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JAMB important update on sending NIN to 55019

This is to inform all 2021 UTME candidates that the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has provided an update with regard to profile code creation by sending NIN to 55019.

According to the board, candidates are to note that contrary to the earlier release, candidates can send their NIN from any SIM of their choice provided the SIM has not been used by another candidate to register for UTME/DE in the past.

This means that candidates can use any SIM of their choice to send their NIN to 55019 whether the SIM belongs to them or not. However, they must ensure that no one has ever used the SIM to register for JAMB whether in the past or in the present, and also ensure the SIM you are using has been registered with NIMC.

We believe the reason for this is because JAMB has discovered that some candidates are having issues getting their profile codes due to the poor network of some of the telecommunication companies.

If you have been having issues sending your NIN to 55019, read our post on Solutions To Issues In Sending NIN To 55019

We also advise you use another person’s phone number that has been linked to NIN to send the message if you have been trying with your and it has not been working but please ensure that the phone number has never been used by anyone for JAMB registration. You can try phone numbers from different networks. Hopefully, one will work for you.

The right way to send the message to create profile code

Open “Create Message” on your Phone and Type the word ‘NIN then space and then type your 11 digit NIN number and send it to 55019. For example, NIN 00123456789 (Replace 00123456789 with the numbers in your NIN Slip.) the message should be sent to 55019.

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  1. Godspower Chimeremeze

    Before it was showing me ‘not sent try again’ the next week it started going but i have not yet get the profile code since last week and i have always been charged each time i send it.
    And i have try so many sims. Jamb please you people should do something about this ooo😭😭😭😭

    • Same issue here

      • Ayomide Adedotun

        I have sent my NIN to 55019 and they have send me the code but the name on the code is different from my name,when I send my correct name details to 55019 they told me my names are missing on my NIN details
        What should I do?

  2. olasunkanmi alonge

    because of this issue,i think jamb should do something about it,because some people are complaining about this same issue

  3. olasunkanmi alonge

    i’ve been trying mine using message and code,but nothing till now o,it was saying:surname and /or first name is missing on NIMC

  4. I used my dad’s phone number to register my NIN last year because I didn’t have a phone number at that time. I have a phone number now and I have tried sending my NIN but it keeps referring me to my dad’s phone number
    . I have tried getting the profile code through his phone number but I don’t get replied. Please what do I do

  5. Abubakar sulaiman

    Plx i send my NIN to 55019 but they didn’t send me the code plx help me fix it

  6. Abubakar sulaiman

    Pls i send my NIN to 55019 but they didn’t send me the code plz i need help

  7. Abass fathia eniola

    Have been trying to send my nin to 55019 but is telling me incomplete what wrong

    • Chukwuemeka gift chisom

      I have been trying to send my NIN to 55091 but it’s saying not sent and the one that sent no reply

  8. I’m trying to send my NIN number 55919
    Is writing no record found since yesterday what can do now pls I most collect jamb this ooo😭😭

  9. Pls jamb save a life,i’ve been trying to get my profile code since yesterday and it has not worked up till now,and I also learnt that today is the deadline,plsssssss jamb I need to write this year’s jamb and if am not able to write it am afraid I might kill myself,I can’t believe this is happening to me pls save me because it’s almost night and still the same story,I can’t survive this trauma

    • Odeleleyi oh….you wan kill yourself because of exam
      So what if you were able to write jamb and score less what will you do?

      • Even me I’ve been trying this thing since April 20 till now I haven’t seen my PROFILE CODE,you only just tried from yesterday and you wanna kill yasef

      • I’m trying to send my NIN number to 55019 so that i get my profile code instead is giving me no record NIN found somebody should help me ooo pls 🙏

      • Pls.we really need extension of e-pin vending date

  10. Please I got my profile code but their is a problem in my NIN if I correct the error do I need to get another profile code please it’s urgent plz

  11. Precious Adeleye

    I’ve sent my NIN to 55019 via MTN, but I haven’t received any profile code yet.
    What should I do?

