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Wednesday , July 24 2019
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JAMB CBT Exam: Answers And Solutions To Frequently Asked Questions

This post is dedicated to answering some common questions candidates usually ask concerning JAMB CBT Exam. We will try our best to give you a clear and precise answer to the questions. If you are preparing for JAMB CBT exam this year. This is a must read for you. Take time to go through the questions and the answers. So, let’s begin!

What Do I Do First When I Get To My JAMB CBT Exam Centre

The first thing you should do when you get to the exam centre is your Biometric verification which involves the thumb printing and verification of your bio data. You will be guided on this by the invigilators or supervisor. You may have to wait until the supervisor or whoever is in charge says it is time for the biometric verification.

How do I Start Answering JAMB CBT Exam Questions?

Once you get to your seat after the biometric verification, your computer system will already be on. You will only need to enter your JAMB registration Number in the space provided to login. Once you are logged in, you will see the needed instructions and a tab that says “Start Exam”. Once you click on that tab, your exam has started.  You will now be able to see the subjects, the questions and the options. You are to use your eight key device or mouse to navigate and select the answers to the questions as appropriate.

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How Many Questions Am I expected to Answer During JAMB CBT Exam?

You will be expected to answer 180 questions. 60 questions will be set in Use of English and 40 questions in each of the other three (3) subjects, bringing the total number to 180.

How Much Time Will I be Given During JAMB CBT Exam?

You will be given 2 hours to answer all the 180 questions.

When Does The Time Start Counting Down?

Many candidates think that once the timing starts for one candidate in the hall, it is going to be the same for all the candidates in the hall. That is not true! Unless every candidates in the hall started at the same time. This is because the computer systems are not networked, they function independently. Your own time starts counting only after you have clicked on “START EXAM.”

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How do I know how much time I have spent on The Exam?

The time will be displayed on the computer screen during the examination. You will see it counting down.

What Happens If I fail to Submit My Exam Before The Time Finishes?

JAMB CBT exam will last for 2 hours. You are expected to answer 180 questions (English: 60 and 40 questions from each of the other 3 subjects). If for any reason you are unable to finish before the 2 hours, the system will submit all the questions you have answered automatically and logs you out. This is called “Auto – Submit” If that happens, do not panic, You will still get your result. But do all you can to finish before time and submit your answers your self. I have a detailed information on how to maximize your time during JAMB CBT Exam. You can read that by CLICKING HERE.

 Can I Edit Or Change My Answers After Selection?

Yes! If for any reason you need to change the option or answer you selected for a questions any time during the examination provided your time is still counting. So if you discover that you have selected a wrong answer during the examination, feel free to make the needed changes by going back to that particular question and selecting what you think is the appropriate option.

Can I skip Questions And Answer Them Later During JAMB CBT Exam?

Yes. You can skip questions you do not have ready answer for or questions that are taking a quite some time to crack and come back to answer them later provided that there your 2 hours have not finished.

What Are The Common Computer Issues In JAMB CBT Exam And Solutions?

The computer system may have some issues during the exam. Some of the known and common issues are ;

  • Computer freezing: If your system freezes or start hanging, just press ctrl + F5 on your key pad or just simply press  F5 to unfreeze it.
  • Log-Out Issues: These is not suppose to happen until your time finishes. However, just in case the system logs you not when you have not finished. Don’t Panic! Just simply log in again using your JAMB Registration Number or call the attention of an invigilator.
  • Other Issues: There are some other issues that may occur, which are way beyond your control e.g. Power Shutdown, Network or Server Issues e.t.c. If these or any other issues occurs that you do not have control over, please call the attention of the invigilator or supervisor immediately.

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 What Are The Things I Should bring To The JAMB CBT Exam Hall?

Candidates are to bring a print out of their the e-slip that shows their passport photographs, bio data, examination venue, date and time.

What Are The Things I Shouldn’t Bring To The JAMB CBT Exam Hall?

