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JAMB Exam Experience and Important Updates For Candidates Yet To Write

The 2022 JAMB exam commenced on May 6th. Candidates who have taken the exam have shared some of their experiences and important points they observed during the exam which other candidates yet to take the exam should learn from.

This will help you know what to expect. So ensure you go through this post before your own exam day. Now, based on what we have gathered from the experiences of candidates that participated in the examination, below are the important things you should bear in mind.

The Same questions Are Given To candidates in the same Session: We gathered that candidates for each of the sessions each day are usually given the same set of questions to answer. However, the questions are not arranged accordingly. For instance, the No 1 questions for candidate “A” may be the number 10 question for candidate “B”.

Ensure You Answer At  Least 10 Questions In All The Subjects: According to one of the candidates who wrote the examination, one of the instructions on the screen says that candidates are to ensure that they answer at least 10 questions in each of the subjects or else they won’t have results after the examination. This is to say for instance if you answer a good number of questions in English, Chemistry, and Biology and did not answer up to 10 questions in Physics, you will have no result. We do not know for sure if that is true. However, ensure you read the instructions displayed after you have logged in before answering the questions. If there is any of the instructions that is not clear to you, call the attention of the supervisor.

JAMB Sets New questions For each day and Session: We’ve discovered that Many JAMB candidates yet to take the JAMB exam to spend enough time on the internet looking for questions and answers that were given to candidates that have already written the exam with the hope that the questions may be repeated by JAMB. However, from the information, we obtained from candidates who participated in the exam today. They were given a different question entirely. So don’t go searching for questions asked to candidates who sat for the examination before you with the hope of cramming the questions and answers. It won’t work because your questions and theirs will not be the same even if you guys have the same subject combinations.

Rough Sheet will be provided for calculations: JAMB candidates who sat for the examination disclosed that after biometric verification they were asked their UTME subject combination. If your subject combination contains any subject that involves calculation, you will be provided with a rough sheet. So If you have been wondering how you are going to handle those little calculations, worry no more. That part will be taken care of.

Do Not Waste Time with the calculator: We learnt that many JAMB candidates had issues using the on-screen calculator. This is because each time you want to select a digit or number on the calculator, you have to scroll/navigate with the computer mouse to locate the particular digit, number, or function you want to select. Many of them complained that this process consumed their time unnecessarily. So the advice is this: If you meet questions that involve the use of the calculator, skip them and answer those ones that do not require you to use the calculator first. You can always come back to the ones that require a calculator if there is still time instead of wasting the whole time trying to solve them.

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More from 2022 JAMB Exam Experiences

JAMB Is Serious About Prohibited Items: One of the candidates who took the exam narrated how a girl was not allowed to write the exam until she agreed to take off her MEDICATED GLASSES or bring proof in form of a medical report that the glasses were actually medicated! He added that many other candidates had to take off their, handkerchiefs, papers and even earrings and throw them on the floor so they could be allowed into the hall.

Be Very Fast In Answering Questions: Due to some delays before the exam was able to commence, Many candidates complained that they were not allowed to use the allocated time for the exam which is 2 hours. They were hurried by the invigilators and the 2 hours were not allowed to elapse before the systems automatically submitted their answers.

Eat Well Before Going For The Exam: Due to technical issues, some exams which were scheduled to commence at 7 am, finally commenced around 1 pm and as such, many candidates were already very hungry and tired before the exam started. Imagine writing an exam like JAMB while very hungry. We advise candidates to eat well before going for the exam or take a snack or sandwich to their exam centre in case there is a long delay before the exam starts.

A good number of Past questions were repeated in all the subjects: We have emphasized it over and over again that one way to do well in the JAMB examination is to practice past questions. Well, JAMB candidates that participated in the exam so far have admitted that a good number of past questions were repeated. Though not exactly the way they were asked in the past questions. So I say again; if you have not been practicing JAMB past questions, you’ve not been studying smart.

If you have participated in the ongoing 2022 JAMB exam and you can equally share your experiences with us using the comment box. It will be highly appreciated.

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