  12. Very soon registration will close and profile code is delaying, this is sad

  13. I tried using MTN line to generate the Jamb code but no response from MTN but they keep deducting N50. I tried with glo line and there was immediate response that the NIN is registered with the MTN line but still not able to receive the code.

  14. Those of you seeing passport obtained from nimc is not valid should send help to 55019 and wait for awhile then send ur nin using am MTN sim that has been registered with nin

  15. Mohammed Emmanuel

    Is this how I won’t sit for this year jamb and they say jamb is improving
    Nigeria is just making me feel like I am nothing you ask us to do nin for jamb which we did now we can’t general profile code just telling me no record of nin found

  16. Mohammed Emmanuel

    Please I have been trying to get my profile code for the past few weeks now but when ever I send my nin to 55019 the reply is always there is no record of nin found please someone should help me please

  17. Pls can I change the year I use in my Nimc and jamb after registration

  18. Pls is it my full names I will send to 55019 or my nin to create my profile code

  19. Pls since April 2021 I have been trying my NIN number but it is not bringing out my profile code at all please what else should I do again to this cos I am fed up of this honestly please who can help me please

    • Same here am having thesame problem please we need help?

    • Maryam sani usman

      Pls I have been trying my NIN but up till now today when I try they send me

      surname and/or first name is missing from your NIMC Details…. But in my nation ID card all Details is correct

    • I try to get my profile code but they reply by sending unverified
      What can I do please it urgent before they close E-pin

    • Ajibade Umar Adedeji Umar

      I have been on this jamb code since.Very frustrating indeed

  20. My problem is that I sent my nin number to 55019 but they Surname and/or First Name is Missing from your NIMC Details… So please help me

  21. Can I use my mum’s number to generate my profile code and use my number for utme registration

    • We also advise you use another person’s phone number that has been linked to NIN to send the message if you have been trying with your and it has not been working but please ensure that the phone number has never been used by anyone for JAMB registration. You can try phone numbers from different networks. Hopefully, one will work for you.

  22. I have been registered about 2 days, but is not link with my Gmail please what is soletion

  23. Ake+-Obong Bassey itah

    Your request has been received and is being processed, you will get response shortly.The service will cost you #50
    nin must be length = 11 this is what I have receiving what does it mean .and my number is linked

  24. Sir, I’ve been trying to generate my profile code for almost two weeks now, and it’s not been going
    I’ve exhausted almost 2000 airtime

    It’s telling me that “your date of birth obtained from NIMC is not valid”

  25. I sent my nin countless times to 55019 and it not sending my profile code since last week and jamb registration will soon end , please what should I do? I even tried using ussd code to get my profile code still it not working.

  26. Bodunde Oluwafemi

    Haa pls I need help oo
    I wanted to generate my profile code
    I tried to send my NIN number to 559019
    But they sent me a message that have already generate a profile code name(Bodunde oluwafemi Mathew) does not match you enroll with NIMC and last time I checked it was the same number I found on my NIN slip and have not gotten my profile code o am fed up I need a help ooo abeg pls what can i do now o

  27. Please can someone help my I have been sending my nin to 55019 but there are telling me that passport obtain from nimc is not valid can someone help me please

  28. I got a message from 55019..saying [err:net]..pls wat does it mean .I’m confused

  29. Chiamaka precious

    My own problem is that I got my profile code, went to a cbt center to get an e-pin. I was about to register when I found out that the sim I used in generating the profile code has been blocked. Now I tried using another sim to generate another profile code but it is referring back to my already blocked sim. Please what should I do?

  30. My own problem is that, I have not know my center time and date.

  31. Mine is already generated profile code names buy g mail foes not match the name u enrolled with nimc

  32. Great announcement

  33. Please oh I have been trying to send my nin to 55019 with the same number I used last year but it’s saying it’s been used my another candidate on efacility
    And nobody used it except me it has been my sim card, pls help me am worried, am frustrated right now

  34. I have a question,can I use my Sim card though I once used it for jamb registration before and secondly I have done my nin registration with the number for the NIN code sending??

