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JAMB 2021 UTME mock postponed, new date announced

The 2021 UTME mock exam earlier scheduled to hold April 30th by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has been postponed. This was contained in a statement signed by the head of Public Affairs and Protocol Unit, Fabian Benjamin.

According to him, the change is due to some ongoing adjustments in the Board’s operational processes.  The UTME mock will now hold May 20th, 2021. Candidates who have registered and have chosen to sit the Mock and other critical stakeholders are to note this change of date.

However, the change would not affect the deadline for the registration and the date for the main exam. The registration deadline remains May 15th, 2021 and the main exam holds June 5th to June 19th, 2021.

The Board has, however, noted with concern that some candidates in trying to generate their profiles are sending their details wrongly to 55019.”

JAMB, which conducts entrance examinations into Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, said the right process is to send the word “NIN” followed by a space and the eleven digits NIN number to 55019, to generate their profiles.

“Any other process is wrong and would not generate the profile code for the candidate. It is also necessary for the candidate to know that only the SIM that is linked to his/her NIN can be used to send the NIN to 55019,” the statement added.

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  1. even me since last week i have not seen my profile and they busy deducting my 50 naira i have used my mtn sim card but no respond and i have followed all the procedures this thing is so frustrating

  2. I tried using another person’s phone to get my profile code, my reply was ” your requesthas been processed, you will get response shortly” . Up till now I got no response. Not until now they replied me that your MIN has already been registered with Gsm number. What can I do again? .it’s been two weeks now😭🙏

  3. I tried it with the sim I linked my nin and have tried it over a lot of times all is just see is that they keep deducting my money and never see the code till now 😕😡

  4. Please,is there any difference in the venue where am writing mock exam and the main exam

  5. Please the phone number I used in registering for my nin is not mine
    I can’t link the number to my nin
    Now I can’t generate my profile code
    What do I do???

  6. Please can I use email to generate profile code

  7. The number linked with my NIN was the number I used last year in registering jamb?
    Since I want to write another jamb now I don’t know what to do
    Av tried over 15 times with 50 naira message fees
    Or should I go to NIN office and change my number or what, is it even possible?
    Please advise me am totally lost here ?

    • 1.About changing your number at the NIN OFFICE will actually cost you a lot of stress, and money.
      2. You using the number again for this year utme is not a problem. Cause that what really happens to me and I did not go through any stress. Except for the network service.
      3. Airtel and MTN are free charges. But as for GLO is 50 naira charges. (As for 9mobile I got no idea on that).
      4. One thing I know about GLO network is that it’s works faster and better only at MID – Night hour, or 4am – 5:30 am. Or better still around 11pm – 5:30am.

      Try that. And for more information you can DM on WhatsApp or call – (08164401394)

    • Bro, all what u need to do is to buy a new sim card or you can also do it on anoda person’s sim card of any network that is not yours as long as the person’s sim card is registered with his/her NIN number. And also, you must have a national ID card that has your NIN number to.

    • Just calm it will go

    • Sorry dear but what the meant is.. The phone number most be link with ur NIN not the phone number you put in the NIN registration

    • Gabriel Ricky bauxite

      Just dial *55019#

  8. Note that when creating a profile page, do not use the number that has been used for jamb registration before. If you registered for jamb last year, change the phone number you’re using this time. Thank you

  9. Please after getting the profile code and not registering immediately, how long is the validity of the code? Will it still be valid even a day before the closing date?

  10. I’ve been sending my NIN but no response as well

  11. What if the number is not linked with my NIN

  12. To those who are still awaiting their profile code.
    I’ll advice you to keep trying and don’t give up until you get your profile code.
    I had sent mine since Wednesday I did reserve any response I got so worried but you know, I did give up I kept on trying.
    Only for me to wake up on Sunday morning and decided to give it a trial again the I got it.

  13. Nwoke maria-goretti

    My was successful

  14. The problem here is dat have sent my Nin no to 55019 but no feedback via getting de profile code

    • Do it this way: NIN XXXXXXXXXXX; it will work… But make sure the number you’re going to use is linked with your NIN already.

  15. Silverline Bobmanuel

    For two weeks now, I’ve been sending my NIN space the 11 digit number to 55019 but I haven’t still received my profile code. Instead, they reply with “NIN not found, check NIN” or “unable to verify”. The line I’m using is mine and it’s linked with my NIN.
    What do I do?

    • Do you have account with any bank? Are you up to 18 years? If you are under age, your account details will be kids account depending on the bank, like Gtbank has sks account, this account will be linked to the signatory bvn since you are still a minor. If your account bears student account, you need to go to the bank and get your bvn. Go to the registration center for nimc and tell them, presenting your own bvn to them

    • But please how will I do it because I don’t know how to do it
      Will I press*and soso number of my NIN or what
      Please make me to understand

  16. I have sent my NIN and the 11 digit number in correct order but no response from jamb yet

  17. Nwosu chinazom Henrietta

    I have been sending my NIN since last week Monday, but the reply always get is an error occurred, sometimes I won’t even receive any at all, sometimes the passport obtained from your NIN is not valid, me I don’t know what to do again

    • The number I used for my NIN is what I used for jamb last year
      Since I want to register for jamb this year what should I do

      Please help me

      • Pls go ahead and use it same thing happened to me, I registered for Jamb last year with same number and I still obtain my profile code through it. Jamb said one can use any number that was previously used for registration provided u are the only one using it

  18. I have send my NIN to 55019 since yesterday but I have not received my profile code till today. And I have try another line to do it because I think it is a network issue but same things happened. What can I do or what is the solution to this.
    Thanks for respond on time.

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