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JAMB Change Of Course And Institution – What To Know Before You Proceed

Every year JAMB usually allows candidates to make changes in either the courses/institutions or both the course and institution they selected during JAMB UTME registration. There are reasons JAMB candidates may want to make changes to the course of study or institutions they initially selected during JAMB UTME Registration. However, we do advise that before you apply for JAMB Change Of Course And Institution, ensure you are making the changes for the right reasons. What are the right reasons to change your course or institution? Let’s look at them;

Reasons to Apply For JAMB Change Of Course And Institution

There are three good reasons why a candidate may need to change his/her jamb choice of course or institution or both:

Case 1A. Due to Low UTME score:

After the release of Jamb results, candidates who scored below the cut-off mark for the institutions they initially selected, may need to change to other institutions that can accommodate or accept their UTME score.

Similarly, in most universities, you will require a high UTME score to get admitted into courses like Law, Medicine, And Surgery, pharmacy etc usually. So if you initially chose any of these courses and have a low UTME score, then you definitely need to change to a course that can accommodate your UTME score in your

Case 2. Issues With O’level/UTME Subject Combination

Many candidates make the mistake of not choosing the right O/level/UTME subject combination for the course they wish to study. In case you don’t know, choosing the wrong subject combination automatically disqualifies you for admission. So if you discover that you have selected the wrong subject combination during JAMB registration, then you will need to change your course of study to match the subject combinations you entered during JAMB registration.

Case 3. Mistakes During Registration

Mistakes do happen at times regardless of how we try to avoid it. We have seen cases of candidates complaining that operators of registration centres mistakenly selected for them, courses, and institutions outside what they (the candidates) wanted. If this is your case, then you may need to go for a change of course or institution as applicable.

Case 4. Other causes

These include several factors ranging from finance, change in Geographical locations, Parent’s suggestions, Fear of Tribal differences, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are changing to another course or institution, first confirm if your O’level/UTME subject combination matches the one you want to change to, and also your course of study is offered by your school of choice. This is very IMPORTANT. You can use the JAMB Brochure to know the right subject combinations and the courses offered in each institution.

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