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JAMB Exam: 7 Important Things You Must Know Before Exam Day

We have come up with 7 important things all candidates preparing for the 2021 JAMB exam need to know before the exam day. It is advisable you go through this post and ensure you keep these things in mind as it will help you greatly during the JAMB exam.

To make it easier for you to understand and keep in mind before the JAMB exam, we will break the points down.

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When You Get To The JAMB Exam Centre…….

When you get to the JAMB exam centre, the first thing you will be required to do before the exam commences is Biometric verification which involves thumb printing and verification of other biodata. After thumb printing, you will be taking into the exam hall and shown your computer and seat for the examination. You may have to wait for the invigilators directive concerning when to start. You will see “Enter Registration Number” on the computer screen. Once you are told to start, you will need to enter your registration number in the space provided to login. When logged in, you will need to take note of these three things;

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  • Your passport photograph at the top left-hand side of the screen.
  • A brief instruction on how to use the eight-key device. This is located at the top right-hand side of the screen
  • An on-screen calculator (for questions that involves calculation) also at the top right-hand side of the computer screen. I will guide you on how to use the on-screen calculator as we proceed.
  • Finally a bold box that says, “Start Exam”. Once you click “Start Exam”, your time starts counting down…..Just start answering the questions as they come.

Use Of The Eight-Key Device And Mouse

JAMB earlier stated that  mouse will not be used for the conduct of the examination. However, from what we observed during the mock examination, both mouse and the eight-key device will be made available for candidates. So we advise candidates to master the use of the two. However, in selecting the answers to the questions, it is better to use the eight key device as it saves time and will kelp you finish on time. So I will advise that you use the eight key device to provide answers to the questions asked and use the mouse  got other purposes like;
1. If you need to switch from one subject to another. Like if you want to answer a particular subject before going to another.
2. If you need to use the on-screen calculator at the top right corner of your screen. For detailed information on how mouse the mouse and the eight-key device, visit this link: JAMB CBT Exam Tutorial to learn about the use of the eight-key device and the mouse in great details.

Answering JAMB 180 Questions In 2 Hours

There will be 180 questions to answer. That is 60 questions in Use of English and 40 questions in each of the other three subjects. You will be given 2 hours (120 minutes) to answer all the questions. I have always advised candidates to work on the length of time they use on answering questions. Do not expect that your time must be up to 2 hours. Anything can happen. So you should work on answering questions with the minimum possible time.

Do Not Incriminate Your self In Any Way

Be sure not to involve in any form of examination malpractice, bring in or do anything that will incriminate you. In line with the directive giving by JAMB to all the examination centres,  CCTV cameras have been installed in the examination centres. It was used during the mock examination. It will equally be used during the main JAMB Examination. That means unseen eyes will be watching you. So be careful what you do.

Expect Up to 60% of JAMB Past questions

Up to 60 percent of the questions asked during the mock examination were from past questions. It will be the same during the main JAMB exam. So if you have been practicing JAMB Past questions, Kudos! Expect to see most of the questions or something similar during the main JAMB exam. If you have not been practicing past questions, you better start now and cover as much as you can before the examination.

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Using The On-Screen Calculator

Like I said before, you will find the calculator at the top right-hand side of the computer. You may need this to answer questions that involve calculations. The calculator is not like and does not function like the normal calculator you know. So you need to learn how to use it. Let’s say for instance, you want to solve this simple calculation, 15 x 3 using the calculator. When you press 15 and click on the multiplication sign (x), it will display as (15.) instead of (15 x) when you now click 3 instead of seeing (15 x 3) or (15.3), the (15.) will disappear and you will see only (3). If that happens do not panic just click on the equal to sign (=) to see the answer.

Resolving the Issue Of Computer Freeze

It seems that the computer has been programmed to freeze or hang if you leave it for more than one minute without giving it any command. That was what most of the candidates that participated in the JAMB mock exam experienced. However, there is a solution. If you experience something like this during the main examination, all you need to do is to press the F5 key or ctrl + F5 on your keyboard to solve the issue. If you do not know how to go about this, please call the attention of an invigilator or supervisor.

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