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JAMB 2019 Mock Updates To Help Candidates In The Main Exam

The JAMB mock exam for 2019 UTME candidates has been concluded. For those that did not participate in the mock examination we want to share some important points from the experiences of candidates who participated in the mock exam.

We believe this will help you prepare adequately for the main exam which comes up on April 11th.

We advise all candidates to go through these important points and updates to help them know what is expected of them during the main exam.

For a good understanding, we have grouped the points into sub-topics as follows;

The Time And Number of Questions: Candidates are to answer 180 questions within 2 hours. There will be 60 questions in English Language, and 40 each in the other 3 subjects. You are expected to answer all questions in the 4 subjects within 2 hours.

Rough Sheet: For those that will need plain sheet for rough calculations, we learnt that in some centres, plain sheet were actually provided for candidates and they were allowed to go in with pencils. Though some candidates said they were not allowed to do this in their centres. However, we advise candidates to go to the exam with pencil and photocopies of their exam print out so they can use it for rough calculations in case JAMB fails to make such provision.

JAMB Past Questions: Many candidates confessed that they came across many past questions during the mock exam and it will likely be the same during the main exam. So we advised candidates to use the remaining days before the exam to study more JAMB Past questions.

The On-screen calculator: For candidates who will need calculator, you will not be allowed to enter the hall with any calculator. However, there will be a Calculator on the Computer Screen of every candidate.  You will find the calculator at the top right hand side of the computer. We will make a post on how to use the calculator before the exam.

CCTV Cameras: There were CCTV Cameras in the hall during the mock  exam. And it will be the same during the exam. The candidates shouldn’t be deceived. The CCTV Cameras were working. Don’t do anything that will incriminate you in any way. Please note that JAMB is serious about the prohibited items. So ensure you do not go into the hall with such items.

There May Be A Little Delay: Just like it happened during the mock exam, the main exam may start a bit later than was stated on your exam slip. Candidates are expected to be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the time on their exam slip. But just to be in good shape even if there happens to be a little delay, we advise candidates to eat well before going and ensure they go with some cash.

You can use the comment box to let us know what else you think candidates can learn from the mock exam that will increase their chances of doing well in the main exam.

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  1. Please are we paying money before we enter the half?

  2. Must the print out be coloured? .mine is black and white.

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  10. please sir/ma. As Written above that English contain 60.. and the rest 40 ( Questions) … All in total 180….. So if we have 60quest. In English How many mark are applied to one Question .. and same to the 40quest…. How many mark applied to a question..???

    • JAMB has not made the marking scheme for this new format public. So we cannot really tell the mark awarded to each question. Just try your best to answer as many questions correctly.

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  14. Gabriel Elenbalulu

    This is nice

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  17. Some centres had no mouse. Candidates should learn to use control keys on the keyborard

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  21. Oniorisan olajumoke

    I learnt that few of the candidates didn’t get their centres on time…..they sent the location of their centres late after the exam and as a result of this, they could not write the exam bcos they didn’t send their centres to them

  22. what if incase the network becomes a problem may be by hanging, wont there be another extra time? And secondly, i thimk to send our exam centre and the town will help the candidate to be on their seat in time cus uptil today we have not goten our exam centre.

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