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JAMB to conduct a 2nd UTME for candidates with registration issues

JAMB has disclosed that it may conduct a  second 2021 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for candidates with genuine registration challenges. The JAMB boss, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede disclosed this while monitoring the profiling of candidates with 2021 UTME registration challenges.

According to him, about 17, 758 candidates with challenges had been profiled, nationwide.

“At the end of the entire exercise, we may have to conduct another examination for those with genuine cases after the main UTME slated for June 19 to July 3.” He said.

He noted that going by his interaction with some of the candidates with registration challenges, most of them are largely unserious and are basically the cause of most of their challenges.

Giving the figures of the late prospective candidates that have so far registered, Oloyede said Lagos had 3,200, Kwara 1,300, Abuja 1,300, Oyo 1,000, Kano 1,000 among others.

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  1. De manuplated my exam without giving me a center to write my Jamb exam, this scarming of thing should be settled oooh I can’t do all this expenses without taking my exam, registration number, 10478927EG

  2. Pls sir can I still do change of institution for late year

  3. Sir am Grace edeh base in kaduna,but I wrote my jamb exam in kano state ,my problem is that I on that day of examination I miss my way to an unknown place before I could locate the place it was like more than an hour pass of my exam time ,how I wished this exam can be repeated I would have been the most gladess human being I scored 146,please I beg of u

  4. Pls sir my name is omamuyovwi abundance,I wrote on the 23 June 2021 and sir I no what I wrote pls sir something has to be done o…. We really need this rewriting I scored 147 pls sir ???

  5. Please sir, my name is ohajunwa Silas,I wrote my jamb on the 21, but when my results came out,I scored 158, but I was sure of what I wrote and I want to study nursing, please something has to be done o

    • Ademola Catherine

      Pls sir I wrote my jamb on the 21 ,but when my result came out I scored 158 but am sure of what I wrote sir pls help ooo

  6. Iheanyi Victor Chinonyerem

    Please sir I am Iheanyi Victor Chinonyerem. I wrote my jamb on 19th June in SURFTECH TELECOMMUNICATIONS CBT CENTER, INSIDE ABA NORTH MAGISTRATE COURT IKOT EKPENE ROAD, ABA, ABIA STATE. The computer that bears my sit number was faulty and it took more than 30 minutes after others started before I was given a better computer. This made me not to write my last subject. And the result of other candidates in my center was released but my own was not released. Please handle my problem.

    • Popoola Precious

      Go and log the complaints on jamb portal or message me on whatsapp (08169871170) to help you out.


    i wrote my jamb on 19 but serious to my greatest suprise i scored 148 of which i know my performance is better than that i want to study law in UNiJOs how on earth will i use 148 to study law i really need help

    • Sir I wrote my jamb on 19 of July in danbo international school Kaduna north. The server whose not responding, it took more than an hour before someone helped to fix it. I was able to answer three subject, I still have 40 minutes left when one of the organisers said we have one minute more to submit, despite we started late.
      Pls! Sir something has to be, because what happened is not justified.

    • I wrote my exam on 19 and I got 194 and I want to study nursing in fuoye how do I use this score for Christ sake

  8. Good morning, I am Hillary Wisdom. Please my exams was supposed to be June 19th, 2021, but I didn’t sit for the exam due to poor services from the exam center, and here is the exam center:

    Examination Date: Saturday, June 19, 2021 By 09:00AM.
    And up till this very moment of writing, I am yet to get any message from the Jamb Centre.


  9. Samuel Janet Onize

    My name is Samuel Janet and my reg no is 10982205BH
    I suppose to sit for my exam on 22 which was last week Tuesday at Opeoluwa CBT center ikare but when I got there, we were told that if our seat number start from 221to 250 should go back home that we are not having exam and we should also do another reprinting that their center can only accommodate 220 candidates, so I went to a nearby cafe to do another reprinting and I was posted to the second day which was on 23(Wednesday) the same center and the same seat number
    I went back their again on Wednesday and I was told the same thing that I can’t sit for the exam because my seat number is 224 and their center can only accommodate 220 Candidates
    So I was told to wait till Sunday which was yesterday to do another reprinting that by then jamb would have reschedule it, but have been reprinting my slip since then till dis moment, nothing has changed yet, jamb have not reschedule me
    Please reschedule me so I can sit for my exam