  35. Please I have an important question which I need an answer. I want to buy DE form and all my results are carrying 2 names but my NIN is having 3 names, then I went to Jamb bought the form and generate the PIN which #4000 but I have not registered or uploaded any information yet before I was advised to go to NIN and change my name to 2 if not that it will affect me. Now I want to asked, since I have paid before, if I am done now with the correction of names, will I still pay another money for another registration since I have paid befor

    • Chiamaka precious

      I also want to know because I have similar problem. Mine is jamb registration. I’ve generated the e-pin but I didn’t register. I left the center because my sim was blocked. And now I want to generate another profile code. I don’t know if I will pay another money to get another e-pin

      • Akinfenwa Olanrewaju

        I got ‘your date of birth obtained from NIMC is not valid’ error message whenever I send my NIN to 55019, and I have done that for more than ten(10) times. Please help me

  36. I tried getting my profile code, but they said passport obtain from Nimc is invalid

  37. Sir I want to use the same number I used to registered jamb last year this year but when I sent forward my NIN to 55019 it’s saying the number had been used by other candidate…
    Hope no problem?can I use it?

  38. No record found for NIN

  39. Okeowo Quadri Olamilekan

    Have wasted almost #500 on profile creation yet it keeps telling me my date of birth provided by NIMC is not valid

    Please if u have any possible solution for me
    Call or chat me on WhatsApp 09065977870
    Am really frustrated

    • Okeowo Quadri Olamilekan

      Pls can someone help me with possible solutions
      Am fed up
      Have spent over 1000 for profile code
      Pls help me

  40. Please what can I do I want to track my nin,it was linked to my mum’s nin buh I don’t know how to go about it……help a sister

  41. Whenever I send mine it’ll I receive a message saying “no record for NIN, check NIN or contact NIMC and they also deduct the 50 naira from me.. I’ve tried so many times. My sim is linked to this NIN I don’t know what could be the cause

  42. My own is if I send my NIN it will write; No record found for NIN or Error 4021

  43. Sir me too
    I have registered I habe seen my nin but when I sending to 55019 it keeps saying “unable to process your request at the moment try later”
    That is how it has been doing since morning o

  44. please the sim i used to get my profile code yesterday is the same sim i used last year jamb. I hope there will not be problem

  45. Please I have seen my nin but it is not activated
    since January
    I have done everything possible but its still reading invalid nin

    The operators at nimc said its network and have forbidden me from enrolling twice

    Please provision (waiver ) should be made for people like us please

    Some of us have not seen our nin
    Some theirs is not yet working
    it’s not our fault please we need to be considered

    I enrolled since January
    please you can’t ignore us
    help us
    Do something about this

  46. Pls what of those who don’t have nin

  47. Please I paid for Jamb e-pin via Remita, the payment was successful but the pin was not delivered.
    Is there any way to retrieve jamb pin?

    • It will surely be sent to you it might just take hours cause of network

      • I tried sending my NIN to 55019 and it has gone through and I’ve gotten my profile code but I used the same sim I used last year and was given the same profile code as last year’s. Hope this is okay and won’t affect my registration

    • You can track it using your transaction reference number.

    • Be patient about that sir, when I bought my pin from remitta it took 4 days before it was delivered.

  48. Olorunyomi Tobi Adeola

    Notify me of new post on education

  49. Yes precisely. As long as that particular sim you’re using is registered with a NIN Number and it haven’t been used to send any message to 55019 in the past you are good to go.

  50. Pls what about profile creation on the jamb site, I have been try to create a jamb profile for days now but it keeps saying the page doesn’t exist or has been removed, whenever it get to email confirmation

  51. Does that means that the sim i want to use must be link to my mothers nin or my own nin before sendin my nin to 55019?

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