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Reasons Some JAMB Results May Not Be Released

The JAMB registrar, Prof. Ishaq Oloyede has revealed the reason there may be delay in releasing some JAMB results. He made this known while briefing newsmen in Lagos.

He said that normally the results ought to be available immediately after the exam since it is CBT. However, for some reasons, JAMB cannot released the results immediately.

According to him, one of the reasons is to go through the CCTV Cameras to see if there are cases of malpractice.

So candidates who get the response “You do not have result yet” need to check back as their results may be under check for exam malpractice. If you are not found guilty of involving in any form of exam malpractice, then your result will surely be released. You only need to exercise patience.

The fact that the response you got says, “You do not have a result Yet”, simply means that your result is not available (not uploaded) at the moment but will likely be available later provided you do not have any issue. So be calm.

Now some candidates also complained that when they tried checking their results, the response they got was, “you did not register for this exam.” For such candidates, if you are sure you thumb printed before the exam and captured all your fingers correctly during your UTME registration and registered with an accredited JAMB CBT centre, then it could be just a system error which will be corrected. But if you did not do any of these, it could be the reason you got that response.

It is also possible you are using a wrong email address or JAMB Registration number and that’s the reason you got that response.

For those candidates complaining that they only see half result or incomplete result when they check, the reason could be because you are using Opera mini browser to check it. Try using a computer system to view it. if you must use a phone or a tablet, make use of another browser like chrome or UC browser.

Prof. Oloyede also stated that some candidates have been found guilty of impersonation. This means that such candidates will not get their results.

He also stated that another reason JAMB does not release the result immediately is to ensure that those who did not pass do not cause trouble at the various CBT centres.


The Board disclosed that it noticed a tremendous reduction in the incidence of impersonation and other forms of infractions. However, the Board would review all the CCTV footages and other installed technical gadgets for possible examination misconduct. As part of its tradition, the Board would not hesitate to withdraw the results of candidates found to have perpetrated any form of examination malpractice.

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  1. Pls I wrote my jamb on Monday 21st ,7am and I have not seen my result yet.

  2. plz my result is not released yet plz help me and release my result,please

  3. Omoniyi feranmi faith

    Pls help me my results is not yet released pls help u will not be in vain my registration number 11112370EE

  4. Omoniyi feranmi faith

    Pls help me my results is not yet released since Monday 21 of June why help pls u will not be in vain my registration number 11112370EE

  5. Pls ooo can anyone help me i wrote my utme exam on the 19th of last month and my result is not yet out pls what should I do

  6. Iritei rebecca

    I lost my sim

  7. I sent result to 55019 but i didnt even get any reply at all pls wat going on

    • Myina Enoch Aondofa

      I personally have a, I’m not seeing my result, the thing they wrote is that, myina Enoch Aondofa your result is not released yet.

    • The same thing with me o mine is showing my result is not yet released

  8. Hi admin…please when is jamb form closing?

  9. please sir from 16 of may till now have not seen any result oooo please I need help …..oooo

  10. Pls help as my result that was released some weeks ago is no where to be found on my JAMB profile…pls how do i fix this?

  11. Ossai Chukwumobim Daniel

    Have not seen my result I wrote on 20th, it’s still showing you do not have any results yet I wrote in Warri classical international school off deco road

  12. Pls jamb today is 11th still you do not have any result yet” y na… I worked so hard just to register for dis exam.. I didn’t tell my people cos I wanted to surprise dem, is dis hw u wnt to put me to shame before my parents nd siblings… All my frnds av seen deirs, y ar u people punishin me like dis… Is it fair, after workin just to register myself, cumin back late by 8pm, still read all nite nd go to work d next day, just to make sure I conquer, after all my efforts, dis is wot I am gettin, pls reason it wth me, is it fair…. Pls help me, help ur sister… 77102127BD.. Pls I beg of thee.

  13. Jamb is very incompetent!.They are fond of frustrating peoples lives, if only they know how much it cost people to write this so called sick jamb.

  14. Deborah ogunmodede

    Pls am tired of waiting ooo.cnt stop tinking about it,I wrote my exam on the 13th of may 2017 and its not yet out.plsss help me oooo

  15. pls, help me out too, I can’t sleep because of this, when is jamb releasing the results?

  16. benjamin nwakanma

    thy talked about my center as a worst malpractise arena.and wen i wrote i did nt experience such.pls release my result,and i wrote by(may18)thursday

  17. what is the solution to this problem

    • If you are referring to the issue of withheld results, there is really nothing much you can do other than to wait and hope yours will be released soon.

