITTED”, “ADMISSION IN PROGRESS” or “RECOMMENDED……”

Now, “NOT ADMITTED” simply means two things; (a) that your school of choice has not sent or proposed any list of admitted candidates to JAMB. (b) It can equally mean that your school has sent in the list of admitted candidates but you have not been considered for admission.

If your Admission status says NOT ADMITTED, you can check back later to see if there are any changes especially if your school of choice has not released its admission list (either on its website or Notice Board) when you first checked JAMB CAPS.

“ADMISSION IN PROGRESS” is likely to mean that you have met the requirements to be admitted in your school of choice, but for certain reasons like Admission Quota and other admission criteria of your school of choice, your admission is still pending. Candidates in this category may be offered admission later if other candidates offered admission by the school decides to reject their admission thereby creating room for more admission slots.

“RECOMMENDED” means that you have been considered for admission but your admission is still under review to ensure you meet all admission criteria set by your institution and JAMB. Finally for those having issues logging in to their CAPS portal through their JAMB Profiles, please try using a computer system or change your browser. 

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  1. Is the 2020 JAMB CAPS Portal open?

  2. Mine is writing admission in progress both in jamb and school portal

  3. Can there be any extension on the payments of acceptance fee this year.or if any candidates miss the payments date what can he do not to loose his admission

  4. I ve been offered admission in my school of choice but jamb caps still showing adm in progress.
    It was showing adm in progress for about 8weeks, last week the school list was out and I was offered adm, jamb caps still showing adm in progress. What’s up?

  5. Igwebuike precious chikaodi

    I have been offered admission on jamb caps but
    Still seeing admission in progress on school website

    Dose it mean I have not been offered

  6. UNN have giving me admission why I have did change of institution to IMT. On my jamb CAB IMT is there . what will I do I have paid school fees and order things needed in UNN but i don’t.have UNN in my JAMB slip what will I do

  7. Please I scored 47.96% in federal university of oye ekiti
    Am not admitted yet and my caps is showing not admitted yet please what should I do.

  8. I have got admitted from my school of choice,
    But when I keep checking on jamb portal it’s saying
    Admission not giving yet, what can I do?

  9. Udeorji Jude Ikechukwu

    Please after accessing my jamb caps to check my admission status, under my admission status it displays admission in progress check back later
    please does it guarantee me admission in the school I applied?

  10. Please sir I have gained admission from my university but when I jamb profile I keep seeing not admitted and also when I try to check my caps it shows only welcome!

  11. Shode Monsurat Olaide

    Please have been offered admission in school portal (futminna) not admitted yet on jambcap
    Please what should I do

  12. Wakama Tamuno idikibugere

    Pums admission list for 2019/2020 is not on jamb site so no confirmation from jamb till date why?. Admission status from jamb is important I think so.

  13. Please when l check my admission status it will display Jamb no not in the admission list.What should I do.

  14. Ridwan Abdullateef

    Pls I need an advice i got admission on school portal but when I check jamb caps it display not admitted and i have re-upload my results on jamb,pls what could be the problem pls

  15. Pls, I tried checking the admission portal,but it won’ t open, it keeps saying wrong password or email.
    Please how can I know if I have been offered admission?

    • It means either your email or the password isn’t correct, and it has to be the email you used during jamb registration or else it wont open. Thanks hope u understand

  16. Pls sir ,I have been admitted by the institution on merit but jamb is saying not admitted what can I do

  17. Please I tried checking my Admission status but it keeps showing welcome,, pls what do i do..

  18. i put in math eng, comm nd acct for jamb to study banking and finance in Uniben, although people say dat the jamb comb is wrong,but i have been given admission on CAPS, will it still affect me in any way?

  19. Please how can I check if my waec result was uploaded to my jamb profile

  20. mines says “incorrect credentials”. And I tried using forgot password yet it’s not working

  21. mine says “sorry admission not given yet ”
    What should I do

  22. mOne says “sorry admission not given yet ”
    What should I do

  23. Please I really need an assistant here, I have been trying to check my admission status on jamb caps but all it keeps saying is incorrect credentials and when i click on forgot password then the screen will be blank. Am confused

  24. Just checked my admission status on JAMB CAPS. Pity! NOT ADMITTED is the status. I chose BUK, scored 307 in UTME, 313 as aggregate score after BUKAT. Course: English Edu. UTME subject combination: Lit in English, Government, CRK and English Language. SSCE result uploaded: CRK B3, Geog. B3, Gov. B3, Eco. B3, Civic B3, Eng. B3, Math A1, Anim Husb. B2. What exactly do I need to do to get admission at BUK because I don’t get it? Last year, same problem. 264 aggregate for law, no admission. If the excuse given last year was lack of IRK for LAW, what is the excuse this time? can someone tell me? Or could it be because I uploaded an inadequate SSCE result on their portal initially which I deleted later for the one above? Or that BUK has not sent their admission list to JAMB? Just what? Last year, my NO ADMISSION status didn’t change until the whole process closed despite my aggregate score of 264. I want to believe that with the UTME and POST UTME scores of 307 and 313 respectively, JAMB should offer me admission even before the school does. That’s not the case now. What’s happening? Can someone tell me?

    • Pls I was recommend you contact jamb on this matter .. Cos I similarly have a relative who had 313 in jamb and 300 in aggregate but was denied admission even on merit fur medicine…
      Pls contact jamb so that they can charge the school for malpractice in selection of candidates for Admission… even if it means reporting to NTA news I your state plsss do..

