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What Happens When You Don’t Accept or Reject Admission On JAMB CAPS

Many candidates offered admission on JAMB CAPS for one reason or the other often fail to accept or reject the admission offered to them. Some do not even know when they have been offered admission. This is why you need to constantly visit the JAMB CAPS so you can know when you have been offered admission and either accept it or reject it.

The question now is, what happens if a candidate do not accept or reject his/her admission? Before I answer that, you need to know that each school has its own deadline or time frame for admission.

The school may not give candidates a specific deadline to either accept or reject admission. However, the school expects you to do so within the shortest possible time.

Now back to the question, what happens when you don’t accept or reject Admission on JAMB CAPS?

What Happens when you Fail To Accept Your Admission On JAMB Caps

There are two major things that happen when a candidate fails to accept or reject his or her admission on JAMB CAPS;

1. The Admission Will Likely Be Withdrawn: If you do not accept or reject the Admission offered to you on JAMB CAPS, you will be seen as not interested in the admission and it will be withdrawn so that other interested candidates can be considered.

Once the admission has been withdrawn, you have lost it. There is no reversal. That same school will not offer you another admission.

2. There May Not Be Admission Consideration From Another School: If you leave the admission offered to you, without either accepting it or rejecting it, another school may not consider you or offer you another admission.

So it is important that if you do not like the school or course that you have been admitted to study, quickly reject it so that you can be considered for admission in another school.

So if you are an admission seeker for the 2019/2020 academic session, it is important that you closely monitor your JAMB CAPS so you can do the needful as soon as you have been offered admission.

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  1. Please I choose eksu both first and second choice I haven’t been admitted and I was told Its cos of that maybe the computer detected the second choice please should I go to the school for clarification

  2. Good morning I did not accept admission from jamb CAPS and FUNAAB has given me admission but can’t print out admission letter. What should I do I have paid the acceptance fee but when I check on jamb status its showing NO ADMISSION IS GIVEN YET. HELP ME OUT

  3. In my market place it shows me admission to another institution private one to either accept or reject it. I keep on rejecting it but anytime I try to check for admission again I still see their request no matter how long I’ve been rejecting it. Can this hinder my admission process pls I need answers fast cuz this whole thing is frustrating

  4. It is only in Nigeria Africa, youth are pleading to go to tertiary institutions.190 Universities for over 20Million youths!!!
    The government forget that the education given to the youth, will in turn bring about positive development to the society.

    Please make tertiary Educational Acquisition feasible and affordable for us as provided by the Nigeria 1999 Constitution as amended.

  5. for me, whenever I click jamb caps, it will always bring “you are not eligible for this service” so it left me wondering over time

  6. If I should accept the offer from another school will it hinder me from getting admission from the school I choose?

  7. Actually Nigeria is not a country but a zoo, why?
    For candidate to gain admission must not be too hard. Our leaders look at other countries education is something magnanimous but in Nigeria is hard.
    Lastly our leaders are running after candidate money not out success.

  8. This cabs thing I think is a very big problem, why is everything upside down, I ve check several times for my sister admission no admission yet. I think all of this is just problem. The girl almost develop heart attack.

    • Well mine has showed the school and the course I applied for but I did a change of course on the school portal but the caps is still showing the previous course I applied for and still saying I have not been offered admission yet

  9. @ Aisha..It is empty for will show whenever u Hain admission..

  10. Pls in my caps.
    The space for the institution i applied for and the course is empty

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