  18. why is this hapnin to me jamb has released another batch but yet i havent seen mine i think there is a problem with some centres

  19. Pls help a friend out… I wrote since on Monday 15th in anambra m yet 2 receive ma results…. I keep seeing no results yet… M getting rilli scared!….
    Email… [email protected]

  20. i wrote my exam at kindle e-learning centre on thursday 18th may,7am,nd i haven’t seen my result up till now,m i the only one having problem or all the candidates who wrote at the centre…anyone here who wrote at the centre should pls call(07068863156) cos m confuse o…

  21. Please I also wrote my jamb exam since 17th n am yet to see my result, it tells me “you do not have result yet” am scared n so worried…

  22. l think something is wrong somewhere, two centres at asero Abeokuta candidates’ results are not released right from those that sat for the exam on Monday till the last day.So obviously it is Jamb centre issue .

  23. Why has sapele’s result in particular not been released it’s almost as if they have problem with the two centers

  24. Why have they not released anyone in sapele at all its almost as if there is a problem with all sapele centers

  25. Please I wrote my exam on 17th and up till now no result yet. Please what may be the cause for such delay when I didnot engage in malpractice

  26. I wrote mine on 18th of May nd My Mum z getting sick of dis, she z an hypertensive patient her blood pressure z getting higher(190/110mmhg).Every seconds she check it,,d reply z always ‘You don’t have any results yet’ Pls Mr Oloyede don’t let my mum get admitted into d hospital because of this issue nd Sir hope dey won’t deducted from d score I got,pls kindly reply me to put my mum mind at rest….Allah will favour me with good results in dis Ramadan insha Allah biqudrattullahi.(Amin)

  27. please jamb should release sapele result people are getting heart attack cause of this please!!!!before change of school form expires

  28. Since may 15 no result yet..Everybody I know have seen theirs its two weeks already oh.jamb pls make haste.

  29. why on earth will there be an organization that is mission is to cause heart-attack and grievances in the behaviour of students, is against natural law of morals. release what u want to release and get the fuck out, despite the unrest and tough time we had registering you also released jamb exam date within a week not a month, student just got out of waec sealed flask trauma and rushed to exam hall, there was unrest in printing out our exam date, it took me many days to register and ure still holding our result, why didnt u consider how parent would felt why others are checking and his ward his yet to check. Be ready for lawsuit am yet to see my result from KEMADE ife, if u fail me despite my inconveniences be ready for GOD

  30. Ifediora Emmanuel

    Am loosing patients ohh pls let them post our result

  31. Ifediora Emmanuel

    I wrote mine since Tuesday 16 may till na no result yes I loosing patients

  32. Pls I wrote my on tuesday 16 May at Paragon City College Iwofe, Rivers State by 7am.. I was tryin to submit, it was tellin me pls wait nd later show network problem.. I click it off nd it was still showin network problem.. Nt just me ohhh.. Everyone in d hall.. Wthin a second d computer went back to login site again.. Nd we complain, bt we were told dat it save by itself.. Abeg any hope cos It is affectin me seriously pls tell me my…

  33. Please we are yet to get results from the two CBT centres in Sapele, Delta State. We don’t know what the problem is. We would want to know what is holding the results. Thanks, anxious parents.

  34. Plizz…Am extremely Confused abt diz Result…Itz a week nw…pliz do somthing abt diz…Itz late already..

  35. i sat for my exam since 16th May i avunty
    see my result, please help me out

  36. pls I wrote my exam since on monday being 15may up till today being 25may i have not seen my result I’m worried cos the result is too delay pls u people should do something I really want to see my result am so anxious right now

    • We believe that before the end of next week all results without traces of malpractice or irregularity will be released. Be patient.

  37. Francis Eromosele haruna

    I wrote my examination on the 16 may at college of education warri,up till this moment my result has not out.why?

  38. I sat for my exam may ,17 complete one week now still no result yet please we all want yuh to fix it please do release our results because I can’t wait to see my result

  39. I wrote my exams on 17th may up til today no result yet

  40. Still expecting UTME result since Thr May 18, all candidates in that centre at Ife that sat since may 16 still waiting for result. Pls respond. Thanks

  41. Chidozie Kelechi

    My sister wrote on 13th May, but haven’t seen her result yet….. Any hope for her?
    We are running out of patience.

    • All hope is not lost yet. Just hold on till the end on next week. We believe all results must have been released by then except those with issues of malpractice or other irregularities

  42. No result since 17th may, [email protected]

  43. Please oo since 13th may no result yet,jamb should mercy for us na,my mind is not at rest since o

  44. please oo, why has sapele candidates not seen their result? not even one of them?

  45. I wrote my on Tuesday,16th,May 2017 and till now as usual “You do not have any result yet” am scared….I need help

  46. Sat for utme on 17th may till today 24th may no result yet…which kind Nigeria be this? Why is it a CBT exam?

    • My centre is st Joseph institute in Enugu and I have not seen my result and I wrote my exam on 17th of may 2017, any problems?

