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JAMB procedure for change of course/institution for candidates who have lost their SIM cards

Many candidates have complained that they have been unable to carry out a Change of course/ Institution and other data correction processes on their profile because they could not access the OTP that is sent to the phone numbers they used in JAMB registration because they have lost their SIM cards.

JAMB has now provided an official procedure such candidates are to follow to effect the needed changes.

Recall that JAMB introduced the use of OTP (One Time Password)which is sent to a candidate’s registered phone number in place of biometrics verification to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. The OTP must be presented before the correction of data can be carried out on the candidate’s UTME/DE registration.

All affected candidates are to follow the procedure below to carry out  Change of course/ Institution and other data correction processes;

  • The candidate must approach any of the JAMB Offices in person (not by proxy) as this service can only be carried out in JAMB Offices/ProfessionalTest Centres (PTCs) Nationwide;
  • At the JAMB Office, the candidate should supply any of registration number, email and GSM number which the candidate used to register for the UTME or DE;
  • The JAMB Official attending to the candidate directs the system to RESEND the OTP through email;
  • The candidate goes and prints a copy of the email which contain the OTP;
  • The candidate affixes a copy of his/her passport photograph to the printed email and presents it to the JAMB Official;
  • The JAMB Official after confirming that the same person whose picture is affixed on the printed email is the same person whose picture is displayed on the screen proceeds to complete the correction of data.
  • A copy of the printed email with the candidate’s affixed passport must be retained at the JAMB Office for any candidate whose correction of data was carried out with OTP sent through email.
  • All subsisting COVID-19 protocols must be fully observed.


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  1. Pls has jamb conversion from UTME to DE started

  2. The email you told us to send 55019 is not responding, please what else can i do cause i am running out of time, I need to get the change of institution done asap

  3. The E-mail you told us to send to 55019 is not responding …. Have tried it several times but not responding ??? Why ????

  4. What if u can’t access the phone number and email is there another way

  5. Good day,
    Please can I still register for post utme in Bayero University Kano

  6. Can I still do the change of institution

  7. Can someone still do the jamb change of course/institution at time?


  8. I want to change my number

  9. Please I need a help
    I can’t log in to the Jamb CAPS due to an error in my email address during registration. Is there anything I can do about please someone should reply me.

  10. Please i Lost my Jamb registration sim
    I want to change my registration number

  11. Olofintayo Aanuoluwapo

    I did change of course on jamb portal from microbiology to plant science and biotechnology but it’s still showing microbiology
    Please what‘a the next step

  12. I did change of course on jamb portal only but the course I changed to is not reflecting on my school portal.. does that mean I will have to go and do it on the school portal or jamb will send my details to my school and the course will automatically reflect on the school portal once they update their database??


  13. I have not been giving admission
    Is it necessary to buy d Change of course form and institution

  14. Pls can i do change of institutions/course trice ( 3 times ) ?

  15. Please I lost my sim card and my email password can I open another email

    • Pls, is change of course or institution still ongoing….and if yes,like how much will it cost someone to do so.

  16. I lost the sim I used for jamb registration. Although I do not want a change of course/institution but is it possible to change my phone number and update the current one. Thank you

  17. Than after that,what of Post utme is the person going to buy form, for the school it changes because some schools has written their own.

  18. Is change of institution still available?

  19. Adeboye yetunde Rukoyat

    I need my KTP through email

  20. Pls I need answers
    When I did change of course it only in my jamb page
    But it didn’t reflect in my school portal what am I suppose to do
    Or it doesn’t matter so far it has change in jamb
    Or jamb will send it to my school

    • Jamb hasn’t sent your details to the new school you changed to that’s why the new school have not seen your record.

      Finally, if you did the change of institution very well, then you shouldn’t bother much about confirmation. Jamb takes about a week under normal circumstances but it’s better to give them some more time.

      A school that will not allow change of institution again will definitely inform you while on the JAMB portal for the change of institution. You would get a prompt like this ” This institution is no longer accepting new candidates “. As a result, you won’t be able to effect the change to the school

    • I think he is talking about change of course not institution ,,,will the change of course automatically reflect on the school portal? Since the person did the change of course on jamb portal alone

  21. Have forgotten my jamb profile password and I tried to reset but u didn’t receive an otp on my mail

    • If you are sure you typed in your email correctly. Inside your mailbox check ‘Updates’ because most times jamb reset link is not sent directly to your inbox

  22. I want to do change of institution but the fiels for 2020 os not available, only 2019 downwards

    • Check at the top left corner. It is there you will see ” Registration (2020 Only)’. Click on it and then click on ”2020 UTME Data Correction”. you will be given two options. Change of institution and other corrections, choose your desired and click on continue with correction.

  23. I couldn’t recieved the Otp on my emails

  24. Wow, this is true??? This is amazing ?

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