Candidates should NOT bring in the following to the the JAMB Exam hall: Phones, Bags, Calculator or any foreign material that is incriminating. Like I stated above. You are only to bring the e-slip showing your passport photograph, bio data, examination venue, date and time. CLICK HERE to see full list of items you should not come with.

Will I Be Provided A Calculator During JAMB CBT Exam?

Yes! You will be provided a calculator during the examination. However the calculator is not the normal calculator that you know. The calculator you will use during the JAMB CBT Exam is called ONSCREEN CALCULATOR. It will be on the computer screen. CLICK HERE to read how to use the On-screen computer.

When Will I Get My JAMB Result After JAMB CBT Exam?

JAMB usually notify candidates of their results 2 or 3 days after the examination. However, it may be delayed due to the fact that JAMB may want to take time to review all that happened during the exam via the CCTV cameras installed in the CBT centres before releasing the results. The results may be sent to your email or checked via JAMB portal.

I believe with this some of the questions you have concerning the JAMB CBT exam have been answered. If you have any point you think we missed out or any other thing you would like to be clear on, post it as a comment.

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  1. what if tumbprint
    is not done after the jambexam
    will it affect the result

  2. Hello
    I’m not good with those movable mouse that comes with a computer system, can they give the kinda mouse that laptop uses?

  3. Pls would they give us a sheet of paper for solving and pen or pencil?

  4. I registered for the 2018 jamb which I wrote on the 14th match 2018, but each time I try to check my result, all I keep seeing “u did not register for this year UTME”. Pls what is the problem??????


    I heard some of the result for 2018 jamb candidates are fake, em especially for those who wrote theirs on the 9th,10th of march, are those rumors true, because according to my result, its shows it might be true, after studying like a psychiatric patient i don’t expect this kind of result, or was mine sold?… How please advice me.

  6. how can I get post UTME mobile App

  7. Adam Haruna Adam

    hello sir, I had wrote my jamb exam since 9th march , but I have been trying to view my result …
    up to now no result yet, many of my friend to whom we wrote the same date have gotten theirs.
    what should I do?

    • Just wait. You are not the only one affected. JAMB may still be reviewing you guys results and hopefully, it will be released soon.

  8. my sister wrote the JAMB for 2018, while she answered all her questions, she didnot click submit, the result is out and she scored 166 as against the 242 she got last yr(she wanted to do medcine so we need a higher mark), i am suspecting it is bcos she didnt click on submit

  9. When our result will be release

  10. After i finished all the 180 question instead of me to press submit, i pressed end exam should i be panic of it or it as being submitted automatically

    • If you clock on end exam, the system submits for you automatically.

    • Ominyi Chukwuka nwike

      My one is that ,the CBT centre that they gave to me is a stupide and foolish center in ondo state Akure ,the centre is OAO,ICT SOLUTIONS LMT UYE QAURTERS,BEHIDE NEW ERA NURS/PRI SCHOOL, OF IJARE/IKERE ROAD,IJARE ONDO STATE .this centre suppose not to be used again nest year ,the wost is that their jenaretor is not okey it do off while exam is going on.and again they use automatic summit,they summit our exam when our time still remain 30 some thing minutes and nobody finished his/her exam that day,it happens most on 13th of march 2018 ,I did answer 35questions out of 180 how will I be able to pass in this conduction ,sir what will I do ,my RENG.no. is 86664837CB ,pls I don’t won’t that kind of centre function nest year pls,to avoid mass faillior in akure .thanks sir;

  11. Aji Edward Luter

    it happened that I was unable to finish my jamb CBT on time and the system logged out and write until now i have not seen my result of which i wrote on July first 2017.what should i do in this case?

    • No result for July 1st 2017 has been released. Hopefully before next week runs out, the results will be released

  12. Please what happens if I was writing the exam and at some point the computer shuts down and restarts. I called the attention of the invigilators and they said the system has automatically submitted my results, and 7 days later my results have still not been released.

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