  47. nwafor ukamaka mercy

    I wrote on Monday at ideato (IMO state)in beachmark educational centre and everybody that wrote there haven’t see our mark and we wrote by 7am am sure I didn’t do anything pls am begging u people in the name of God I want to see my score. thanks and remain blessed

  48. I wrote jamb since on 15th of may and haven’t seen my result, I don’t know what the problem is.

  49. I wrote since 16th, Tuesday 2017 and I didn’t get my result till now. am so scared. May God save us.

  50. I don’t know what is happening, I wrote on Tuesday, 16th may,2017; but have not seen my result up till now

  51. I’m out of my mind now; I wrote on Tuesday been 16th, but up till now haven’t seen anything.

    • I understand the frustration. but just hold on a little more. We believe by the end of next week, these issues must have been sorted out.

  52. I wrote my exam may 13 up till now my result have nt been review wat is d problem

    • Not all results for 13th have been released. We believe by the end of next week, all results must have been released.

  53. i wrote since monday til today i have not seen my resuld

  54. ikejiofor desmond lotanna

    I wrote on 16th uptill now I have not see my result even those that I took before them have seen their so much crazy pls help me calm my hart I feel like going mad pls.

    • Please don’t go mad. You need a sane mind to seek admission. Concerning the issues of results. We know that some results are still being withheld which JAMB said they are screening the results and the one that found not to be involved in by form of malpractice will be released. So we believe between now and the end of next week. All the results would have been released except of course the ones that are found guilty of malpractice.

  55. I wrote mine since on the 17th May,,,others have seen theirs,,,,please what’s really the issue,,,I am extremely worried……

    • You do not need to be worried. JAMB is examining some results. We are hopeful that once they are done, the withheld results will be released.

  56. please I don’t know y anyone in sapele that wrote has not gotten their results or is there anyone here who has seen his or her results that wrote in sapele? am so worried.

  57. I wrote my exam on the 13 of may till known I haven’t seen my result pls help me

  58. Pls I Wrote On The 17th And Up Till Now I Havn’t Seen My Result .. What’s Taking It So Long .

  59. I wrote my jamb exam on Monday 15th. May 2017 and am yet to receive my result. It has been one week now but its saying you do not have a result yet. I wrote it at kindle e-learning centre and everybody hasn’t seen their result why

    • Same center too oh nd same day I’m frustrated .Fb kpejoh Esther Emmy pls message me let’s get intouch

  60. Please help me out I wrote my exam sat 13 I haven’t seen my result

  61. m getting scared. I wrote since Monday n v not yet seen my result

  62. Igbolekwu chiamaka

    I wrote since on Monday I can’t see my result wat is the problem

  63. okuoru timiebi victor

    I wrote since on the 13th and my result is not yet out

    • JAMB registrar has promised that all pending results will be released soon provided the candidate did not involve in exam malpractice. So be patient.

  64. Ezike Chimezie

    I wrote my Exam last week monday (15th MAY) and up till now i never got my result

  65. since 13th may i hvnt seen my jamb score

    • Even if you are not able to submit, the system submits for you the moment it shuts down. So I do not think that was the reason for not seeing your results. Just hold on before the end of next week we believe all pending results would have been released apart from the ones found to involve in issues like exam malpractice.

  66. Finally saw my Jamb result,not happy though scored 194 [email protected]
    SCHOOLNEWSNG remains the best anyway.?

    • Thanks Nathan. Congratulations on your result. At least It can still get you an admission which is the important thing.

  67. mine is also showing half way I’m confused

  68. oyedokun sodiq oladipupo

    I have not seen my result since may 15 2017,so what can I do

    • Check again, some results have just been uploaded. If your is not there, just be patient

  69. I wrote on 16th may and it keeps saying no result yet ,but the girl whom I wrote the exam with on same day and time has seen hers.Sincerely I’m so scared,confused and frustrated at the same time?

    • You need not to be. There is no way JAMB refuse to released your result without any justifiable reason. We believe JAMB must be having some technical issues with the upload of results. This we hope will be resolved soon and candidates will be able to see their results.

    • Thank,this calmed my nerve in a way.

  70. What’s the problem I wrote since Monday ,yet no result.I’m worried

    • You need not to be. There is no way JAMB refuse to released your result without any justifiable reason. We believe JAMB must be having some technical issues with the upload of results. This we hope will be resolved soon and candidates will be able to see their results.

  71. I wrote my exam on the 17th and am so impatient…am yet to receive my result

  72. i wrote since on 16th but result for me

  73. Orbunde stephen

    my jamb result is showing half way, I can view the left hand side of my result but I can not see the right hand side of it. which means my scores are not viewing only the subjects. what is the problem?

    • Just be patient. There are bound to be one or two errors is situations like this. But we hope JAMB is working on it and will resolve all issues soon. Just hold on a bit.

    • Stephen, when your result is show. half way ,go to a cyber cafe,the reason is bcos u are using opera mini or not compatible browser

      go to cyber cafe,you will be able to see everything

  74. Have not seen my result since Monday 15th

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