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Reasons JAMB Results Of Some Candidates Are Yet To Be Released

JAMB has made it known that the reasons some JAMB candidates are yet to receive their JAMB results, is due to malpractice and other infractions. JAMB is busy at the moment going through the recorded footage of what happened in each of the examination centres throughout the country via the CCTV cameras in those centres.

This implies that some candidates that participated in the 2020 UTME will not get their results because they were caught in various forms of exam malpractice during the JAMB exam as captured by the CCTV Cameras planted in the exam centres.

The results of candidates who are found to have involved in any unwholesome practices will not be released and those who their results have already been released, their results will be withdrawn.

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He said that in all centres where JAMB did not detect any malpractice or problems, the results of the candidates that wrote in those centres have been released.

So candidates who get the response “You do not have result yet” need to check back as their results may be under check for exam malpractice. If you are not found guilty of involving in any form of exam malpractice, then your result will surely be released. You only need to exercise patience.

The fact that the response you got says, “You do not have a result Yet”, simply means that your result is not available (not uploaded) at the moment but will likely be available later provided you do not have any issue. So be calm.

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Now some candidates also complained that when they tried checking their results, the response they got was, “you did not register for this exam.” For such candidates, if you are sure you thumb printed before the exam and captured all your fingers correctly during your UTME registration and registered with an accredited JAMB CBT centre, then it could be just a system error which will be corrected. But if you did not do any of these, it could be the reason you got that response.

Some other candidates also complained of getting this response, “invalid character found in the name submitted.” It could be you are sending the wrong message or using the wrong format.

You are expected to send RESULT to 55019 as a text message using the phone number you used to create your profile code during JAMB registration. Ensure you have at least N50 airtime on the phone line. Also, ensure the following;

  • The word RESULT must be in capital letters.
  • Do not add any space between the letters
  • Do not add any punctuation mark like a full stop, comma, question mark etc
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  1. I lost the Sim card I used in jamb registration so how can I check my result

  2. Terlumun Christiana iember

    I try checking my result through SMS by texting RESULT to 55019 but haven’t seen my result yet, of which I took my exam on the 17th of march, 2020. please is there any other way of checking other than this?

  3. Ogubuike Caleb chiemeriwo

    I have been sending RESULT to 55019 with the sim I used in getting my profile code but no reply. I wrote on the 19th

  4. Precious chizaram uwom

    I wrote jamb on 14th March, and since then I have been sending RESULT to 55019, but they re not giving me perfect reply and also I have not see my jamb result. What should I do

  5. Please am not seeing my results up till now i don’t know what to do please i need help

  6. I’ve tried so many ways that I could get my jamb score
    But still yet, I haven’t seen my jamb result
    I have written since 17th of March

  7. I tried checking my result is telling memy number has already been use by another candidate. Please help

  8. pls have been trying to check my results bt it was telling me that my gsm number had been used by another candidate for e-facility pls how do I check again

  9. Durojaye Damilola

    Gud morning, pls this is my candidate no20768755GA,I’ve written since on the 18th and I’m yet to see my result I’ve tried the SMS method severally.

  10. I still get”invalid character in the name summited, even after typing in Result in capital letters?

  11. I sent RESULT to 55019, yet I’ve gotten no response whatsoever

  12. Ahmad Zanna ahmed

    What about the result of those who only thumb print in and not out of the Exam center, does it gets automatically cancelled or what?

  13. I sent RESULT to 55019 with the same number I used for jamb registration but they said I can’t check my result coz the number has been used for e-facility registration on jamb portal.

    WHY is that please

    • I didn’t involve me in any form of anything an yet I can’t c my results y


      Assuming this is not your first time sitting for UTME. Jamb will expect you to use a different number and email address entirely or you may encounter the said problem

  14. Have tried checking my result severally but didn’t get response still the charges are still collected, haven’t seen my result since march 17 am worried

  15. the result jamb sent me is not my result cus i wrote well especially in english and maths. buh my score was 255 and when resend it again just to be sure buh wat i got really shocked me, i got 184. please i really want to know whats happening.

  16. When did Jamb portal will be open

  17. Islamat Olamilekan

    Please I got a form from second party which uses his phone numbers to do the registeration but I couldn’t locate him now sne I cannot access my result.please I need your guide to get it.


      You may have to wait till Jamb opens the portal, which is quite uncertain Or try contacting the jamb office in your state.

  18. Islamat Olamilekan

    Please I got a form from second party which uses his phone numbers to do the registeration but I couldn’t locate him now sne I cannot access my result.please I need your guide to get it.

  19. I wrote my results in small letters and JAMB sent my results to 55019 can that affect the results

  20. I have seen mine

  21. I heard that those results jamb release are fake is it true


    My advice to those who have problems checking their result is to contact the customer care of their respective network especially those using Glo. I passed through similar problems and spent a lot of money just to check my result. If you have subscribed to any DND( Do not Disturb) service in the past, I advise you to unsubscribe NOW, if not you may not be able to successfully check your result . I am happy to say my result came out successfully yesterday?. Some credit to @Myschool. I hope this comment is of great help.

  23. I have tried d sms method no way am very worried pls help me I was not involved in anything I wrote without help 4rm any body ,tank u

  24. my result has not been released since Wednesday 17,pls help me

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