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Top Undergraduate degree courses With High Paying Job Prospects

Many students seeking admission to first degree or undergraduate studies usually want to know the top best courses with high paying job Prospects considering the level of unemployment in the country. Well, if you intend to look for a white collar job after graduation then you have to make sure you choose the course that will give you an edge and get you gainfully employed after graduation.

However, do not because you want to go for a course with a high paying job prospect after graduation and choose a course you do not have any academic aptitude for. Don’t choose a course you know will be difficult for you to study. For instance, if you have always struggled with mathematics, why choose a course that has to do with much calculations? So, while choosing an undergraduate degree course of study, be sure to choose the one you have passion, interests and academic aptitude for.

With that said, let us now list the undergraduate courses in their order of employability (demand in the job market) and profitability (potential to pay you a decent income after graduation) in the country. So in a descending order, (from the ones with highest paying jobs to the ones with least paying jobs) here are the top 10 best undergraduate courses to study in the country;

Information Technology Courses: Information Technology is the real deal right now. Every area of human life is experiencing ICT revolution. This makes graduates in these fields hot cakes in the job market.  You can equally be gainfully self-employed with this course. Good news is that you do not need to study any of these as a degree. You can go for a professional course or training in any of the areas of ICT that are in hot demands and earn a good pay.

Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering: Chemical and Petroleum Engineers are in high demand in the oil sector for the simple fact that crude oil remains our major source of revenue. At the moment, both of them come with good pays in the job market.

Medical related courses:  Regardless of what anyone may think, medical courses remain among the most marketable courses in the country at the moment. The courses may not pay you as much as the ones occupying the No 1 spot, but these are courses that ensure you have a decent or comfortable income immediately after graduation. Health care delivery will always be one of the profitable industries for obvious reasons.

Geology: Just like Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, graduates of this course are usually needed in oil companies. The course may not be popular but it is one of the highest paying jobs for the same reason I mentioned earlier.

Building and Construction courses: These courses are among the ones with high paying job prospects. You can equally be self employed and earn a good pay since they are skill-based courses. Most of the students studying these courses even start making money right from campus.

Economics/ Statistics /Accounting/Management courses: These courses are profitable due to the fact that they fit into many roles and can be employed in almost every industry. For accounting graduates though, they may need to acquire other professional certificates like ICAN, ACCA to earn a good pay on the job.

Mechanical, Electrical and other Engineering Courses: Generally, Engineering courses offer a decent pay. However, due to the fact that there are many graduates in these engineering fields, the demand for them has dropped. However,  these engineering fields offer you the opportunity to be self employed and still earn a decent pay.

Law: A law degree use to be one of the most sought because of the job prospects. However, it seems at the moment that there are too many lawyers already. This has made the demand and the pay for lawyers to drop. However, you can still earn a decent pay if you know your onus in the field.

Other courses: All others according to our observations, occupies the same spot on the list of the high paying jobs because the demands for graduates in these fields are low either due to the high number of graduates or the lack of industries to absorb them. Most times you will need to acquire a higher degree, may be a Masters to stand a chance to compete for a decent pay.

Now, you have the list of courses with high paying job and employability prospects. The truth of the matter is regardless the number or spot any of these courses fall under, it does not necessary mean that you cannot get a high paying jobs or earn a decent pay. A graduate of accountancy for instance who is employed in an oil company will definitely earn more than his or her counterpart employed in a bank or a media house. Also the grade you graduated with can also be a factor that can influence how much you are paid on the job. So, when making decision on the course to study, you should also bear this as well as other things I mentioned at the beginning of the post in mind.

This is just based on our observations. If you think something is out of place in this list, please kindly use the comment box to point it out stating your reasons so others will benefit from it.

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