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JAMB Exam Experience and Important Updates For Candidates Yet To Write

The 2021 JAMB exam commenced on June 19th. Candidates who have taken the exam have shared some of their experiences and important points they observed during the exam which other candidates yet to take the exam should learn from.

This will help you know what to expect. So ensure you go through this post before your own exam day.

Now, based on what we have gathered from the experiences of candidates that participated in the examination, below are the important things you should bear in mind.

The Same questions Are Given To candidates in the same Session: We gathered that candidates for each of the sessions each day are usually given the same set of questions to answer. However, the questions are not arranged accordingly. For instance, the No 1 questions for candidate “A” may be the number 10 question for candidate “B”.

Ensure You Answer At  Least 10 Questions In All The Subjects: According to one of the candidates who wrote the examination, one of the instructions on the screen says that candidates are to ensure that they answer at least 10 questions in each of the subjects or else they won’t have results after the examination. This is to say for instance if you answer a good number of questions in English, Chemistry, and Biology and did not answer up to 10 questions in Physics, you will have no result. We do not know for sure if that is true. However, ensure you read the instructions displayed after you have logged in before answering the questions. If there is any of the instructions that is not clear to you, call the attention of the supervisor.

JAMB Sets New questions For each day and Session: We’ve discovered that Many JAMB candidates yet to take the JAMB exam to spend enough time on the internet looking for questions and answers that were given to candidates that have already written the exam with the hope that the questions may be repeated by JAMB. However, from the information, we obtained from candidates who participated in the exam today. They were given a different question entirely. So don’t go searching for questions asked to candidates who sat for the examination before you with the hope of cramming the questions and answers. It won’t work because your questions and theirs will not be the same even if you guys have the same subject combinations.

Rough Sheet will be provided for calculations: JAMB candidates who sat for the examination disclosed that after biometric verification they were asked their UTME subject combination. If your subject combination contains any subject that involves calculation, you will be provided with a rough sheet. So If you have been wondering how you are going to handle those little calculations, worry no more. That part will be taken care of.

Do Not Waste Time with the calculator: We learnt that many JAMB candidates had issues using the on-screen calculator. This is because each time you want to select a digit or number on the calculator, you have to scroll/navigate with the computer mouse to locate the particular digit, number, or function you want to select. Many of them complained that this process consumed their time unnecessarily. So the advice is this: If you meet questions that involve the use of the calculator, skip them and answer those ones that do not require you to use the calculator first. You can always come back to the ones that require a calculator if there is still time instead of wasting the whole time trying to solve them.

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More from 2021 JAMB Exam Experiences

JAMB Is Serious About Prohibited Items: One of the candidates who took the exam narrated how a girl was not allowed to write the exam until she agreed to take off her MEDICATED GLASSES or bring proof in form of a medical report that the glasses were actually medicated! He added that many other candidates had to take off their, handkerchiefs, papers and even earrings and throw them on the floor so they could be allowed into the hall.

Be Very Fast In Answering Questions: Due to some delays before the exam was able to commence, Many candidates complained that they were not allowed to use the allocated time for the exam which is 2 hours. They were hurried by the invigilators and the 2 hours were not allowed to elapse before the systems automatically submitted their answers.

Eat Well Before Going For The Exam: Due to technical issues, some exams which were scheduled to commence at 7 am, finally commenced around 1 pm and as such, many candidates were already very hungry and tired before the exam started. Imagine writing an exam like JAMB while very hungry. We advise candidates to eat well before going for the exam or take a snack or sandwich to their exam centre in case there is a long delay before the exam starts.

A good number of Past questions were repeated in all the subjects: We have emphasized it over and over again that one way to do well in the JAMB examination is to practice past questions. Well, JAMB candidates that participated in the exam so far have admitted that a good number of past questions were repeated. Though not exactly the way they were asked in the past questions. So I say again; if you have not been practicing JAMB past questions, you’ve not been studying smart.

If you have participated in the ongoing 2021 JAMB exam and you can equally share your experiences with us using the comment box. It will be highly appreciated.