  10. Udoh Godstime bassey

    My name is udoh Godstime bassey
    My registration number:11045834CG

    My exam town is mainland Yaba , yaba polytechnic
    My jamb print out took days before come out I checked till on Thursday I didnt see it . It was on Friday that the print out came out and my center have already written their exam. Pls sir I need a rescheduling date so I can sit for my jamb examination and sir I have been sending messages several times but no reply . Sir I will appreciate if I can get a date of rescheduling jamb examination for me thank you sir For bless you

  11. Please I don’t want to loose this jamb.

  12. Ebonyi state 12 apostle Sharon, Ndiaboishiagu college, I were posted they, and our exam is been cancelled, I I have not seen my reshedule since then. Help me jamb boss, even to go through on comment, they are not after.07012451240.

  13. Ebonyi state 12 apostle Sharon, Ndiaboishiagu college, I were posted they, and our exam is been cancelled, I I have not seen my reshedule since then. Help me jamb boss, even to go through on comment, they are not after.

  14. Hello Ebonyi state twelve apostles, have not shedule because am among a candidate that was posted they and I have not seen new reprint.

  15. I sent UTMERESULT to 55019 four time but no response and they deduct the money

  16. Chukwuma Blessing Chidinma

    I too have issues. I tried printing my slip but i could not because it wasn’t showing.
    When i was finally able to do it,it turns out they had already set me to write my exam on the 19th my Examination Centre Name:NKEMEFUNA FOUNDATION (THOMAS CHIDIOKA CENTRE FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT) MIKE AJEAGBO ROAD NEAR SHEPHERD COUNTY HOME HOTEL OBOSI, ANAMBRA STATE.
    Examination Date:Saturday, June 19, 2021 By 07:00AM I went to jamb office Awka from Nnewi and got there before 8:30am only for my hopes to be dashed without pity by the coordinator who left and left i and some people there without further information.
    We were there till almost 2pm before a woman came and said we would still be given a chance to write but yet no hope.

    Also turns out that the person who registered me did not even put the email i gave him.

  17. Please reschedule me because our center were cancelled because of system error, at Sharon Mdiaboishiagu 12 apostles Abakaliki Ebonyi state, I want you to give my new jamb center

  18. I have Sumited all my files and Wat the ask at JAMB office till now I haven’t received any test for registration.. What is happening we should be inform please

  19. Chidinma okpala

    I registered for DE at ikoyi , filled the form . I was told that jamb will get back to us through our phone number, haven’t heard anything since then .pls what the next step

    • I swear I am having the same exact issue,I haven’t received any notification on what next to do, on hearing that others have even reprinted it’s a shocking news to me,please what are we to do at this point cos am totally lost and I feel like crying right now

    • I mis my Paper all because Of traffic, i have paper by 7:00 o clock in the morning but i got there by 9:00 o clock sake of trafficking
      Exam date: june 23 ,2021
      Seat number:012
      Centre number:C51909
      Registration number:10843375IG
      Exam town:mailand in lagos

    • Please make you people notify me 07012451140 for my Jamb examination.

    • Notify me I want to write my Jamb.

  20. Ogechi francess

    I got my nin and profile code late so i went to bank office to submit the bank draft and the gave me a form to fill the profile code and nin
    So i wrote my nin and submitted without the profile code and i got my profile code on june17
    And i dont know when i will complete the registration because i have been going to jamb office up to 4 times
    And nothing is happening
    Pleasw i need help

  21. Please I missed my exam time because of bad road please what can I do

  22. Akinroyeje Timothy Olamigoke my registration number 10317512GH Examination number C62003236

    Good morning please I need help please my exam is on Monday 21 7:am at ilara mokin akure I came there earlier and when we get to the time to do the fingerprints I do it and I enter the exam hall when we are ask to put out registration number to the computer was telling me fingerprints is not verified and we are many’s this happen to we beg them to help us and they told us to fill a form I filled mine and they collect all my exam detail that they will text me a message from the head office to reschedule my date of exam since then have not seen any messages please help me please for the sake of God