    • How did you check if your waec result was uploaded successfully

  25. My Jamb profile is showing” Sorry No Admission is given yet” meanwhile my school of choice offered me admission but no admission letter. Please help me.

  26. Pls i’ve not been able to check my admission but my status is saying print admission later and i can’t print cuz i need to see the school first…pls what should i do

  27. Pls can change of institution affect my chances of getting admission

  28. I can’t log in on my jamb profile, I used as my e-mail address and now is blog. please help me out on what to do

    • I don’t think that is the reason you are not able to login because the email address is only used for the purpose of identification during login.

      • has close their portal, and before they close it, they send me to merge the e-mail address with another one, I do as the said so that any massage send to my naij address will automatically move to the one am using. they said from 2nd of January 2018 the account will be close. now since I used as my address on jamb, am trying to open my jamb profile to check my jamb status, it doesn’t open. please help me on what to do.

        • I think you may need to send a complaint to jamb either online or by visiting any of their offices via close to you.

  29. I’m a Christian and I was considered for admission by a Muslim school FUO. What should I do?

  30. i checked my caps it says not admitted but some of my friends who applied the same school got admission so whats my fate

  31. on Caps it showed not admitted while on school portal it keeps showing ….oops no admission information found and the school has released first list, pls what could be the problem is there still hope for me?

  32. I have accepted mine
    But when I went back to the page later
    It wrote admission in progress again

  33. Those that have been given Admission on jamb caps can they go ahead and print their Admissions letter and their institutions hvent release dier admission list what shld they do

  34. Hello! I am been checking my admissions status but wat I always meet there is dat Not Admitted ad I meet there required cutoff mark

  35. shuaibu abdullahi arabi

    so plz what i fi saw not admitted on my status bar? nd i checked market place i found that there is one school consider me admission,and i asked some of my frnds that we choose the same university. one of them told me,on his status bar he found admited,nd he accepted it. till now our school of choice didnt release admission. so my questioned are.
    1.those found my self on market place means i haven’t offered admission?
    2.or should i wait until my school of choice release there 1st batch?
    3.what do you think is the problem?

    • Has another school given you admission? If you find your self in the market place it means you have not been offered admission.

  36. Mineb update me that congratulations u hve offered Admission did I mean dt my institutions hve offered me Admission or wt pls explain for me better sir

  37. my caps say nt admited… stil.change bcause oau have not releas er merit.list…..

  38. Hello, in need of assistance. Checked the jamb caps for my younger sis and it’s showing “no data returned ” what could be the problem?

  39. Mine is showing only welcome what could be the cause?

  40. Pls i tried logging into cap jamb site but it keeps saying invalid credentials.And i was using the email and password to logged into jamb successfully. pls help……

  41. Sir is it possible admission in pogres to Changed to congratulations you have been offered admission

  42. Pls for somebody who mistakely press REJECTED instead of Accept button and the status now show NOT ADMITTED, what can the person do in situation? Thanks

  43. Please help , I saw approved last week Friday I accepted, then on Monday it was not admitted, now it blank, please help

  44. What of people that are yet to upload their o level result, will they receive admission through jamb CAPS?

  45. Is it through Unilorin admission aspirant has been given admission on the JAMB Caps? If yes sir. Is there any that has been offered admission as the school is not releasing any list yet

  46. Pls i applied for JAMB(UTME) and DE(JUPEB). I’ve gotten admission for the JAMB, but i’m still waiting for the DE admission. If i accept the one for JAMB will i still be able to get admission for the DE.

  47. mine is admission in process are you saying I might or I will be given admission I don’t understand you ooo


    I was sent a link to print my Admission letter because of my NYSC PROGRAMME because the school i graduated from was not my in my list of choice ,it is a private University OUI , i have checked for my letter but I can only saw my passport photograph and Indication that Congratulated me for been admitted into OUI from the Admission status but when i clicked on my Admission letter it is blank, what can i do

    • You may have to go for admission regularization. If the process is not clear to you, the closest JAMB Office for clarification.

  49. have unable to login to caps portal and have been offered admission how can I login.

    with my jamb email and password or wat.

    anytime i login with my jamb details it brings error.
    please kindly advise me

    • If it is showing you invalid credential or login detail, ensure your login details are correct and try again. If it persists click on reset password to get new login details but ensure you still have access to the email address attached to your JAMB profile.

      • i use my jamb details but not going.

        i tried to reset my password but don’t bring any thing .

        it is necessary for caps

  50. my school of choice offered me admission but the caps displayed not admitted in my admission status,what could be the problem.

    • Like the post indicated, it could be that your school is yet to send the list to JAMB or JAMB is yet to approve the list. So hold on and always check back.

  51. before I saw approved so I accepted, later it was not admitted, now under admission status, nothing is showing. please advice me

  52. sir my admission status is blank and my course changed from bussines administration to political science.

    please guide me sir

  53. Do I have to use a PC because I have been using my phone and it keeps showing ‘WELCOME’….I applied for Unizik

  54. Tivgema Ferdinand Sesugh

    What if my admission status shows nothing?

    • Try using a computer System and ensure you follow the right procedure If you have done that already and it is still the same, then be patient it could be from JAMB Portal

  55. How can i print my jamb result because i have tried severally to print it for keep sake and payment was spproved but still cant print

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