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What JAMB Score Do I Need To Gain Admission?

With many candidates having seen their JAMB results, the question they are now asking is the possibility of gaining admission to their desired school and course of choice with their score; especially those that scored below 200.

I have received many questions like, “My score is 150, 160, 170, 180, Can I get admission in so so school?” This post is to address your questions. I will make it easy and straight forward to understand.

JAMB score alone does not really guarantee admission. Your admission will also depend on your school of choice and course as well as other admission factors. I have seen candidates that scored well above 200 but ended up not gaining admission and I have equally seen candidates that scored below 180 and yet secured admission.

Assuming your JAMB score is 200 and you chose a school like UNILORIN, UNIBEN or UNILAG to study a competitive course (like engineering, medicine, computer science, Law etc) you should consider changing either the school or the course reason being that those courses are very competitive in those schools (meaning a large number of candidates who may have a higher score than you are equally seeking admission in such schools or courses). So for you to stand a better chance of gaining admission you have to adjust your choices.

The same thing applies to someone that scored like 150 and wants to study political science, Mass communication, Buss admin in a school like LASU, AAU or any other competitive state university. Those courses are quite competitive in those schools so you have to adjust your choices as well. In this case, a polytechnic is a better choice.

So in essence, what I am saying is you have to consider your JAMB score and then decide if you stand a chance to compete for admission in your school of choice as well as the course. If not, you have to check for schools and courses that give you a better chance to compete for admission and change to those schools or courses. Checking the previous cut-off marks of the school for the various courses offered will help you sort these things out.

When it comes to JAMB score, the rule is this, if your score is below or not well above the general cut-off mark of your school of choice, it is advisable you change the school. Similarly, If your score is below or not well above the cut-off mark for your chosen course of study, it is advisable you change your course.

Soon JAMB will commence change of courses and institutions. We will inform you once it commences and guidelines on how to proceed.

In conclusion, JAMB scores alone no matter how high may give you an edge in the admission process but do not guarantee admission. Other factors like Catchment Area, Post-UTME Score, O’level Result, Educationally less developed States, admission quota etc also play a huge role in determining who gets admission.

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  1. ugbor john chibuike

    I score 161 I study computer engineering

  2. Hi good morning everyone please I really want to know what jamb marking scheme looks like because seriously I don’t think I deserve the score they gave to me especially English language I know and am very very of what I would have score definitely not 217. Please I need an answer to this. Thanks

  3. Hassan Abdulsalam

    Sir,I scored 232 in jamb can I get admission for civil engineering in futa

  4. Please sir, I score 157 can I study science laboratory in iaue

  5. I got 206 can I gain admission at Delsu studying geology

  6. Ogundele kehinde

    I scored 233 and I want to gain admission into FUTA
    Computer science

  7. 167 can it go for uniport computer science

  8. Sir i score 191 in jamb to study political science uniabuja any hope

  9. Hey… I got 195 in jamb can I still study marketing in unizik… Can I write their postutme

  10. Shuaib Suleiman Adebowale

    Please sir, I score 168 could I study computer science in university of Wesley?

  11. Shuaib Suleiman Adebowale

    Please sir, I score 168 cold I study computer science in university of llorin?

  12. please I scored 169 and I don’t know which polytechnic in Abuja that I can change to, to study biochemistry.

  13. pls sir, I scored 260 Can I stil get my course petroleum engineering in uniport.. Plz I need reply

  14. Please sir I score 161 in my jamb, can I still gain admission in Delsu, I’m going for business administration

  15. 171 will gain admission into kwarapoly for science laboratory technology

  16. Akintunde Odunola Morufat

    I scored 186
    Nursing in Eksu

  17. Can i get admission into uniabuja to study medicine with 181

  18. I scored 192 I want to study accounting at unilorin will i gain admission

  19. I score 180,pls can I study banking and finance in kwasu

  20. Precious Dominic

    Please I scored 160 can I still study accounting in any polytechnic of my choice?

  21. I score 180
    Banking n finance
    IMO state university

  22. With 164 can I gain admission to absu civil engineer please or any other science course

  23. I scored 200 can I get admission into coou for chemical engineering please urgent reply

  24. Fakanbi kehinde Abigael

    I scored 199 can I gain admission into funaab for horticulture

  25. I score 169 in my jamb pls any institute that can collect me for accounting or polytechnic pls

  26. I score 209 can I study medicine in uniosun or oau

  27. Sir pls I scored 185,can I study computer science in AAU

  28. Please since after my jamb registration l have been unable to log in to the Gmail l Used during jamb registration please is there a way l can correct it……

  29. Hi, I’m Mr Charles, I work for the ministry of education in Abuja….Our team here have already upgraded 64 candidates result which was low and can’t gain admission into a university … Just message me on whatsapp 08073249484 for more preceedures

