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Things You Should Know And Do A Day Before Your JAMB Exam

By now candidates must be warming up for the JAMB examination. This post is to let you know the things you are expected to do a day to your exam, things you are to bring to JAMB exam centre/exam hall and the first thing you should do when you get to the JAMB Exam Centre.

What To Do A Day Before Your JAMB Exam

  • Try to sleep early the day before the exam so that you can wake up fresh. Never read overnight into the day of your examination. You need to give your brain the needed rest so it can perform well when it is needed most.
  • Try all you can to get to the venue of the examination on time it is better to be there before time than to be late. If you are living in a town or state different from where your Exam Centre is located, you are advised to locate the town and if possible the centre a day before the exam. Be at your exam centre at least 30 Minutes before the time stipulated on your exam slip
  • Try not to entertain any negative thoughts or feelings. Even if you were unable to cover the syllabus, don’t panic; approach the exam center with confidence. Often times it is the fear of failure that makes people fail.

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Things Candidates are to Bring To The Exam Hall

Concerning what you are to bring to the exam hall on JAMB exam day, please note that JAMB will not allow you to come to the exam hall with any other thing outside the ones listed here.

  • 2 printed copies of your JAMB exam slip. You are to submit one  (1) of the slips to the invigilator. You will keep the other one for your future reference. If you have still not printed your JAMB Exam Slip, please click here for procedures. Please note If you miss your Schedule (Exam Date and TIME), there will be no second chance
  •  You may need a Pencil. So come along with one.
  • We equally advise you to take extra money along in case of eventualities.

You are NOT expected to come with the following Items;


Please if for any reason to decide to go to the exam hall, look for a safe place to keep it so it won’t get lost or stolen.

What To Do When You Get To JAMB Exam Centre

  • Please ensure Your Biometric (Thumbprints) Verification is done at the examination centre because it is COMPULSORY. If it is not done, ask for it.
  • Comport yourself accordingly. Don’t carry or do anything that will implicate you. It has taken you a lot to come to this stage. Don’t blow it away in a twinkle of an eye.
  • Make sure you read the instructions, understand them and do accordingly.
  • Don’t spend too much time on any question. If you find any question difficult or time-consuming, go to the next.
  • Pick on your areas of strength first if you are better in mathematics, begin with it.
  • Attempt all questions.
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  4. Please I need help. I had a vehicle break down on the way and my centre is very far from my location. So I got there late. I missed my exam. Can I get a reschedule?

    • It can’t be possibly done, sorry about that. But jamb doesn’t give anyone zero
      But the mark you’re gonna receive will be based on your Ssce results

  5. Am writing my own on Tuesday May Allah the almighty help me through

  6. Pls when u answer like maths will u submit that b4 going to the nxt subject or u need to do the whole subject u pick while registrating b4 u submit

    • No u have to answer all questions in each of the four subject before submitting

    • Olaniyi shefiu Lekan

      U will press letter “N”

    • Plss attempt all subjects and submit
      Wen u ans maths or English or any others subjects wen u are true go to d next question is when u ans all d 4 question then u submit
      Don’t ans one subject and sumbit ans all
      4 subjects and submit

    • u ll need to answer all the subjects u picked before submitting. don’t submit when u have not finished answering all the 4 subjects u picked

  7. Nongu Aondohemba Godwin

    Can i photocopy my printed exam slip and take it to the the center?

  8. Must the print out be coloured

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  12. Valentino Joseph

    I’m writing on Monday and I know the grace of God is with me?☝️

  13. Dominic Precious

    My exam is on Friday , pls am writing for the first time if I go to the examination hall am I to on the computer? Or it’s already on

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    I have exam on Monday.

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  29. Is it true that one can leave any question u don’t know for another in other not to deduct one’s mark

    • Yes, jamb is not using Negative marking.
      If you don’t knw the ans to a question just leave and go to another one but make sure you jot down the number of the question in other to attempt to it when you are done

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    • Yes… There’s what is called “change of course and institution” form… And the price is not up to 3k… They’ll start selling the form after jamb exams!… I wish you guys success.. I pray that this jamb will be your last jamb..

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