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What You Need To know About Using Awaiting Result For Admission

Usually, when a candidate is applying for JAMB UTME or admission to a tertiary institution (University, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education) but do not have his or her O’level results ready or is waiting for the release of his/her O’ level result, such student is usually allowed to indicate that he or she is still awaiting the release of his/her O’level result. Such a student or candidate is often referred to as “Awaiting Result” candidate.

Many candidates are of the opinion that they may be disqualified or may not receive the kind of consideration they would have received if they have provided their O’level results. Some even think there is no need to apply for JAMB UTME or admission using awaiting results as you stand to be disqualified out rightly.

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One key thing you should know is that there is nothing basically wrong with applying for JAMB UTME or admission using awaiting results. You are sure going to be giving the same consideration as those who provided their O’level results. If it is not so, such an option would not have been made available in the first place.

However, your school of choice will require that you make your O’level result available before the admission process for that particular year ends to enable the school to make a final decision whether you are qualified for admission or not.

Most schools usually give awaiting result candidates time to make available their O’ level results once the concerned Examination bodies have released the results for that particular admission year. It takes these examination bodies up to normally about 1 month to release the results of candidates who participated in their exams.

Now, considering the current situation, we believe the exam bodies (WAEC/NECO) may even hasten the time and release the results earlier so candidates that used the awaiting the result to apply for JAMB and admission can still stand a chance of securing admission.

This implies that so far you are able to get your results ready before the deadline given by your school of choice or before your school of choice concludes admission exercise, there is still a possibility of you securing admission.

You can only be disqualified or not considered for admission as an awaiting result candidate only when you have failed to provide your O’level result within the time frame given by the school you applied to for admission.

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  1. I uploaded two results but one subject is still showing awaiting result does it mean I might not get admission

  2. Okunnuwa Elizabeth

    Am using awaiting results and the waec is taking place in August can I apply

  3. Yusuf Abdulquadri

    I want to write Jamb using awaiting results when will I upload the results when it out

  4. I only uploaded my O’level result during the admission exercise,What will happen, Will I be given admission

  5. Please am using awaiting result for oau pre-degree admission,and they have closed the portal when i want to upload my result.we they open the portal again for we with awaiting result?

    • Chima Eze Hillary

      I wrote ssce 2018 and I got d7 in English so am using awaiting result in my in my Jamb porta can I gt admission into imt

  6. I took 2021 post utme form with awaiting WAEC result but maths got cancelled, can i still take the post utme exam provided i retake WAEC or NECO this year?

  7. Am using napteb awaiting result but the exam is starting by Dec/Jan. Hope I can still met up with it

  8. Pls will 2020 Neco gce won’t be too late for unilorin admission.

  9. Pls I want to register for post utme with neco awaiting result without knowing my exam number and it stated in the slip that I should provide my exam number,how will I go about it or I shouldn’t bother.

  10. Pls I want to register post utme with neco awaiting result but I haven’t known my examination number and it stated in the slip that I should provide my exam number

  11. Please I want to know you can use 2020 neco result to meet up with this year admission

  12. Can people with awaiting results combine o level results

    • Please I want to if it’s compulsory for awaiting results candidate to upload their o level results to jamb portal after doing that in the school of choice portal

  13. Please is there admission for awaiting result 2020…..I heard that the will start post utme 7 steptember… please need your reply … please

    • Njama Kyrian Osowochi

      Please my WAEC is withheld and don’t even know when it will be released please did I have any chance of getting admission???

      Your response will be very important to me.

  14. Will people with awaiting result meet-up with 2020 admission…. Please I need a fast answer…. Many are ignorant about this situation

  15. When will change of institution will commence

  16. JAFAR Ahmed Filiya


    • The Sim u used in registering just text result to 55019 but note that a sum of 50 will be deducted from ur ACC i.e ur sim

      • doing my registration of my post utme, my
        o level results where awaiting and the person who did it put a wrong subject, he says it doesn’t matter since it was awaiting is that through and does it matter,

  17. I took this year’s Jamb in March and used Awaiting Result when registering.

    I have two questions:
    1. The school I want to enter is Unilag. Please how can I know the deadline for the school’s application processing. I am asking this so that I can get an idea of when I need to upload my result.

