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UI Postgraduate Admission 2017/2018: Requirements, Registration Details & Deadline

The University of Ibadan, UI Postgraduate Admission 2017/2018 has been announced. The School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Ibadan (UI) hereby invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into various postgraduate programmes for 2017/2018 Academic Session.

Types Of Admission

(i) Full-Time Admission
Full-time admission can be offered only to candidates who satisfy the Postgraduate School that they are not in employment, or that they have been released by their employers to undertake full-time studies.
Candidates found to have made a false declaration in this regard shall be asked to withdraw from the University.

(ii) Part-Time Admission
Candidates may be admitted to part-time registration, if they are on the academic staff of the University or can satisfy the Postgraduate School that facilities for their work as part-time students are adequate.
Candidates applying for part-time registration may be asked to show evidence of release by their employers.

(iii) Admission as Occasional Students
Candidates who satisfy the minimum entry requirements for higher degree programme and are recommended by the Faculty Postgraduate Committee may be admitted as occasional students, but shall not be awarded a degree of the University of Ibadan. This type of admission is also open to candidates registered for higher degrees of other Universities, recognised by Senate.

General Regulations Governing Admission to Higher Degree Programmes

(a) Candidates for admission to higher degree programmes shall normally be graduates of the University of Ibadan or other Universities/Institutions recognised by the Senate. Admission shall be made by the Postgraduate School on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee.

(b) Candidates without any previous higher degrees in the relevant discipline may be admitted only to either the Degree of Master or the Professional Degree of Master.

(c) Candidates with recognised Research Higher Degree in the relevant discipline may be admitted to the M.Phil or Ph.D. degree programmes as appropriate, on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee.

(d) Where, in respect of an otherwise eligible candidate with a higher degree, a firm recommendation for admission to the Ph.D. degree programme cannot be made, a Faculty may recommend that a candidate be admitted provisionally to the M.Phil/Ph.D. programme pending an assessment report. Such an assessment shall be made by a panel set up by the Faculty Postgraduate Committee on the recommendation of the student’s department and shall take place not later than the end of the first semester of registration.

How To Apply For UI Postgraduate Admission 2017/2018


Application Forms

Interested applicants can initiate their applications via this link:

Application forms cost N13,000 for academic programmes and N18,000 for professional programmes. Applicants for the degree of Master and Postgraduate Diploma are to pay an extra N3,000:00 for test of proficiency in English Language.

Guidelines For Filling Application Forms

(a) All application forms are to be submitted on-line. Applicants are to approach any of the Banks listed on the invoice. Note that E-channels are available at GTB and Skye Bank PLC.

(b) Incomplete information from an applicant may delay or halt action on such application.

(c) A candidate may apply to only one department or programme.

(d) Applicants are to upload their relevant credentials and submit along with their application electronically

(e) Acknowledgement of Application; Applicants would be informed electronically (through the e mail addresses provided in the electronically filled Application form) of progress in the processing of their forms.

(f) Letters of Recommendation; The Postgraduate School, University of Ibadan, requires three letters of recommendation from faculty members or others well acquainted with the student’s academic work. Please note that the referee forms are available on line, to be completed and submitted electronically.

(g ) Transcripts /Certificates; Official transcripts of all deg rees completed are to be mailed directly to the Postgraduate School . If the Registrar of an applicant’s University will provide an official copy to the S chool directly, applicants must enclose along with the application an unofficial or student’s copy of the transcript for temporary reference. To prevent delays, applicants should make adequate arrangements with their Registrars to provide transcripts before the stipulated deadline.

Basic Information and General Requirement For UI Postgraduate Admission 2017/2018

1.All interested candidates are expected to have a personal e-mail address which must not be shared with others for the purpose of this application. (If you wish to get an e-mail account free, please visit any of these sites:,,,,, or any other site that provides e-mail services.)

2.The Postgraduate School, UI requires all applicants to have one telephone line to which text messages (SMS) could be sent.

3.All applicants are expected to be able to browse and check their e-mails from time to time.

4.Carefully read the prospectus to verify that the programme you are seeking admission into, is available and you have the basic qualifications required for admission into the programme

5.If you have questions about qualifications and programmes, Please call the information Officer on 09090561432, 09086464623 mail:il:[email protected]

6.If you have found a programme that you wish to apply for and you have the required basic qualifications, please click the ‘New Application Process’ button

7.Having satisfied step 1, each applicant would be requested to supply Names, Country of Origin, e-mail Address, phone number, country code and country of residence . A mail containing an application number and a password would be sent to the supplied e-mail address and the applicant would be requested to retrieve and supply these to confirm the e-mail Address. (It is very important that each applicant supplies a valid and accessible e-mail address)

8.Each applicant will then be required to select the programme he/she intends to apply for. An Invoice will be generated which you will pay at any branch of the banks listed on the invoice or pay online via the payment portal. (Foreigners would be expected to pay into the international account of the PG School specified on the invoice or use international cards ). Please note that if you are

applying for the degree of Master or PGD, you would be required to take an English Proficiency test.

9.Following payment the applicant can commence the application procedure. Please note that you would be asked to upload scanned copies of your credentials. The credentials would include

(a)NYSC certificate or Call Up letter [if you are currently on the service] (if you are a Nigerian)

(b)Marriage Certificate (if you are female and married)

(c)Degree/ Diploma Certificate(s) (e.g. First Degree, Masters, HND, (Please note that if your certificate is not yet ready, you could select to supply an attestation letter in the meantime)

(d)O/A Level results – WAEC/GCE/NECO or certificates acceptable to the University of Ibadan

(e)Any professional certificate that you may possess

(f)Any other relevant documents to support your Application

10.To facilitate the process you are advised to prepare the scanned copies of these documents as well as your passport photograph (600 pixel in length and 480 pixel in breath) . The minimum size for a page is 6KB while the maximum size is 200KB. Only JPG, JPEG and PNG formats are accepted

11.Applicants will be required to supply the names and e-mail addresses of 3 individuals who would serve as your referees, All 3(Three) MUST be your former teacher/lecturer upon submission of form online, referees would be contacted via e-mail and directed to our e-referee portal to supply the needed information

12.After completion of all data entry, applicant will be required to review all information .All information may be corrected except the E-mail address and Country of Origin . Complaints are lodge directly with the Information Officer of the PG school

13.Are you satisfied with the review? click the submit form.

14.Print a copy of the Transcript Label to be sent along with your transcript request to your previous School. The Transcript Label must accompany to each transcript back to UI (UI graduates need not submit Transcript).

15.Application forms are submitted online. Do not submit printed copies at PGSCHOOL until you are granted admission and invited for clearance.

16.Applicant shall receive e-mail from the PG School on their application status. Applicants are advised to regularly log-on to the PG School Application portal to check on their application status.

UI Postgraduate Admission 2017/2018 Application Deadline

Application ends on 25th July, 2017.

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