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JAMB stops the use of email address for 2021 UTME/DE Registration

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced that the use of email would no longer be required for the registration of the 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and Direct Entry candidates. This was disclosed by the JAMB Boss Prof Is-haq Oloyede.

According to him, from Thursday, April 15, 2021, candidates will no longer be required to provide any email address during registration.

Oloyede said the new system was to ensure candidates’ information are not exposed to dubious cyber cafe operators and other criminal elements who in the course of UTME/ Direct Entry registration steal email passwords to perpetrate fraud.

Oloyede said, “They gain access to profiles of these candidates under the pretense of creating an email address for them. Then they change and block the candidates from receiving messages from the board. They also extort them after they change their passwords.

He said the phone number of candidates is now the only major requirement to carry out all the registration processes.

Oloyede however stated that email address would only be requested at the successful completion of the registration exercise by candidates. This is to update their profile with JAMB as the email will no longer be used as access to their profile, but rather as a communication tool with the candidates. Candidates are to provide their email addresses after the closure of JAMB registration via the methods below;

  • (a) JAMB Mobile APP on the candidates registered phone (the phone bearing the registered phone number)
  • (b) Sending the word email (space then the email address) on his /her registered phone to 55019. The email should be typed twice to ensure validation and the prevention of typographical errors.

Concerning how candidates can access their JAMB profile, Prof. Oloyede said candidates will also have the following options to access their profile during or after registration.

  • i. Mobile APP on the candidates’ phone
  • ii. Or through the 55019 option. He said JAMB is working to make it possible for candidates to be able to perform the following task; admission status checking, acceptance of admission etc by sending SMS to 55019.

He added that the Printing of examination slip (Notification) or Result notification slip can be done using the candidates’ JAMB registration number only.

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  1. I have not been asked of my jamb email address during the just concluded 2021 utme and I can’t log into my profile please what is the solution to this problem

    • please same goes here after the exam i can’t login to my jamb profile infact i was unable to check my admission statue

  2. I’ve done my exam Buh not the issue I’m having is how to log into my portal cos they didn’t ask for any email address when I went to register not to talk of a password …now I need to log into my portal to change some information and I don’t k ow how please help..

  3. I was asked to wait for Jamb reschedule after my exam on the 22nd of June due to the fact that our system went off in my center. Till now I haven’t gotten any response from jamb and I don’t know what to do 😭😢

  4. Pls I intended on checking my result and it sent me dis (No record found. Send email with NIN and Name to [email protected]. Then try again in 4 hours.) Pls how can I go about it

  5. Hello will email still be needed to access my jamb profile or check my admission status and how will we know our jamb centers pls help

  6. Please after the registration they did not send any details to my mail and it’s bothering me


    Pls iam sending my email address to 55019 but the reply iam seing is,error occur,pls i need a help

  8. Pls am trying to verified my email address is not working what can I do

  9. Namoda Moses Gidado

    how can i login to my JAMB portal 2021

  10. Pls I didn’t use my phone number and my phone number is linked to my email
    I used someone’s number
    Hope no problem on that also

  11. I have forgotten the email password and have lost the phone number what should I do

  12. I never got a mail message after my registration
    But some people I know did

    What could be wrong pls

  13. I have been trying to send my email to 55019 and it says error occured
    Please how can I put my email to my account

    • After registration ends try doing it again

    • Please help us. What I’m seeing it’s not my score. Please what should we do. I’m sending UTMERESULT to 55019 . It’s been saying, results not available. My mates are seeing their result. I need help. JAMB is making a mistake. I need help please. I really studied for this exam like I didn’t even get enough time to eat. Please help me God. I needy result. I’m totally confused.

  14. Please I have not yet seen my jamb centre and date how can I go about that please I need an immediate response ..God bless

  15. I didn’t use any email address and password during registration. Is there any problem?
    And how do i login to my profile, without email address and password?

    • I also have the same problem, av been finding it difficult to enter my portal

    • Nicholas james

      Am having the same problem with you oh, I don’t know why during the registration they do not ask for Email.

    • Same thing here, my bro told me to go back and make complaint but they said I shouldn’t worry that those ones won’t be required this year, omo I no wan spend another moni later oooo

    • Akinbami faruq

      After you’ve sent your nin to 55019
      Jamb itself will have access to your email in which you used the same number you use in sending your nin
      So you are going to check the latest update in your portal under ur email

      • Please I don’t understand, what if I didn’t open any email with that number

      • Have you successfully log in to this year jamb portal
        If yes
        Are you sure you didn’t log in into the past portal check the registration num in your portal to confirm
        Pls your reply is important

  16. God see us through!!!!

  17. Aisida Linda Omotayo

    Pls I forgot the email I used to register my Direct Entry, and without the Gmail I can’t access jamb cap to confirm my admission. Pls how do I go about it?

