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UMYU Change of Course Admission List 2016/2017 Released

The Umaru Musa Yar-dua University, Katsina  Nigeria, UMYU change of course admission List 2016/2017 has been released. All candidates who were earlier offered admission into some courses but applied to have their courses changed are advised to check of they have been offered admission.

The list has bee made available online on the school’s official website.

For the sake of convenience, we have made the list available here;

Rabi’u Aliyu 66229060FE B.A. Islamic Std. BSC (ED) Islamic Studies
Musa Bello 65555460FD BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Sha’aibu Hassan 65248999HA B.A Islamic Studies BSC (ED) Economics
Bagadaza Hassan 65845115BE BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Sada Hassana Rumah 65557746IC BSC Biochemistry BSC (ED) Biology
Abdulkadir Ismail 65556211DB BSC Biology BSC (ED) Biology
Abdullahi Abdulgaffar 65558683IE BSC Chemistry BSC (ED) Chem
Salmanu Hussaini Bala 65240029HF BSC (ED) Biology BSC (ED) Economics
Abubakar Aisha 65844987BA BSC Physics BSC (ED) Biology
Hussaini Hafsat Ibrahim s65554585FJ BSC Mathematics BSC (ED) Biology
Ibrahim Hafsat Abubakar 65551435AD BSC (ED) Economics BSC (ED) Biology
Aliyu Firdausi 65555543JF BSC Chemistry BSC (ED) Biology
Saminu Yushau 66079065FG BSC Physics BSC (ED) Physics
Bashir Hafsat 65016924CJ B.A Islamic Studies B.A (ED) Islamic Studies
Bishir Hauwa’u 65558726FC B.A Islamic Studies B.A (ED) Islamic Studies
Sani Aminu Usman 65554689DI B.A Islamic Studies B.A (ED) Islamic Studies
Yusuf Abdulhakim 65845198FG B.A History BSC (ED) Geography
Tsiga Umar Abubakar 65867502HE BSC Geography BSC (ED) Geography
Rabi’u Abubakar Musa 65557354JE B.A Islamic Studies BSC (ED) Geography
Bishir Asma’u 66226654JE B.A ARABIC B.A. (ED) ARABIC
Muhammad Ibrahim Cikin 69167053HH B.A. (ED) Hausa B.A. FRENCH
Aminu Abubakar 66226350DG B.A (ED) History BSC Economics
Sada Iyal Ilya 65874351JB BSC (ED) Chemistry BSC Chemistry
Abdullahi Nuhu Dantunkura 65239492HD BSC Industrial Chem. BSC Chemistry
Abdulhadi Bilkisu Abdullahi 65557581JC BSC Physics BSC Chemistry
Kabir Zainab Yallilo 65560471FF BSC Physics BSC Biology
Bashir Asiya 66078757BA BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Gambo Kabir 66220667BD BSC (ED) Biology BSC Biology
Usman Fatima Kuraye 65560614BE BSC Mathematics BSC Biology
Hamza Ameena 65051494BC BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Suleiman Baraka 65558956EB BSC Physics BSC Biology
Abdulmumin Hafsah 65898528BJ BSC Physics BSC Biology
Alhassan Ummahani Usman 65560514CD BSC Physics BSC Biology
Usman Safiyya Tsauri 65560926EI BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Bashir Salma Nababa 65554942FF BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Garba Fatima Dangida 65051104BI BSC Mathematics BSC Biology
Ibrahim Fatima Hassan 66224706CB BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Ibrahim Maryam Anda 65556505CC BSC (ED) Chemistry BSC Biology
Bishir Sadiq 65553626CG BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Sani Aisha 65546585AD BSC Biology
Lawal Halima Aliyu 65049605FD BSC (ED) Chemistry BSC Biology
Saidu Hafsat Lugga 65050990GJ BSC Mathematics BSC Biology
