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Meet UNILAG’s 3 Best Graduating Students With 4.97 CGPA

Three students have emerged as the best gradating students of the university during the 49th Convocation Ceremony of the university

This is the first time a University will be producing 3 best graduating students with CGPA of 4.97.

The three students are; Jeffrey Jude from Edo State he is 21 years old and graduated from the department of Biochemistry. Roy-Layinde Bosun, is equally 21 years Old and graduated from the Department of Chemical engineering. Oludare Babawale is 24 years old and graduated from the department of Chemistry.

During a chat with them Jeffrey Jude revealed that he did not have much of social life while on campus and avoided intimate relationship with the opposite sex in order to stay focus on his dream.

The young chap who said he was going to pursue further education (MSc, PhD) is aiming at becoming one of the best Researchers.

He advsied students who wish to acheive the same feat to find out works for them and stick to it.

“The first thing is to know yourself. Everyone is different, so whatever worked for me wouldn’t necessarily work for someone else. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. Love for what you’re doing in life can be the greatest motivation you’d ever need and let’s not forget about God. Honestly, I don’t think I’d have come out with my CGPA with him. No, I wouldn’t”. He said.

Roy-Layinde Bosun dream from his first year was to graduate with first class. However unlike Jude Jeferey that didn’t have much of Social life, Bosun didn’t let his first-class dreams hinder his social life. He partied at his free time and is also in a healthy relationship which he got into in his 4th year in the University.

Whie advising other students, he said,“You shouldn’t get moved by the lies of social media, fine yahoo boys with Mercedes; those things don’t last. Face your studies and work super hard. My philosophy about God is “He multiplies not adds” if you have zero, he multiples with 5. So, without your personal work, you’ll still end up with God’s favour, even though he has helped you. So, your biggest fan is yourself, don’t look down on anybody no matter what and if you don’t understand anything, don’t be proud. Always ask”.

Babawale Oludare Emmanuel on the other hand said that his parents wanted him initially to study medicine, but he never saw him self comfortable with the course due to the fact tht he is hemphobia and couldn’t withstand the sight of blood and some how the first JAMB exam he took did not work out. So on the 2nd trial he chose chemistry instead.

His academic journey was some how affected duringbhis final year when he was diagnosed of hypertension and Perianal abscess. However, God saw him through the situation. He was said to be hypertensive due to esxcessive reading. He reads all the time. According to him, he feels lazy anytime he isn’t reading.

Advising other students, he said, “Success is about incorporating more of smart work than hard work. Smart work entails you following the laws behind having good results which must be hinged on self-discipline and persistence even if the results aren’t good from the outset.”

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