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Official: JAMB Exam Result 2018 Is Out – See How To Check Here

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JAMB Result Checker 2018: How To Check JAMB Results For 9th, 10th,12th,13th,14th, 15th, 16th and 17th March.

The 2018 JAMB exam results have been released. All candidates who have taken the JAMB UTME examination can check if their results have been released on JAMB Portal.

JAMB has enabled a link on their portal for candidates to check their results.

Follow the procedure given below to check and confirm your 2018 JAMB exam results.

How to Check JAMB Exam Results

1. Candidates are to visit the JAMB portal at
2. Click on “Check 2018 UTME Results”
4. Enter your JAMB Registration Number or email address in the space provoided.
5. Click on “Check My Results” If you your JAMB exam results have been released, your result will be displayed. If your result is not yet available, you will see a message “No Result Yet”.

Note: So far only JAMB Results for 9th and 10th March have been released.  JAMB Results for 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th March will be released 2 to 3 days after the exam. All 2018 UTME candidates are hereby advised to come back here to check their JAMB results 2 to 3 days after their exams.

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  1. I wrote mine on Thursday 15th by 1:30pm but I saw u did not register for the examination… What am I going to do am worried

  2. Please I wrote on the 14 yet I haven’t see my result.. Why??

  3. Awojuyigbe Olamiotan Olawanifemi

    I wrote on 14,when I check my Result,is telling that I don’t register for this exam and I sit for the exam

  4. I am also for the 12th oo
    Results ain’t out

  5. l wrote mine the 10th and my result was cancelled.
    please I want to know the reason for that.

  6. l wrote mine on 10th but it was cancelled
    please I want to no reason for that

  7. I wrote my exam on Monday and is telling me result not yet out nd some we did together have seen there own,why is my not out?

  8. Had mine on the 12th of this month……it’s not out yet. Please be more efficient @schoolnewsng

    • Sorry about that. JAMB stated that the release of results are being delayed due to multiple cases of malpractice. The results will be released after they conclude their investigation.

  9. @SCHOOLNEWNG……..I haven’t seen mine.this is troubling and stressfull….please be more efficient.

  10. I wrote my exam on 10th of march and I have not seen my result

  11. I wrote my exam on Saturday please and I have not seen my result ,please what is wrong

  12. Please Admin, i wrote on the 12th being Monday, but when i checked for my result it says i didnt register for this exam. please what can i do? pls. reply.

  13. What is really happening to our Saturday 1:30pm result….Am worried oo

  14. my result is sat no result yet
    nd no 2018 in my email

  15. Wilfred ikhimeagie

    mine is showing me result of 2017
    and no result yet what will I do

  16. i wrote on 9 and it telling; u did not register for this exams.

  17. I wrote on the 14Th and my jamb profile isn’t even showing me a link to check exam result for this year, it’s showing ‘check examination result for 2017’… What am I to do now??

  18. hello,I wrote my jamb on the 14th I checked my result it shows me not registered….please hope noting is wrong am scared… please send me reply immediately please thanks

  19. Can i get admission for electrical/electronics engineering at unilorin with a score of 280… please reply.

  20. i did the exam on 10th of march 1:30 pm. i keeps showing me my result is not out yet

  21. I did the exam on the 10th at 1:30pm. it’s keeps showing me that my result isn’t out yet

  22. Mine is not yet out and I wrote on the 12th, been on Monday. Pls what should I do?

  23. Can i be possibly admitted with a score of 209 for agriculture in OAU…. please reply i beg you

  24. Diamond Right-time

    I wrote on Tuesday which was on the 13th
    I tried checking with my e-mail but I was told that I didn’t register for the examination
    When I used my reg. number, I was told that I don’t have any result yet….
    Please when am I seeing my result?

  25. I Wrote On The 10th By 1:30pm, And Its Telling Me I Don’t Have A Result Yet.

  26. Ifetayo Nofisat Anuoluwapo

    I ave not seen mine too oh and i wrote it on the 12th by 7:00am

  27. I just checked mine
    and i was suprised to see exam not taken pls what is happening ls let us know

  28. The results are out and it is not fake so hurry and check your results.

  29. Pls mine was saying that I didn’t register for the exam but I wrote on 10th. Why

  30. wrote on the 9th march,but show no result yet


  32. March 14, 2018,
    8: 47
    I wrote on 10 but when I checked they told me I don’t have any result yet.. .. why ❓

  33. i ave not see mine and i wrote it on the 10th by 1:30.

  34. How Cn I Check My Result

  35. I wrote jamb on Saturday and u have not yet seen ma result

  36. i think results are fake

    • A result accessed via JAMB portal cannot be fake

      • but I haven’t seen mine,I wrote on 10 Saturday by 1:30pm

        • The results are released in batches. Yours may not have been released.

        • it depends on d centre u wrote urx…..peepx daht wrote theirs @ashqroove academy(abuja campus…choba)dia results ar out….while peepx daht wrote @uniport basics…theirs ar nt yet out
          ah wrote on d 10th @ashqroove academy…nd ah saw mah result on wednesday
          Buh if u wanna check urx….use ur reqistration number nt email
          B patient

  37. Olulade Adewura Hephzibah

    I wrote mine on 10th by 1:30pm
    but it’s writing u don’t have result yet

  38. Olulade Adewura Hephzibah

    I have not seen my result ooo

  39. I wrote mine on 10th march but when i check it it show half not full

  40. I wrote my exam on the 10th of march and have not seen my result it is telling me i did not register for jamb

  41. Ave seen my ,just visit and ur registration num then click

  42. Pls, Admin. Its Like The Results Released Are Not The Real Ones. . .Pls Help Us Confirm. .

  43. I checked mine but it show result cancelled….what should I do

  44. I checked mine but it show result cancelled

  45. I wrote on 10th but when i check my result is telling me result not yet out why?

  46. surprised to see you did not register for the exam

  47. My own no de show
    It Showing u don’t write exam

  48. I cant see mine

  49. My sister wrote on the 9th of March 3:pm and its showing you do not have any result yet

  50. I guess the result is not out yet

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