Abdulhadi Aliyu Musa 65885781EC BSC (ED) Biology BSC Geography
Isma’il Abubakar Garba 65553973FC BSC Physics BSC Geography
Khalid Bashir 66189379HI BSC Mathematics BSC (ED) Mathematics
Lawal Ismail Saulawa 65559414CF B.A (ED) English B.A English
Mustapha Hassana 65550859IC B.A Arabic B.A Hausa
Sani Yahaya 65554097GI BSC (ED) HAUSA B.A Islamic Studies
Bala Murtala 65050135BF B.A English B.A Islamic Studies
Rashid Abbas Muhammad 66224519JH BSC Public Admin B.A Islamic Studies
Mani Sulaiman Dalhatu 65557084DB B.A (ED) Hausa B.A Hausa
Umar Fatima Lawal 65557384AE LLB, Law BSC Public Administration
Umar Fatima 65551424DG B.A Islamic BSC Public Administration
Salisu Usman 65556485IC BSC Economics BSC Public Administration
Haladu Muhammad Ashiru 65554391ED LLB, Law BSC Public Administration
Abu-Sufyan Mustapha Mani 65050342HD B.A History BSC Computer Science
Bello Ahmad Sada 65050508GA BSC Chemistry BSC Industrial Chemistry
Muhammad Sadiq 65552189GJ BSC Chemistry BSC Industrial Chemistry
Ibrahim Kabir 66226563HG BSC Economics B.A Hausa
Abubakar Saratu 65552161FG BSC Mathematics BSC Industrial Chemistry
Ahmad Muhammad Yusuf 65552538IJ BSC Chemistry BSC Industrial Chemistry
Mikailu Sani 69111685CA B.A Hausa B.A. (ED) Hausa
Dahiru Lawal 69095880AC BSC Geography BSC (ED) Geography
Maikano Rabi’u 69100435BE BSC Mathematics BSC (ED) Mathematics
Abubakar Mubarak 69170572JD BSC COMPUTER SCI. BSC (ED) Chemistry
Shuaibu Jamilu 69053925FI B.A Islamic Studies B.A (ED) Islamic Studies
Sulaiman Samaila 65550587CF B.A ED History BSC ED Economics
Mannir Ismail Ilubarde 65553538JG B.A English BSC Economics
Ibrahim Umar Yari 65550958HG BSC Economics B.A Islamic Std.
A Hamza Muhammed 69050926DE B.A English B.A   (ED) History
Rukayya Bature Abdul’Azeez 69116058JD BSC (ED) Biology 200 level BSC (ED) Biology 100 level
Salisu Saulawa Salim 65050418DJ BSC (ED) Chemistry BSC (ED) Biology
Haruna Ayuba 66122894AE BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Geography
Abubakar Aliyu 69141252HE BSC Public Admin BSC Geography Humanity Option
Haruna Yusuf 65552346ID B.A (ED) History B.A   (ED) Hausa
Hamisu Faiza Nakowa 65555547ID BSC Physics BSC Biology
Kabir Nafiu Abdullahi 65249103FI BSC (ED) Physics BSC Physics
Babangida Abdurrahim 66222583IF B. A. (ED) Arabic B. A Arabic
Hussaini Isma’il 66220802JD BSC Chemistry BSC (ED) Chemistry
Usman Amina Musa 65553143CA BSC Physics BSC Industrial Chemistry
Salisu Ibrahim Haruna 65552032FF BSC Economics B.A Islamic Studies
Aminu Muhammad Dangimba 65532338GE BSC Chemistry B. A Islamic Studies
Abdulkareem Muhammed 69132134HE BSC Computer Science BSC Industrial Chemistry
Bashir Asiya 66078757BA BSC (ED) Maths BSC Biology
Dahiru Ishak 65898446HB B.A (ED) History BSC (ED) Economics
Wada Ibrahim Yakubu 65844983CC B.A   (ED) History BSC (ED) Economics
Adamu Lawal 65887767AB B.A (ED) History B. A. Hausa
Tukur Sanusi 65879197AG B.A (ED) Islamic Studies BSC (ED) Geography
Adamu Musbahu 65050770FA B.A History B. A. Hausa
Usman Zaharaddin 65050648CI B.A. History B. A. Hausa
Umar Fatima Marafa 65049589AE BSC (ED) Physics BSC (ED) Biology
Ibrahim Nafisat Umar 69115822CF B.A History BSC Geography
Muhammad Salisu 66078676FJ BSC Geography BSC (ED) Geography
Al-Hassan Hassana Mudi 65050978AI BSC Biology BSC Chemistry
Al-Hassan Hussaina Mudi 65558983FH BSC Chemistry BSC (ED) Biology