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  1. I think this year jamb has glitches and error in third marking many of the candidates can’t believe their because of how low it is . Tell how can someone get 50 in the use of English in the year 2021 for goodness sake I urge the jamb board to look into this issue thoroughly before it is to let

  2. I don’t think the results is out

  3. U guys should had better start exercising patience ooo😑
    All this comments on when u re gonna see ur results is already pissing me off😒
    When it’s out…it will be made public
    U will all know and see ur results.
    Moreover even if u see the results now or in one month time…what difference will it make…?
    Admission for this session would still be next year.
    So please with no offense..let’s calm down and be patient 🙏🙏


  4. I wrote on Saturday and I’ve not seen my results !! pls what’s goin on ?

  5. Please am unable to see my result help 😩

    • U guys should had better start exercising patience ooo😑
      All this comments on when u re gonna see ur results is already pissing me off😒
      When it’s out…it will be made public
      U will all know and see ur results.
      Moreover even if u see the results now or in one month time…what difference will it make…?
      Admission for this session would still be next year.
      So please with no offense..let’s calm down and be patient 🙏🙏


  6. Please am unable to see my result

  7. Please I’ve already written but how can I check my result .some claim that results are usually released three days after the exam but I’ve been sending results to 55019 but no response

  8. I wrote my jamb on the 19th of June and none of the new literature texts that were given to us came out and we’ve been using them since Ss1, we we’re meant to start a new syllabus but when I went to the exam hall I saw questions from the old texts, if they were going to do this, why then did they give us the new texts to read.

  9. I have my jamb today, 21 june 2021 and I went to the cbt center after all even thumbprint finish and the vigelators told some of us that we should go home still tomorrow morning by 7:00am. While our exam date is today.

    Them I’m confused.

  10. Please am supposed to sit for my jamb exam on Saturday on 19,but due to server network issues, there was no exam that every day, I was told jamb will communicate to us and we will be rescheduled ,but till now have not seen any mesg from them ,have even try reprinting but not work,please I need reply to this

  11. I am writing on 24th June..but not fully prepared 🥺🥺…any message for me🙇

    • What does that even mean???🙄😒😒

    • This year’s jamb is so complicated,I tried reprinting but it did work until 12:43 this afternoon and I had my exam by 9:00 this morning and I just missed the exam just like that
      I pray jamb will do something about it.

  12. Please,what can happened? On Saturday,I have a work at 9:00am unfortunately we enter the exam hall at 10 something. By the time I login. I looked my time at top of the screen. I swear by Allah, immediately I login. I just see my time started at 119minute instead of 1t9minute.

  13. I was suppose to take my jamb on Saturday buh due to technical problem I could not now some people have gotten new center while have not what should I do….I tried re printing at home still same center and time

  14. Please how can I check my main UTME result. I wrote mine on Saturday as well

    • The results for Saturday’s exam is not yet out. When it’s out, you’ll receive a text message via the number you registered with.
      I wrote mine on Saturday as well.

  15. I wrote my exam on Saturday,when am I going to see my result

  16. I wrote my exam since Saturday, so pls when can I see my results

  17. I wrote my exams on 19th June, 2021. I had finished with all the questions but was going through it for the second time when the system hung. I could not submit due to that but called the attention of the supervisor who said since I was through with it but only submission that it is not a problem that they will submit it for me.

  18. The send me a message to this morning saying due to unforeseen technical difficulty in your center you have been rescheduled to write your 2021 UTME at another center Tuesday, june22 2021 reprint your exam slip

  19. Osimi Gbubemi God's gift

    From my experience the verification process took time, we were suppose to start by 7am according to my exam slip but we eventually started I think around after 9am
    We were allowed to come in with God only our pencil and nose mask I don’t know if Biro was allowed but what I saw mostly was person, in fact a woman was even selling pencil there for 50 naira because many or should I say some candidate did not come with pencil so they had no choice but to buy.

    Some parents came with their children but they were not allowed into the venue with their children, what happen was that we were told to form too lies outside candidates for centre 1 and those from centre two, when it got to your turn the security personnel will check your exam slip to see which center you belong and then direct you to the side you should sit down but before entering in they would search you in case you carry any suspicious material, but parents were left outside.

    Then we proceeded further to the verification process but before then a women addressed us and informed us that she was the invigilator that in case we have any mind of participating in malpractice we should just forget it as they are CCTV cameras watching that if they see you it is from abuja.

    Then we proceeded to the verification stage this also took some time
    After we finish the thumprinting verification process they started calling sits number starting from number 1 when you hear your’s you will enter the hall.

    Another issue I think that also delayed the exam from starting was the problem of computer, some computer of some candidate where having issues but mine was OK shaaa

    But personnel were there to check and solve this issues at least they tried in that aspect

    A sheet was given to us and we were told to write our registration number and I think centre number, the sheet also contain instructions on how to use the 9 keys if in case you don’t know how to use the mouse but both where provided both the keyboard and the mouse where provided.

    Another a blank space for calculation in case you are a science student

    Don’t do any thing unless you are told to do so
    We were then told to put in our registration number and eventually started the exam.

