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JAMB Change Of Course And Institution – What To Know Before You Proceed

Every year JAMB usually allows candidates to make changes in either the courses/institutions or both the course and institution they selected during JAMB UTME registration. There are reasons JAMB candidates may want to make changes to the course of study or institutions they initially selected during JAMB UTME Registration. However, we do advise that before you apply for JAMB Change Of Course And Institution, ensure you are making the changes for the right reasons.

What are the right reasons to change your course or institution? Let’s look at them;

Reasons to Apply For JAMB Change Of Course And Institution

There are three good reasons why a candidate may need to change his/her jamb choice of course or institution or both:

Case 1A. Due to Low UTME score:

After the release of Jamb results, candidates who scored below the cut-off mark for the institutions they initially selected, may need to change to other institutions that can accommodate or accept their UTME score.

Similarly, in most universities, you will require a high UTME score to get admitted into courses like Law, Medicine, And Surgery, pharmacy etc usually. So if you initially chose any of these courses and have a low UTME score, then you definitely need to change to a course that can accommodate your UTME score in your

Case 2. Issues With O’level/UTME Subject Combination

Many candidates make the mistake of not choosing the right O/level/UTME subject combination for the course they wish to study. In case you don’t know, choosing the wrong subject combination automatically disqualifies you for admission. So if you discover that you have selected the wrong subject combination during JAMB registration, then you will need to change your course of study to match the subject combinations you entered during JAMB registration.

Case 3. Mistakes During Registration

Mistakes do happen at times regardless of how we try to avoid it. We have seen cases of candidates complaining that operators of registration centres mistakenly selected for them, courses, and institutions outside what they (the candidates) wanted. If this is your case, then you may need to go for a change of course or institution as applicable.

Case 4. Other causes

These include several factors ranging from finance, change in Geographical locations, Parent’s suggestions, Fear of Tribal differences, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are changing to another course or institution, first confirm if your O’level/UTME subject combination matches the one you want to change to, and also your course of study is offered by your school of choice. This is very IMPORTANT. You can use the JAMB Brochure to know the right subject combinations and the courses offered in each institution.

Having known reasons to go for a change of course and institution, the next question is, “how can I change my course/institution or both?”

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How Do I Apply For JAMB Change Of  Course And Institution?

We have provided the process involved at this link: JAMB Change of Course, Institution & Data Correction 2021 Begins

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not know how to go about this. Do not try to do it by yourself. Visit any accredited centre or JAMB offices nationwide, they will help you carry out the process to avoid making another mistake while trying to correct the previous one.

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  1. Pls I scored 284 do I still HV a chance of gaining admission into unizik to study medicine and surgery or should I change my institution

  2. Pls when is the right time to upload result

  3. I scored 182 in jamb do I still have a chance of gaining admission into unizik as a law student

  4. hafiz Muhammad imam

    my jamb is 09:00 am but I left how I well do I can do it tomorrow morning or afternoon or evening

  5. I mistakenly registered mechanical engineering in uniuyo as my first choice in jamb and I want to study medlab nd the subjects combination is English, pysics, chemistry and biology can I do change of course

  6. Is it possible for me to change my olevel result

  7. I put unn in my 1st choice but I now want to change it to uni uyo but dey have already started selling their post utme form and dey said dat d change somtyms takes over 2 wks to effect. What if I change it to uni uyo and den dey end their reg. For post utme b4 it takes effect? I dnt know what 2 do

    • I want to study nursing but I mistakenly choose medicine and surgery please how can I change it

  8. Clinton Dickson

    I have done the changes but it is yet to reflect. Why?

  9. I try to do it but there was no 2020 UTME available just 2019 downward. I don’t know if it cause of my system or they haven’t open jamb quarter yet. Please I need an answer.

  10. I scored 203 in my JAMB with the combination of Maths, Eng, Chem, and Phys for Chemical Engineering and I put Uniport.
    Please I want to know if I can change institution to UST Rivers state

  11. chukwuzuorom michael

    i tried making payment for the change of institution form via jamb portal but it failed. what could be the possible problem?.

  12. I scored 174 in jamb and I want to study physiology in kaduna state uni do you think I should go on with it

  13. Pls, can i chang to English i wanted to study socialogy bt mistakly registered with these subjects English, Islamic, hausa and agric. I scored 211. Bt in my Olv I have Eng, maths, bio, agric Islmc phsc

    • Ur subject doesn’t match sociology
      Sociology need English government and any other art or social science subjects


      During my online screening I forget to put my email address,what should I do?

  14. Can I study food science and technology in unizik with this my o-level result . English c6, math B3, chemistry c4 , Physics B3, Biology B3, Agric E8, geography B2, photo c4
    Due to my Agric.. any chance?

    • If u wrote biology u can switch agric for it,agric is not compulsory for food tech.u can use biology.

    • I’ve not uploaded my result yet cos I’m just getting this mail now
      Is it late already

  15. @my school,I tried to apply for change of course/institution but it only displayed options from 2019 down wards.

  16. I scored 212 in jamb i want to study linguistic in university of Ibadan ,hope it possible cuz my O,level is Neco am having C5&C6 parallels and am from oyo state Any hope!!!

  17. Go for biochemistry, anatomy is competitive

    • I scored 207 in jamb, I want to study dramatic art in o.a.u, I want to use neco but I get D7 in mathematics… Any chance!!!! Or do I need to change institution..