  23. Onabe Emmanuel otu

    Please mine here is a different case
    I got to de hall were I suppose to write a minute pass 2 pm based on the traffic … Sir am pleading if u can help me reset my exams date
    Registration number/10962915HF
    Examination number/( c49208008
    Centre number/( c49208)

  24. Please jamb what is this network issue all about,l wrote my exam today ( Monday June 21 2021)at Donum Christi 007_ 013 soji olagunju st off alpha beach road igbo efon lekki lagos state.
    The exam was meant to start by 1:30pm,but l my self got there by 11:51 in the morning, because l don’t want sorrys.
    I waited patiently from 11 to 12,From 12 to 1:30 which is the actual time to start the exam,but guess what,we wheir told their was Network issue,besides the candidates that went in for exam by 9 in the morning are not in anywhere yet to be done, then we start our waiting from where we stopped
    To be Honest this year jamb examination is full Frustration and heart broken???,we waited still 3:00,it was around after 3 to 4 that was when student start were out one after the other with a frowned face because the network really Frustrate them, we under the sun ? standing and nobody among the jamb coordinator there came out to address the candidates not to talk more of the parents who are there since morning waiting for their children under the sun. It’s unfair
    Later around to 5 in the evening when most of the morning candidates are out,that was when we 1:30 candidates went inside the compound because we were all outside the gate
    We started thumbprint around after 5 in the evening,then went into the hall to settle down for the exam,to be honest we started our examination by after 6 (in the evening) with the computer constant network issue ???this is unbearable ???why?.their was this last network issue and after that l logged in, just to find out that l have 5 minutes let to submit ???,and l have one full subject(English language) untouched which is 60 questions,I got to a point that I don’t know what l was clicking as my answer (out of frustration)despite that, l didn’t finish???because it was one minute left,then I have no option then to submit,l left the exam hall by 7 :29 ???with heart broken ? ?,Please Jamb calculate the Time l Start my exam And The Time l left the exam hall to know if it up to 2 hours Or 2 hours 30 minutes ? With All The Network Issue This is so painful ?, ?

    • OMG ?
      So sorry about that there.
      The fact is that the deed has been done?
      It’s the country we find ourselves ?
      We simply have no choice than to be patient with the system of our country…. frustrating lives of students
      Imagine the centre I wrote @Brilliant Impact Academy, Suleja, Niger State…. theirs was making most students lose their hair all bcos of a 2 hours examination
      If there’s bead,hair chain or even common rubber band on ur hair,u gat to remove it b4 entering the hall
      The worst was those that the bead was in d middle of d hair…they gat to start losing it one after d other until de get to d point where d bead is nd starts removing it….It was really in ehn.. not even funny ooo
      Some was sweating profusely trying to get d bead off their hair
      For Muslims,u also will be required to remove ur hijab…nd if eventually,there’s any thing attached to the hair… u’ll be asked to remove it ??
      U used rubber band to pack ur natural hair…u will still be asked to remove it b4 sitting for ur exam…all those little, minor, insignificant things are really frustrating
      It might even mak u forget all wat u’ve even studied sef.
      Jus try as much as possible…not to let any of those things weigh u down.
      Let’s jus hope for the best nd dat everything would com out well.
      Miracles still exist u know?

    • The main issue that I would love to discuss with the Jamb board if I would be privileged is mainly on that CALCULATOR IN THE SYSTEM.
      I have no objection on the nature…but I would sincerely prefer if the calculator is manual…as in physically given to us.
      It takes alot of time trying to type or input it using that mouse….the worst is when we are to calculate a particular question which is raised to the power of a very high number like 15 or even 27 in standard form.
      It delays us trying to convert it to the normal form in which the calculator can access
      Imagine clicking on zero(0) twenty seven times nd den u are still gonna have to multiply or divide it by another number with over 15 zeros again…the worst is after doing such much ceremony..u won’t see ur answer on the options given,den u will have no option to start thinking of another formula to manipulate nd den still b required to input such much of a figure again???…of which such type of question requiring such large digit will still be reflecting in more Dan 50% of any calculation subject like Physics and Maths
      Even if one is to use law of indices to add nd subtract the powers,most times the remaining values would still be large.?
      Pls nd pls we really gat to b considered on all this ooo?
      If it were to be a manual calculator…one would know how to input the values with ease??
      I rest my case!????