Salisu Rukayya 65845073ED BSC (ED)Mathematics BSC (ED) Biology
Abdulrashid Shamsu 65552796JB BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Magaji Muhammad 65540924BB BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Iliyasu Basma Bobi 65031619HJ BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Muhammad Amina Ingawa 65556104GB BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC (ED) Biology
Yusuf Isah 66223499FD BSC Political Science BSC Public Admin.
Haruna Fatima Muh’d 65553530CD BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Ibrahim Aminu A 65555940GI B.A History B.A Islamic Studies
Ibrahim Salisu 65554820DD B.A History B.A Hausa
Abdulmumin Sulaiman 65557404EB BSC Economics B.A (ED) Hausa
Abdullahi Muhammadu 66226453BI B.A Hausa B.A (ED) Hausa
Abubakar Abdullahi 66180896BG BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Adamu Yahaya 65558973IH BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Aliyu Farida B. 65554210CA BSC (ED) Chemistry BSC   Biology
Hamisu Saifullahi 65554077DB BSC Economics BSC Sociology
Sabi’u Maryam 65554343AJ BSC Physics BSC Biology
Ibrahim Umar 66078848CI BSC Geography BSC (ED) Geography
Khalid Bashir 66189379HI BSC Mathematics BSC (ED) Mathematics
Zakariyya Hauwau 65237007FJ BSC (ED) Mathematics BSC Biology
Bishir Asiya 65558917GB BSC Physics BSC Biology
Tukur Fatima 65559211FC B.A (ED) Islamic B.A Islamic Studies
Isah Mustapha 65559190BI B.A (ED) History B. A (ED) Islamic Studies
Haruna Abubakar 65049476FC BSC Microbiology BSC Biology
Sabiu Bishir 691500815JH BSC (ED) Biology BSC Geography
Tukur Ibrahim Jikamshi 65909582DB BSC Economics BSC (ED) Biology
Magaji Aliyu 65249155IH BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Aminu Kamaladdeen 69100080BC BSC (ED) Geography Science option BSC (ED) Geography (Huminities)
Yuguda Khadijat Abdullahi 65534796GC B.A (ED) English BSC (ED)Economics
Yusuf Aminu 65237781GF BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Abba Abubakar 65559951GD B.A. Arabic B.A. (ED) Arabic
Abubakar Abdulmalik 66580975FH BSC Accounting BSC Public Admin.
Usman Abubakar Sadiq 65139049CD BSC Economics BSC (ED) Economics
Dahiru Fatima Gachi 65550397BD BSC Political Science B.A (ED) Islamic Studies
Sani Ibrahim Masari 65293901JH BSC (ED) Physics BSC Chemistry
Abubakar Hauw’u Malumfashi 65561570FG BSC Industrial Chem BSC Biology
Muhammad Muttaka 65550652CE BSC Economics BSC Public Admin
Ibrahim Umar Yari 65550958HG BSC Economics B.A Islamic Studies
Mas’ud Bashir Bakin Kasuwa 66221129IC B.A Hausa B.A (ED) Hausa
Sani Fatima Stores 65050745CI BSC   (ED) Chemistry BSC Biology
Surajo Salahuddeen 65556998JF B.A Islamic Std B.A (ED) Islamic Studies
Imam Aminu B. 65768697FH BSC Business Admin B.A. (ED) Hausa
Abdullahi Umar 65249581HA B. A (ED) Islamic Studies B. A Islamic Studies
Abdulrahman Abdulkareem 65558215DD B.A History BSC Sociology
Ismail Hussaini 65553038EE BSC Sociology B.A History
Sani Saratu Ibrahim 65235593DD B.A English LLB, Law
Sani Abubakar Sadiq 65560836CH B.A History BA. (ED) History
Muhammad Ibrahim Inuwa 66173012JH BSC Economics BSC Sociology
Lawal Muktar 69124405HI BSC (ED)Mathematics BSC (ED) Geography
Bature Hafsat 65555546IG B.A English B.A (ED) Hausa


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