    After I finished the sheet was collected from my hands .

    The subject I wrote were Mathematics English physics and chemistry

    In all I thank God for a successful exam and pray that he will give all of us who tried our best success in Jesus name Amen

  20. Pls mine is supposed to be today which is on Monday but this morning I saw a message from jamb that my date and center has been changed that I should go and reprint again wats the problem

  21. Can I change my institution from federal university to Federal university. E.g Obafemi awolowo university to Nnamdi azikiwe university

    • Yes you can
      It’s not a big thing
      Buh you’ll need 2500 for a change of institution

      • please can i change my choice of institution or university after taking my jamb exam ?

        I want to change from a State University to a Federal University.

        Can i do that now or after i take my jamb exam ?

    • Yes it’s can be changed, that is after u may have write ur jamb exam then wait
      Till there we be changed of institute

  22. Pls. What is the 2020 cut off mark in jamb for Federal University of technology, Akure. Somebody should help. ….

  23. Pls,can I write unical post it me with 170…help me

  24. Manson Ruth Barieeba

    When will the result for 20th people come out

  25. I scored 277
    Am so happy

  26. Mary Anthony Enam

    Please I have a problem I don’t know how it’s happened my surname is now my first name and my first name now my surname can it be changed please help me I think it’s a error during my jamb registration.

  27. Please oh you people should help me oh I wasn’t able to write my exam oh on the 18th of march 2020???????????? I missed my paper please what can I do??? Help a soul please y’all

  28. Danjuma benjamin

    Please I need BECE syllabus for this year

  29. I wrote on Tuesday, one of the questions that came out in government is; Who makes law in Ecowas?
    And in CRS; what did the relationship the crucifixion of Jesus create between king Herod and Pilate?

  30. Akintunde Esther

    Please have been trying to check my results but am seeing error

  31. Honestly am really fed up, since morning, I have been send text 55019, I didn’t get respond from them,
    I actually wrote mine on Monday

  32. I did my exam on March 16 and up till now I have been unable to check my results through net even though I sent the results to them through text message

  33. Archibong Uket Omini

    The God Lord who never forsake his own will not forsake us. Keep hope alive! God is not death. On Friday 7am, success in advance!!!

  34. Please I missed my exam date.. So I was unable to participate in the exam.. And I have laid the complain.. Will anything be done?

    • No my friend… there is a strict rules that anyone who misses his or her exam period will not be able to write it again

  35. Onyedikachi immaculata

    Please is it possible to change a subject at the exam center?
    I have been trying to change it but is not working

  36. I have a problem in my dumb printing an I was unable to write the will jamb going to send me another day for my exam

  37. Muhammad Muhammad Raji

    I was not allowed to sit for my jamb on the 16th because my finger prints could not be read by the scanner provided,we were recapture at the centre and the supervisor ask us to wait for JAMB reply, so what will be our faith please jamb should do something for us because we can’t afford to miss this opportunity

  38. Please why was physics to compicated this time around.

  39. Is the result out

  40. I was not allowed to sit for my jamb on the 15th because my finger prints could not be read by the scanner provided, I was advised by the supervisor to write that due to the use of washing soda my finger prints could not be captured.on a form. I’m so disturbed, what will I do? The supervisorI stated that I may have to travel to Abuja for the exams. Who will foot my bill to travel to Abuja.?

  41. Please what of those failed to verified by BVM machine.

  42. My system was automatically logged out during my time of the exam and I couldn’t finish..why did it do so wen my time was still left out

  43. the results of candidates that wrote on 13th May is out, and i have being trying to check mine, they keep on telling me, u do not have any result yet , please what is happening?

    • It is too early to be worried. There could be issues JAMB is waiting to resolve before releasing some results. We believe that by the end of the whole exams, all the valid results will be released. And if your result is not released one week after the exams have ended, That’s when you should really be worried.

  44. I forgot to thumbprint after the exams what do i do

    • There is nothing you can do now. Just pray it does not affect the release of your result.

    • plz did ur result come out am facing dsame challenge

      • you did not thumbprint the second time right…. same with me and my centre didn’t say anything like a second thumbprint dey just told use to go home

      • I did mine on 18th and we didn’t do the second
        thumbprinting In my center, we told our invigilator and the woman said it’s not necessary. To God be the glory I checked my result yesterday via SMS, I score 221. that second thumbprinting is not going to affect your result, jus keep your mind at rest and pray.

      • I’m one of the candidate that write on Saturday. What I saw was different from the syllables we were ask to study including past questions

    • Pls how can I check my score in jamb?

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