  25. I just got my profile code this morning ad utme examination is starting on saturday now wat do i do am so confused and fustrated

  26. Hav received my profile code late hav not received by E pin what next pls help me???

  27. Chigekwu chiamaka favour

    Please am trying to register now but they said my profile code doesn’t match, please what do I do ,it’s ending today

  28. pls Admin I know this has nothing to do with this post, I want to ask if u have any ideal on schools that are still selling post UTME

  29. Pls when will jamb contact me after submitting my form

    • Pls sir I received my profile code but I was enable to collect e-pin before jamb closed but d only challenges am having now is dat d surname dat is on my nin is not d one I want to use for jamb registration,pls sir how am I going to do it…

  30. I went to jamb office with m bank draft bt I still don’t understand because we weren’t given any jamb form to fill. The only form that was given was a form requesting for profile code nd nin with d bank draft number
    How will I know m center?
    No form was given to m requesting for my date of birth nd school choice

    • Please you should help us ,our lives depends on this,I got my profile code very late,I took my bank draft to jamb center and I was given a form to fill, and have not received any response since then. I don’t understand things,I have gone to jamb office more than 3 times and nothing is happening, please I beg help us

    • Yes same as mine

  31. Dam'aris Tochukwu Okonkwo

    Please sir I was among those who had registration issues with my direct entry due to the change of name I did on my NIN and had not reflected on my jamb profile. I want to confirm if those with these issue are among the people that will do their registration again.

  32. When are we going to print out our exam slip and to no our center pls….?

  33. How can I check my jamb mock result

  34. Please if you have registered for the jamb,how will you know that you have registered?
    Please I need a urgent answer..??

  35. How do we check our jamb mock result pls?

  36. How can i check my jamb mock exam’s result

  37. When are we going to be told our centres and date for the examination?

    • Plz how will we know our jamb centers and be able to print out our examination slip since email is no longer needed ,so that means I can access my jamb profile without my email and can use just my registration number pls help us out

    • Use this link
      Then go to a cyber cafe to print it out

  38. Edward Victoria

    I don’t understand dis bank draft

  39. Edward Victoria

    I still haven’t registered for jamb
    Got m profile code late nd now I want to get a bank draft in bank and the bankers are asking in favour of who.
    I don’t know who the draft has to be in favour of either jamb or nt

  40. Esther Imoleayo

    Please sir I sat for mock but am yet to see the results
    What should I do about it

  41. saka suliat oluwafunmilayo

    please jamb officier wen are we going to see our exam done on 1st saturday july

    • I have already told you to relax before next week runs out it must have been released.

    • Agene John Sunday

      Good day Sir/Ma I want to plead with you Sir/Ma, to help me out. I went to Kaduna for an emergency as I lost my both parent in a car accident. Before I could get myself back to my examination centre in Lagos, I discovered that my day for my examination has passed. My examination date was suppose to be on 19th of june 2021 but i missed due to the lost of my parents. I will appreciate Sir/Ma, If you can help reschedule my new examination date, REG:10193026HF, exam code: C52002044. your responses will be highly encouraging and welcome

  42. I saw my result before , printed it out n nw i cant find it again. Wen icheck for it i will be told i do not av any result yet . n center was among d once Barned . n still i av nt gotn an notification to know if am rewriting

    • If you do not get any notification to rewrite before July 1st, it means your result was among those that were cancelled for malpractice.

  43. Highlord Yubedee

    I don’t really understand. I centre was among the sanctioned centres..but I’ve seen my result a long time ago and I haven’t received any sms or email or whatsoever saying I’ll be rewriting. so does that mean I’m free?

  44. orasibe blessing ginikachukwu

    what if the person has already seen their result

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