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JAMB Should Set Equal Cut-Off Mark And Admission Policy For Candidates – Educationist

The Chairman of a Non-governmental organization recognized as Exam Ethics Marshals International (EEMI), Mr Ike Onyechere, has called on the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) to use the uniform cut-off mark for all candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions in the country.

He also stated that the admission policy that gives preference during the admission process because they are from educationally less developed states or educationally disadvantaged states should be scrapped as it does not make sense.

He noted that in Akwa Ibom for instance which was created from Cross rivers state is recognized as an educationally advantaged or developed state while Cross River that is a mother state to Akwa Ibom state is classified as an educationally disadvantaged or less developed state.

According to him, “this means that candidates from Cross River will have a lower cut-off mark than candidates from Akwa Ibom. For me, it doesn’t make sense.”

He further explained that most of the states that are categorized as educationally disadvantaged states have more Federal Government educational institutions than states listed as educationally advantaged.”

He mentioned that a state like Kaduna, for instance, has more than 20 educational institutions that are owned by the Federal Government but yet falls under educationally disadvantaged states.

He, therefore, called on JAMB to remove these anomalies and come up with policies that will give young people an equal opportunity to tertiary education in the country instead of slanting it to favour some people from certain areas of the country.

What do you think about this? Should JAMB adopt a uniform cut-off mark for both universities, polytechnics, and Colleges of education and admission policy for all candidates irrespective of their states of origin?

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  1. Many students has opinion over system of learning in our country
    I think that would be the best thing
    But federal and some state universities are not being fair about the way admission is being shared

  2. Yusuf Muyideen Olajide

    Yes JAMB should do so for it’ll benefit everyone that way & I think it’s the best move

  3. To me..jamb should reduce the cutoff mark to 150 ..then the university’s will choose they own cutoff mark

  4. I think it is right
    Especially the equal admission process if post utme would be canceled no school should write post utme all.
    Then the cut off mark:
    Most college of education and polytechnic students are those who failed jamb but know they have a place to go to rather than be uneducated since not everyone can keep up with re -writing jamb.
    So I think this factor should be considered.

    • I’m actually in total support of what you’ve said
      The government should also consider the funds that students do waste over o’level results

  5. Nice idea, actually JAMB should give uniform cut off mark for universities. And Polytechnics should have same cut off marks and same to colleges of education. irrespective of location.

  6. When will the change of course and institutions start ??

  7. My point of view is that, JAMB should fixed thesame cut off mark for both State and Federal University while Poly and College should have it own cut off mark respectuvely.

  8. Eke Ginini Elemi

    I agree to this ideal it a very good suggestion at list to promote and level of Education in the country.
    Thanks for that nice statement sir God Bless You Sir

  9. The scores that came up this year is too poor jamb should make the cutoff mark 160 and above for uni

  10. I don’t think it’s right….uni, poly , and the rest are all different… and doesn’t require same score..if that should happen most student prefer uni.. and then uni Will be so crowded, less student in poly and d rest ….the score should be so different so if a candidate doesn’t get to the cut off mark off his required institution he or she can get an option to go with….. what if a candidate doesn’t reach the cut off mark if they finally set it equal then there won’t be any other choice than to wait and rewrite……

  11. All what there say, there should make sure is for my favour ?

  12. Actually jamb should reduce the cut of mark for this year nd next ..coz some who have been praying to get admission ..who are sick nd tried of staying at home..wishes to enter university..pls do change the cutoff mark to 160 up ward so that every one will enter this year …pls…thanks for reading

    • I don’t think uni, poly and colleges should have equal cutoff marks.
      Its suicidal for the students. It may mean no hopes for those with low scores if the scores gets high…
      Some of us has been writing jamb for years, having good scores over 200 and is yet to enter sch, wat bout those who hasn’t ever gotten up to 200.
      Please let them not do it.
      If they should, let them make the cutoff mark low. Please….

    • Tge cutt off mark is 160 upward they said it in the jamb meeting on the news

  13. To me de idea of scrapping elds consideration during admission is not advisable if we truly believe in one Nigeria as it is a process that guarantees interaction between ppl of different tribes within the nation and more over this is only 20% opportunity which is applied in federal universities if one is not comfortable with the process the best idea is to try and score very high or better still choose ur state University.

  14. Great idea, we students should not be judged based on our various states. Admission should be given to students who worked hard for it and not to those who waste there time thinking that they stand a better chance of gaining admission

  15. I support with two fingers up ?
    This is a wonderful idea ?

  16. This is a very good idea and I give my full support to what I just read,jamb need to upgrade their mindset…

  17. Good idea. I’m in total support of the motion! This is career we are talking about and over the years has a being a barrier for other legitimate students seeking university admission.

  18. This is a really good idea because those writing for federal who are really brilliant students but didn’t do so well on their jamb(which is a normal occurrence) would be able to get into any unoli of their choice because it will be lowered to suit all candidates for either university option..its a good idea

  19. Columbus Winnie

    Any thing that would work well for the students

  20. My candid opinion is that JAMB should increase its cut-off marks and scrap POST-UTME for good.

  21. Innocent Zubbix

    What is worth doing is worth doing well. If that is the best they should go for it but I think that will be a great problem to some person’s because polythecnic and university are not the same. So they should think wise before any action to be taken.

  22. No I disagreed all the schools are not the same college of education and polltecnic are not the same with University so their cut off marks can’t be the same.

  23. Yes. Jamb should give everyone equal Rights in terms of adm

    • Candidates should be a able to go to any of their tertiary institutions of their choices either you are indigenous or not. Jamb cut off marks should not be same because universities, polytechnics and college of education are not the same.if the candidates are not opportuned to use the cut off marks as jamb required to enrol into the universities of their choices, he or she may be privilege to enrol into other institutions.Therefore, cut off marks shouldn’t be the same.

  24. To my own opinion, it’s like Jamb is using all this cut off marks as business not for students to gain Admission, thousands will write and fail, Even if they are best sure of what they wrote the will still come out having lower score

  25. Thank you for the idea Sir,
    But I do think it’s not really the best. The system should still continue(consideration of the less and the non less states). There should be a specific cutting off EACH for a different institution (University, poly,and college).

  26. God bless you sir for that statement
    But those that score 150 can gain admission

  27. Wow thats great now there is go hope some students but setting equal marks for both uinversities and polytechnics is ok my me
    God bless you sir for this hope dat has been given

  28. Chiamaka Rebecca Clement

    For me it’s Cool that way although some people may not like it, in terms of the Uniform Cut off Mark for both Universities and Polytechnics I think there should be a Consideration and I think Considering the Educational less developed State Shouldn’t be Changed.

  29. Never too late in life

    You guy saying that is the best, do you know that with this policy people who score 170 before can’t even smell college of education admission

  30. Akhidimen Victory

    Thank you sir for that statement for giving everyone equal rights

    • I think this is absolutely true jamb should remove everything concerning educationally Disadvantaged states and given candidates equal admission policy

    • Yusuf.m.maisamari

      Seriously this is a good idea for us thank you sir for u opinion

    • This is exactly what I thought about today. If you go to Benue state non indigen get admitted and given the best courses more than the indigen

    • Equal rights it is! We all are entitled to same equal rights which brings about share benefits.

  31. It’s the best i’ll say
    But jamb shouldn’t increase the cutoff mark to a level where students who scored below 180 won’t even be able to attend a polytechnic

  32. Sunday Fapohunda

    God bless you sir for that statement

  33. That’s the best God bless you sir for this idea

  34. I think that’s just the truth and best ideal

  35. Does this mean that there will be no more jamb examination

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