  18. I didn’t use any email address and password during registration. Is there any problem?
    And how do i login to my profile, without email address and password?

  19. My school collectively did NIN for all the students. I don’t know the phone number used by the school. I have been trying to register for 2weeks now but have been so unlucky. I am getting frustrated. Have spent over N2,000 sending messages without luck. Some\one help me, please.

  20. I sent my NIN number to 55019 but they keep telling me that my nin number has already been registered with another GSM Number.
    What could be the problem please.

  21. Of to now I didn’t get my profile code yet I don’t know the problem seen Last week pls help me out what can I do

  22. What if you had use that number to register for JAMB before? (The one linked to your NIN)

  23. When we get the code what’s the next move?

  24. Pls I would like to know if I should purchase the DE form . This is because I am currently a diploma student in the university of jos, and I am in my finals but we haven’t gotten our results for the program. So I would like to know if I can go ahead to buy the form n maybe use awaiting results for thehe registration.

  25. I have get my profile code since two days now and i have not registered hope there’s no problem? Thanks

  26. Thanks for the info.
    I’ve not go for my jamb registration yet, but planning to do so very soon.

  27. If your NIN details does not match to your exam details what to do please

  28. I’ve gotten my profile code already with my new sim buh it’s yet to be verified by NIMC and I want to buy e-pin from the accredited center but it pops up “unfinished”.pls, what could be the reason for this?

    Help a bro.

  29. Kwekweyei wisdom

    I want to registered now what and what will I do please help me.

    • You’ll need the following
      1.A unique phone number. Make sure this number used is linked to your NIN.
      2. NIN
      3. Email address.
      4. State of Origin
      5. LGA
      6. Home address.
      Send your NIN number to 55019
      as below
      NIN (your NIN number) e.g NIN 12345678900
      A 10 digit number will be sent to you.
      Locate the nearest CBT centre and register with the 10 digit number.

      • Email address??,

        I thought Email address is no longer asked for registration, that it’s after the registration we’ll send the Email to them (Jamb)

        • The email will no longer be used as access to their profile, but rather as a communication tool with the candidates.

  30. Pls Sir… After printing my slip, I discovered that my LGA/State is wrong and the man doing the registration said it’s not his fault that it’s the data provided from NIMC database… Pls would this be a problem? What can I about it?

    • I did not get a mail message after registration but some people I know did

      What could be wrong

      Help a bro pls!!!

  31. Am confused about this email stuff cuz have registered since on Tuesday

  32. Thank God have not registered yet

  33. Jamb is extremely useless….
    just making things difficult for applicants
    Rubish jamb

  34. Jamb is just complicating this registration and for all concerns and also for candidate to access their jamb portal with ease after registration may again be more challenging.

    Every year new rule. Rubbish.

  35. Ojile Comfort o.

    Some of us that have done the registration using our email address what can we do about it

  36. This is what I get when I send my NIN to 55019 for profile code”Your Passport Obtained from NIN is not Valid…”please how can these issue be fixed? thanks.

  37. Please I can’t log into my jamp portal since yesterday morning, please what can I do, because it is showing object reference not set to an instance of an object. What is the solution

  38. Whatever the case

  39. What about the people that have already registered, this is not supposed to be happening”JAMB suppose to be ready before asking people to go for registration why is it that every morning you wake up they impose another rule that shows they are not prepared all this while, jamb suppose to do a board meeting before reaching out to people for registrations that’s just what am saying.

  40. And we that have registered hope their is no problem on our profile

  41. What of those that have already registered like 2days no what can we do in this case

    • Naomi Preye Dickson

      What about us that after we got our profile code our state of origin is showing a different state, now we can’t continue with the registration.

  42. What of we that a have done the registration hope they is not problem

  43. You re-register for another NIN

  44. Etinyene Friday Udo

    Thanks for the update

  45. Please during my NIN enrollment,the agent wrongly typed my name ,what can I do be registering for jamb

  46. Sunday happiness

    Thank you very much for the update

  47. What about us that has done the registration alreadly?

  48. people like us who have done the registration using our email
    What can we do

  49. Eche Joseph ochofiye

    There’s a problem in my state of origin
    It is displaying my state of residence in the column of the state of origin

  50. Bakir Ali Muhammad

    Thank you so much for your update

  51. Woww thank God oo

    • Pls I tried to login into my jamb portal buh it showing me the one of last year
      And they didn’t use email this year
      How will I be able to see my profile

  52. Thanks for the info.

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