    2. Where can I actually upload my o’level result.

  18. Nnadi amarachi

    How can I do the change of course?

  19. Please was the registration for Neco also postponed ??

  20. Please can a change of course be done and is the form out already

  21. What About the fact that they is no set date for WAEC and NECO yet

    • Please the neco result is out and the chemistry is pending whereby we were affected by the end sars ,so I needed to upload my results and chemistry is compulsory and the application form closes on 18th tomorrow,what should I do?

  22. Please will jupeb exam still take place on June 16th or will it be prosponed

  23. Eniolawun quadri

    Pls I register with awaiting result can I still be hoping for admission………..and also I choose kwasu

  24. i pray this year favoours i and lot of people using awaiting results. Amen

  25. Please have change of institution started, I mean the filling of the change of institution form o?

  26. Thanks A lot for the information

  27. I use awaiting result and my cut off Mark did not reach my first choice what will i do

  28. How can I change to two sitting

  29. Please I want to make enquiry on this.. I registered for DE 2020.. I filled in other diploma because my ND result wasn’t yet available then.. Now it’s available.. Can I get it uploaded now?.. If yes, How do I go about it? Am I to go to the Jamb Accredited Centre?

  30. Pls…i registered with awaiting results..tho i have my olevel buh uts two sittings
    I picked kwasu for second choice and i heard that they release theur screening list fast ..
    Is it possible i meet up with them to upload my result??

    • Pls I registered awaiting result… An I pick unjos and my second choice is ksu
      But my cutoff my do not reach my first choice
      But it reach my second choice
      How will I do

  31. Can I apply for post utme with awaiting results?? Please its urgent

  32. I wrote awaiting result during my jamb 2020 registration and I had already written waec before.
    So is it possible to present my 2019 waec result when applying for admission?

  33. I am a second class lower division graduate of Biochemistry . During my DE application for medicine and surgery program, my qualification was mistakenly filled as other diploma and the Registration number used was that of my degree program
    Do I stand to loose my chances of admission based on my qualification filled???
    Do I need to make correction of my qualification prior to jamb release of selected candidates????

  34. Please i want to know the schools that offer human resource management
    And i also want to know some relevant courses in administration

  35. Pls a friend want to change d course she registered for jamb, can she change it B4 she write Jamb by February.

  36. Olihe ikechukwu Timothy

    My name is olihe ikechukwu Timothy, I want to apply for 2020 jamb for awaiting result, I should go ahead

  37. My siblings wrote awaiting result when applying for admission at UNIBEN, is there provision for us to upload the WAEC result now that is available?

  38. I wrote awaiting result when i went to buy my form though i wrote my ssce exam last year I have already written the screening exam pls can i still go and upload my result online

  39. I wrote awaiting result when i went to buy my form though i wrote my ssce exam last year.I have already written the screening exam.pls can i still go and upload my result online

  40. Can I use awaiting result while preparing for gce?

    • If the GCE result will be out before your school’s admission process begins/ends then there’s no problem

      • Please is there two gce exams per year.
        My gce exam starts on 13th and am hearing about Nabteb Nov /Dec gce. Are they the same?

    • Lawrence Blessing Ebiere

      Will people with awaiting result take part in 2020 post utme…..
      Please I need answer

      • Pls i wrote awaiting result during my jamb 2020, and have not yet upload my o level result since then,and I apply for federal poly offa nd part time form, so they ask us to do jamb caps and it is done already ,and admission have not been given to me yet, and haven’t upload my o level , will they give me admission without uploading my o level result or not

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