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WAEC 2020: House of Reps Asks FG To Reverse Decision on Cancellation

The House Committee on Basic Education and Services has asked the Federal Government not to cancel the 2020West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE)The Chairman of the committee, Julius Ihonvbere (APC-Edo), made this know in a statement.

According to him, the position of the committee is that it should not be canceled. He said the committee was amazed at the announcement by the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, where he stated that Nigerian students would not be participating in the 2020 WASSCE.

The lawmaker said the minister did not inform the country if the position was in agreement with other West African leaders or in consultation with the examination bodies, the state governments, and other stakeholders in the education sector.

He said the sudden decision to cancel WAEC will bring more confusion in the education sector and frustrate students.

“Nigeria is not the only country expected to write the examination in the midst of the current health crisis; Nigeria should insist that the examination be based exclusively on the already covered syllabus of schools.”

“The Federal Ministry of Education should not chicken out of its responsibilities, but take charge, provide policy direction, engage the states and other stakeholders.” He added.

The Lawmakers also suggests the following guidelines for the smooth conduct of the exam;

  1. WAEC should quadruple its invigilators and use all classrooms and event centres to conduct the examination and comply with NCDC protocols.
  2. The Ministry of Science and Technology as well as the Ministries of Environment and Health should immediately work out an agenda to fumigate all classrooms, provide handwashing buckets with soap and water, and facemasks to all students.
  3. Students should come from home, write the paper and disperse immediately,” he said.

He urged President Muhammadu Buhari to direct all ministers to return to their states to work with the governors to ensure smooth implementation of the policy and conduct of the examination.

According to the legislator, “we are parents just like the minister and no Nigerian parent would want to delay, distort, even terminate the progress of any child.”

He said that the committee was convinced that if the recommendations were implemented, the WASSCE could be conducted with ease and with no repercussions.

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  1. Please let the exams commence ooo….. They don’t want us to write the exams but want to do election soooo will the virus not affect them too or what

  2. All of you saying that this virus is not real
    Maybe is because is not gotten to any of your family members

    Please let tbe waec be next hear

    I no one cry again for person sake

  3. Uzoma chikaima vianelle

    What for those that wrote jamb and waiting for waesc to enter school ? The government should pls consider they are waiting results like us ?

  4. Like said earlier, its not by force to write the exams. You can stay at home and write yours next year dumb fool.
    They’re planning on conducting elections I don’t understand or does the corona only infect student and not voters?.
    Also remember several other countries have reopened schools and everything is back and am equally sure their children have all gone back abroad to resume school..

    • Please o! FG you need to reconsider your decision on cancelling the 2020 waec because there are many students who have written jamb with awaiting results please not cancel else it’s will affect us seriously. thank you

  5. Ah good bless this committee
    Minister of education is an adamu indeed

  6. Ufot Godstime Bassey

    I concorn to this

  7. Omo let the exams begin jor.. what nonsense…
    There’s no Corona virus in nigeria, but in other countries there’s
    So let the exams commence

  8. It is not fraustrating me, I’m fine by their choice.
    The disease has not cleared and we are increasing daily
    Thousands are dieing this examinations can be taken later on.

    • Heck. U are idiot. Then, u continue staying at home dumb. Illiterate

    • My dear the exam is not by force oo so u can stay in ur house ehh and write next year then the people with planned future will rhyt … disappointed in this comment

      • When you guys with planned future are done writing the waec you will still go back home and wait for university to open and us that dont have any planned future will write next year and will enter the same time with you …and election is for one day not 5 weeks so you really shouldn’t be disappointed “in this comment” but yourself 🙂

    • Yh
      True talk

    • Where are thousands dying, please sir/ma go and seat down and watch your NEWS and be current

    • I guess,you have not being reading and so you are not ready for the exams?..I think its better for you to just wait to next year?..those that are reading and expectant are the only ones that can get frustrated?.. Meanwhile,Nigerians are not yet dying in thousands?..besides,we never told FG that we can’t take care of ourselves?..

      • I guess,you have not being reading and so you are not ready for the exams?..I think its better for you to just wait till next year?..those that are reading and expectant are the only ones that can get frustrated?.. Meanwhile,Nigerians are not yet dying in thousands?..besides,we never told FG that we can’t take care of ourselves?..

      • So is it until Nigerian start dying in thousands before people will understand how serious these pandemic is prevention is better cure no vaccines yet and they want to proceed on they exam does who have health issues what if they process loose there lives or there lives are not important…and is even hard for adults to practice social distancing talk of children
        Health comes first
        We shouldn’t play with critical matters like these they exam isn’t running away

        • Thank you, but some people just think that because election is commencing we should write our waec. The election once you vote in one day that’s it, you don’t have to go there again, for waec you are going there for 6 days in a week for 5 weeks, the probability of transmitting is very high. It’s because some people don’t know what death is until they infect their family member. Nigerians don’t be ignorant, people are dying. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!.

        • U said it prevention is not until we all stay at home we can prevent it even u.s.a that are having more than 3 million cases have resumed their school so why can’t we what I will advised is that there this covid 19 detector should be donated to most schools before resumption and government should check schools to ensure that there are space within each classes.
          That’s all !!

        • Relax dear

      • We gat futures ahead of us plsss FG. I understand,corona virus still exists and elevates but there must be other safety midst of conducting this firmly.
        I believe d serious ones can comply to every regulations d FG are considering to make WASSCE hold in 2020-2021.

  9. Ifeoma christopher

    That’s a nice idea

    • I don’t understand how an educated person would say that the virus does not exist. I just pray your family members are not affected by what’s going on, because people are dying, this exam should not even be a priority at this time, it should be your health. So please apply sense and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been reading or not. How can a country allow students to write exams, especially when cases are spiking. You’ll now bring invilgators from God knows where, to contact me. God Forbid. I already have an alternative, like the British council did. Instead of just writing WASSCE/WAEC, we could use our transcripts or our predicted grades.I believe that most or all schools had already conducted mock or end of term examination, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Schools can easily contact the WAEC/WASSCE council and submit students results. Please some one should invest in this idea. Then the government going back and forth on this exam issues. Its honestly just becoming more and more annoying by the date. JUST USE THIS ALTERNATIVE AND LISTEN TO THE STUDENTS. thank you

  10. Without saying much please this is the solution

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