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Former School Drop out Emerges Best Graduating Student

Michael Agbojo, a former school drop out has narrated how he eventually became the best graduating students in Babcock University.

The graduate of Christian religion studies (CRS) with a GPA of 4.97 while speaking to newsmen said “it is a humbling experience. I really can’t believe what God has done in my life.”

He disclosed that inability to pay his school fees almost hindered his academic pursuit on Babcock University before some good spirited individials intervened.

He further revealed that before his academic studies in Babcock university he was studying computer/electronic engineering at Lead city university in Ibadan, Oyo state. but had to drop out due to the fact that his parents became finicially incapacited following a business partnership that went wrong.

He later got into rap music and lost interste in education and just wanted to go deeper into rap music. But along the line something changed in his life.

In his words, “I get home one day to meet a Bible study series and evangelism going on in my dad’s church. The church is located in our compound. I went into my room, dropped my bag and entered the church. I could have just closed up my mind and just let the preachers make their usual noise. but something caught my attention and, for the first time, I saw a bible study session accompanied with illustrations. The preacher was illustrating all he was saying with beautiful pictures, logical arguments and most significantly, biblical records”.

“I only intended to stay for 3 days before going back to Ibadan to embark on that journey of no return (at least that’s what I had in mind). But my dad made me stay for the whole 14-day programme. That was how my life changed. I gave my life to Christ, got baptized after the programme and decided to leave that aspect of my life and have a relationship with Christ. This time, it needed to be a more substantial relationship because, for the first time in my life, Christianity actually made sense and was rational to me.”

This decision to give his life to Christ, along with a missionary assignment in seventh Day Adventist Church led to him studying CRS in Babcock.

“There I got the deep impression that God had a plan for my life and that He wanted me to get involved in full time ministry, “he explained.

Agbojo goes on to say, “That necessitated some preparation and equipping, hence, the need to come to Babcock university to study Christian religious studies. a lot of my friends thought i was crazy for choosing the course. one of them even said to me in Pidgin English, “guy, bomb dey your head? You a first class student studying theology? You must be crazy.”

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