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How To Study for JAMB UTME Few Weeks To The Exam

You might be asking yourself,  how can I prepare for the JAMB exam within the shortest possible time? I will say to you that it is very possible to prepare for JAMB within a short period of time. The JAMB exam is expected to commence a few weeks from now. If you have not been preparing as you should. Then this blog post is absolutely for you.

Preparing for JAMB within few weeks involves some tweaks and tricks,  at this point, it depends on how smart and serious you are.


Here are the tricks and tweaks;

1. Focus More On JAMB syllabus 

When you want to read your textbooks or notebooks, don’t just read blindly from different topics,  Using JAMB syllabus to narrow your reading is very helpful.  In the JAMB syllabus,  the topics to be studied are outlined and whatever you need to know on the topic is also pointed out.  This will help you read with focus.

2.  Use The JAMB Past Questions More Frequently

The truth is there is no longer new questions,  JAMB keeps recycling questions every year. Take advantage of this and study the JAMB Past Questions frequently. This will make it easier for you to recognize repeated questions or the answers even if the questions were not asked word for word.

3.  Make Use Of The Recommended Textbooks 

JAMB questions are usually brought out directly from some textbooks,  these textbooks are recommended by JAMB. Using this textbook will help you in your three weeks preparation.

4. Join A Learning or Brainstorming Group

There are different groups both online and offline where you can join others to share ideas and knowledge concerning the coming JAMB exam. You can equally create one with some of your friends or classmates who are also preparing for the exam. You guys can pick up possible areas from which JAMB may ask questions and study either individually or collectively. Afterward,  questions are asked and members provide answers to the questions, then corrections are made where necessary. Many students learn more through this method.

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