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How To Print Your JAMB Original Result Slip

The JAMB Original Result Slip is an official document from JAMB that shows your JAMB result as well as other personal details like your passport photograph, date of birth, and address, and therefore it is used for official purposes.

The JAMB Original Result Slip is different from the result notification slip. The result notification slip is the one that is shown to you when you check your JAMB result on the JAMB portal. It does not have your passport photograph on it. Therefore it is not official.

Your UTME Notification of result is merely to give you a rundown of your performance in the subjects taken during the exam. It does not contain personal information like your passport photograph, date of birth, and address, institutions, and courses you applied for; hence, it cannot be used for official purposes.

So basically, the major differences between the JAMB Original Result Slip and the Notification of result is that the JAMB Original TResult slip will show the following;

  • Passport photo
  • Schools and courses of choice.

The JAMB Original Result Slip is very important as it is usually required if;

1. You want to write Post-UTME  Admission screening exercise for your school of choice. It is usually a required document to be submitted on the screening day or you may be asked to upload it online.

2. You want to start your registration process for the school you are admitted to. Your school will ask for this document as a requirement (To verify your JAMB Score) for a successful registration.

3. You want to push for your admission into your school of choice either through supplementary or other admission lists.

4. You want to confirm your JAMB Score.

We will give you a step by step guide of how to check your JAMB Result Slip and print it, all by yourself. Yes, you can now do it yourself by following every step of this guide.

Please note that the original Jamb Result Slip must have your passport photograph on it. If it does not have your passport photograph on it, then it is not valid and cannot be accepted for official purposes.

How To Print Your JAMB Original Result Slip

1. Before you proceed, you will need to click here to login to the JAMB portal.
2. On the left-hand side of the page, under the list of services, click on “Print Result Slip” NOT Result Notification
3. The transaction details will be displayed, click on “Continue with Payment”
4. You will be taken to the payment page. Make payment using any of the options available
5. After the payment is successful you can now print Your JAMB Original Result slip. The JAMB Original Slip will equally be sent to your email. So you can print from your email later if you cannot print it from your JAMB profile immediately.


1. The cost for printing the JAMB Original Result Slip is One Thousand Naira (N 1000).

2. Do not login with another person’s account to make payment. If you do, you would have succeeded in making payment for that person and the JAMB original slip you will receive is for the person and not yours.

3. If you cannot do this your self,  visit the closest JAMB Accredited center or JAMB office. They will help you out there.

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  1. I attempted printing my Original Result Slip for 2021 JAMB Examination.

    1. I Clicked Print Result Slip,
    2. I selected the JAMB YEAR (2021) in the Column “Select Examination”
    3. I Enter my 2021 Registration Number in the Column “Enter Registration Number”

    4. But when I Click on “Print Result Slip” Button to generate Payment Portal for me to Pay and Print Result, the Portal will give a message “YOU HAVE ALREADY USED THIS SERVICE, THANK YOU”

    Please, What do I do, as I need to print my Original Slip. What is the way out. HELP if You Can. Very URGENT. Thank you

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