  30. Please since after my jamb registration l have been unable to log in to the family l used during jamb registration please is there a way l can correct

  31. I got 193 going for mechanical engineering in Bayero university,Kano
    Do I have hope

  32. Nwokedike Ugochukwu

    Is your JAMB score higher than UNICAL’s cut off mark. If it is then you can write but you need to work seriously hard on your POST UTME

  33. Ebiwanno Adetuwo Daniel

    Pls Wat is cut off mark of police Academy this year

  34. Dear sir
    I got 184 in my JAMB my school of choice is UNIZIK and the course is Religious Studies and human relations do I stand the chance to gain admission

    • Nwokedike Ugochukwu

      If UNIZIK’s cut off mark is 200+, then it is advisable to change to another University but if your JAMB score is higher than UNIZIK’S cut off mark then you can write but you will have to mind your POST UMTE score

  35. Sir I scored 191 can I study animal production and health at funaab

  36. I scored 202 in jamb can I study law in university of ibadan please i need answer to this

  37. Pls sir with 169 can I study marketing in uni ilorin

  38. Pls sir,I score 170 can I study fashion design &clothping technology in port-harcourt

  39. I score 174 can I study nursing in ABU zaria

  40. Pls ow can I change my name in jamb

  41. I score 146 in my jamb, can federal poly ado Ekiti accept my jamb score/ can I gain admission

  42. I score 179 in jamb,can i study SLT in edepoly

  43. I scored 172 can I gain admission in to unianambra fto law

  44. Pls with 192 can 1 study computer science in lasu

  45. Sir with 151 can I study Agricultural economic and farm management at funnab

  46. Pls which poly can I use 149 for?

  47. I got 240 in jamb and I want to study law in university of Nsuka,is it possible?

    • I haven’t check my jamb result cos I lost the sim I used for registration, sir how am I gonna check it without the sim

      • Nwokedike Ugochukwu

        Go and do Sim retrieval with that same number and when you send it because it’s the same number, JAMb Will recognize the number and send your result to you…. Have a nice day

  48. Pls sir with 189 can i study architecture in uni ilorin pls sir

    • Nwokedike Ugochukwu

      Wait for UNILORIN cut off mark but note that since I have studied cut off mark doesn’t change so it is advisable you search for UNILORIN cut off mark and then decide whether your score is higher than it or lower, if it is lower it is advisable to change to another University , thank you… Have a nice day

  49. Please can I gain an admission in the University of Illorin to study history and international studies with a jamb score of 206?

  50. I scored 258 in jamb for philosophy uniabuja, but I got a D in my maths, olevel, what are my chances, please reply

  51. I scored 258 for philosophy uniabuja, but I got a D in my maths, olevel, what are my chances, please reply

  52. I scored 162 can I get admission into Aksu,also I want to study microbiology??

  53. Please i scored 166 can i can i study public admin in fuoye

  54. 220 for computer engineering in convenant is it ok

  55. I scored 200 and the cut off mark is 200,i made a mistake in the first post

  56. What if you scored exact score for the cut off mark of course you want to do,i scored 299 and the cut off mark is 200

  57. Aliu fysol olajuwon

    I score 172 can I gat admission to unilorin

  58. I score 158 can I get admission ahmudu Bello University sociology

  59. Pls can I use a jamb score of 162 to secure admission in auchi poly on SLT department???

  60. Chigbogu onyekozuru perpetual

    With 193 can I study chemical engineering in Micheal okpara university umudike

  61. Pls i scored 175 can i use it to study accounting

    • I had 252 in jamb and want to study Agricultural and Environmental engineering in UI.Do I stand a great chance of gaining admission?

  62. I scored 162 I can u it for accounting in Ignatius ajuru University

  63. I scored 183 can I use it for nursing

  64. Please I want to study computer science in Fuoye and my jamb score is 182, can I study there?

    • Yes you can, but you just have to do very well in your post UTME, or else you did be given another course to study instead of computer

  65. I scored 187 can I Gain admission into delsu to study medicine

  66. I scored 173 can I go to university of Delta State will they accept me

  67. Pls any seen his /her result on 19th of March pls how did u check

  68. Please, I scored 211. Would I be able to secure admission into Niger Delta University (NDU)?

    • Nwokedike Ugochukwu

      Please note that it all depends on your POST UTME score…. JAMB scores are used to know whether you reached the University cut off mark to be able to study a course there, thank you.
      Have a nice day

  69. I got 150 score

  70. I scored 204 can i study nursing in lasu

  71. I want to study physical and health pls which University or college of education in Nigeria,that can accept my jamb score 175

  72. With 197 can I studie lab science

  73. Since the portal is closed for nw how do we print our result

  74. pls sir, I scored 195 can I study public administration in akwa ibom state university?

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