  18. I have done that but I was told to go to a cbt centre.

  19. I scored 195 in jamb, and I want to study electrical engineering in futmin, do I need to change course??

  20. How do I convert my Jamb to DE pls

    • Go to jamb office when they call off the lockdown
      My sis had the same problem and she went to jamb office but she was told to come back when they call off the lockdown

  21. Please advise me as follows:
    1. In my JAMB application for 2020, I chose OAU as my choice because I was told that my age (presently 15+), unlike my desired University, UNILAG, cannot hinder my admission provided my UTME score and WAEC result meet their requirements. Now that COVID – 19 is keeping us at home, can I do change of institution to UNILAG in anticipation that admission process for 2020 will not likely happen until January, 2021 when I would have been 16 years of age.

    2. When is the deadline for change of course / institution?

    Thank you.

  22. Is it compulsory to print my jamb result and how do I go about it

  23. When and how can I change my course and institution

  24. I scored 166 in jamb and I want to study microbiology
    Utme combination biology,physics,chemistry and English
    Can I offer be admitted to fuoye

    • onyebuchi favour

      I used awaiting result in My 2021 UTME registration . Now I have gotten my Waec Result I wrote since 2019.

      Pls is it possible to upload my 2019 waec result on jamb portal, and when ?

      I need help pls

  25. When is it time to upload results

  26. Nwankwo malarchy

    When is jamb change of course and institution going to commence?

  27. Neankwo malarchy

    When Is the jamb change of course and institution going to commence

  28. I wanted to change my course but i have a problem with my email, any other way apart from trough EMAIL???

  29. I scored 169, please which course can I change to, and polytechnic. with my subject combination English, biology, chemistry, physics.
    please I need urgent reply.

    • Change your Course to Biochemistry, Bt Note: Is not all Uni will Consider the cut
      Off mark. And for the polytechnic your Subjects combination will go for.(Library and Information Science.

  30. Changing of institution and course is it going on now

  31. Please how do I upload my o’level result to jamb portal

  32. Hlo! Good morning Everyone,
    When will they start changing of Course/Institution of choice ?¿? Otherwise! I score 165 as Jamb, Can I admitted to any Uni of my choice? Pls I need comment below.

    • my dear I advise you to do a change of course and institution

    • Kk, have they start the change of Course/Institution? And if that: I don’t know how to do it through Online, I have to visit CBT center and they have not yet Working, Till further notice. I think?

  33. I score 179 in jamb, can i study anatomy in federal university of Dutse .
    If not which course should I go for. Utme subject is physics, chemistry, English and biology

  34. I score 179 in jamb, can study anatomy in federal university of Dutse

  35. I scored 210 can I go ahead to buk industrial chemistry
    With eng,bio,chem,phy as my utme combination

  36. Miracle Williams

    Hi. Please i want to study food science and technology in unical but my utme score is 200 can i still go ahead?

  37. The change of course and institution is not yet included for the 2020 year, and jamb have not conclude for the cut of mark maybe that why they have not include 2020
    The cut of mark for all institution meeting which is not yet hold by the board

  38. When is change of uni starting

  39. Hello, good morning everyone. Please I want to study computer Science at Offa poly. What subjects combination do I need in both my O’Level and UTME ?

  40. I want to change my course
    I went for law but I scored 190 below the cut off mark
    So please how will I do that

  41. I need advice on my subject combination I choose the wrong combinations.


    To study- Business Administration

    Is there any other course that can go with the subject combination??

    • Those are the things you can search on your google service, just type what are the required subjects to study business administration. it will list everything for you

  42. I scored 207 can I study law in Ambrose Alli

  43. Please have jamb commenced conversation of UTME to direct entry?

  44. please can i study political science with the jamb score of 195 qnd my o levels are eng civic maths govt and ecoms

  45. Pls has jamb opened its portal

  46. Please can i study Nursing with 146 in nekede?

  47. i score 176 can i go for sciology at universityby of ibadan

  48. Can I still study philosophy in uniabuja with 200 as my jamb score??

  49. I score 188 can I study public Administration

  50. I scored 177 can study political science in Ignatius ajuru university

  51. What’s jamb cut off mark for this year

  52. okanga jude Ominyi

    i score 186 can I go to political science in BSU ba?

  53. i did my change of institution yesterday instead of filling federal i mistakenly choose state any help sir?

  54. good morning house. the email and password required for change of course and institutions is it the one I used to register? cuz I am trying to use my brother own to login but it is telling me not registered. and I tried to create new one but it says I can’t create new one at this time. Pls give me the process. Abi change of course and institutions never start?

  55. Has change of institution/course started?

  56. Is #2500 for both course and institution changing or #2500 for each

  57. Is change of institution on goingv

  58. They have not send me where am going to right my exam (center)

  59. Is it possible to change my o level result to another one.

  60. I feel I made wrong subject combination in my jamb utme registration, I registered English, lit in English, commerce and govt. For library and information science is the combination okay?

  61. Pls is it still possible for me to change my course after writing the post utme of the school first choice

  62. Pls is it still possible for me to change my institution after writing the post utme of the school i first chose

    • If the school you want to change to has not conducted its Post-UTME Screening, yes you can.

    • I scored 182 in jamb do I still have a chance of gaining admission into unizik as a law student

  63. When should data correction for DE applicants be out??

  64. i made a mistake un my waec exam numba which is suppose to b 10 numbas i put 8 numbas, hw do i correct it.

    • There is no provision at the moment to correct such. However, that is no big deal. During your admission screening, you will have the opportunity of presenting the actual O’level result details to your school of choice.

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