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The Truth About JAMB Result Upgrade

Many candidates have been searching online for information on how to upgrade JAMB result. The question is, is upgrading of UTME result even possible?

Many individuals are parading themselves online as JAMB officials promising to help candidates who have low scores in the JAMB UTME to upgrade their results. They will tell you they have the power to change your score to 200 and 250.

They will even go as far as showing you screenshots of results that they claim to have upgraded. Those photos are nothing real. They are edited pictures of candidates’ results they got online.

The truth is that these people are nothing but desperate and unscrupulous fraudsters who just want to defraud you of your hard-earned money.

These scammers also share fake testimonies like the one below claiming they met Mr …… who helped them in upgrading their JAMB Results and ask you to contact the person to upgrade yours as well.

upgrading of JAMB result

Please do not fall a victim to this. It is just one of their gimmicks to make you believe they are real but, it’s all fake. Many of you must have come across similar messages on Facebook, websites and other online platforms. They are not true. Don’t fall for it.

The truth is, the upgrading of JAMB result is not possible. Anybody promising you that is a scammer. Do not waste your money trying to see if the JAMB result upgrade is true or not. If you fall victim to it, you have yourself to blame.

What To Do Instead Of Looking For How To Upgrade JAMB Result

For you to be seeking to upgrade your JAMB score only means that you have a low UTME score or did not meet the JAMB cut-off mark for your desired course or institution.  A low sore most times does not automatically mean that you cannot gain admission. Below are options to consider;

  1. Consider changing your course or institutions: If you score below the cut-off mark for your desired course or institution, you can change to another institution or a course that can accept your score. Many universities Accept between 160 to 180. While many polytechnics and colleges of education accept as low as 100 as cut-off mark.
  2. Consider other Admission Options: If the 1st option fails, possible, consider predegree programme , A’level programmes or other options that give you a university admission without JAMB.
  3. Try Again: That you failed this year’s JAMB exam does mean in any way that you are a failure. You can try next time and nail it better.

Don’t make yourself a victim UTME result upgrading. You have been advised!

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  1. I got 183 in jamb & i choose unilorin as first choice.my course electrical eng is 200 which course is related my course that i cao choose

  2. Sir I score 171 can I gain admission into AAU Ekpoma

  3. Babalola olamilekan

    I scored 189 in my utme nd I want to. Study chemical engineering in unilorin am I good to go

  4. I score 170 in utme, can I study political science in tasued


  6. Aw can I print out my result

  7. Pls can I study mass communication with 189 in buk?

  8. Pls sir, scored 235 in utme and want to apply for computer science at FUTA, hope m good to go

  9. computer science and i i scored 211, hope Unizik will accept me

  10. pls i scored 204 in my jamb can i study nursing in lasu pls someone ansa me

  11. I scored 197 and I want to read psychology in unizik can I get it

  12. Abubakar sodiq musbaudeen

    i scored 142 can I get admission into Ekiti federal university
    to study political science

    Plz someone should answer me ?

  13. Pls sir,I scored 174
    Can I gain admission into Ebsu or funai to study mass communication pls?

  14. Can I be admitted with 195pharmacy unijos

  15. Use d sim u registered with to send it

  16. I got 204 I was supposed to go for Pharmacy , is there any possibility that getting admission into uniben someone should pls ans me??

    • Bro, its not. If u want to atleast have a chance at getting pharmacy in Benin, you’d have to at least get 250 and above. Ps, Life science courses are slightly hard to obtain in the school

      • But don’t give up, there’s still a flicker of hope. If u prep for postume and get a very good grade like let’s say 80 or 75. Boom, you’ve already made it?

  17. Akomolafe rukayat

    Please sir what is the best way for me to enter uni with 150 as business administration

  18. I scored 165 can I get admission into unizik to study Estate management

    Plz someone should answer me ?

  19. please what is the jamb score for someone to apply for medicine and surgery in unizik

  20. Akanonu Solomon Ogechukwu

    Pls sir let me know the University that it cut-mark is 100 to 200

  21. What is ur state?

  22. I had 191 can I have admission with it BUK??

  23. I scored 196 and I want to study political science uni Ilorin what are my chances

  24. Sir 171 can unical give me admission

  25. can I study pharmacy with 221?

  26. okemmiri Charles chisom

    I need only 180 to enter school, but I scored 167 pls help me.

  27. I scored 203 in jamb please would unilag or oou accept me for pharmacy

    • Those 2 schools are hard. You’d have to at least score ? 290 or 280. This helps u with ur aggregate. Then try scoring higher in their postume which I heard are two of the hardest postume’s. Trust me, those school’s exam are hard as hell. ? But people still get in, so, I’m not looking down on you or trying to judge your potential . who knows, you might make it if u believe in ur self and ur preparation. Have fortitude and really prepare for those schools next year. Good things never cease

  28. Bunde Terlumun Michael

    Please sir, may l know that University that will admit me with 172 in Northern part of the country Nigeria

  29. I score 149 without economics,and I want to study performing arts in fuoye,what can I do?????

    • Dear Tomilola, the score is too low. There is simply no way you can study any course in FUOYE with such a low score.
      However, you can still consider joining our predegree programme and visit Mathematics Clinic, Ado for free lessons to help you do well in your exams.
      Wishing you all the best!

  30. pls I did my exam on Friday, bt I haven’t seen the result…have sent message to 55019 but no response and they have deduct #50 their charges they only send me invalid name

  31. I score 145 and I apply for FUDMA sir please ? help me my score is low

  32. I score 186 in my JAMB and I want to study creative art in Unilag is that possible.

  33. Please I score 177 can I still get admission into university ATBU bauchi engineering coz

    • Sir, I score 166 in my jamb can I get admission in AAU as civic engineer I know my score is low but pls I don’t know if you can help me

  34. Pls help me out

  35. I wrote my jamb on the 16th,up till now,have been sending RESULT to 55019.but not getting any response till now……. though I used GLO sim card to register….

  36. Oke zainab Abdulhakeem

    I score 151 I apply for Ibbu lapai minna

  37. Guys upgrading jamb score is scam don’t even think about it.if you didn’t high this year work harder and pray maybe God will interven thank you

  38. Please do i have a hope of gaining admission in river State University?? I score 177

  39. Macaulay Ezekiel

    I have 193 in my jamb is there any Chance of me studying in lasu

  40. Can I get admission into unilorin with jamb Score 212 and I’m indegen of kwara

  41. I scored 192 in Jamb and I want to study Economics. Please which federal University will accept me?

  42. Plz I scored 230 in my jamb and I wanna study computer science in Lasu can I see admission or I should just change my course….plz I need a reply

  43. I score 155 can I get admission in esut

  44. Duruchukwu miracle

    I scored 153 can I still gain addmission in lasu or any collage of education

  45. I scored 176, please any possible means of getting admission into unizik , to study economics

    • No way my dear, change institution, don’t even bother applying for unizik Post utme because the school will frustrate your life, last year I scored 191 i put unizik and I was aspiring for business education for that matter, scored 40 in post utme, unizik didn’t give me admission and everything was based on merit, after that they brought out supplementary form and they do departmental cut off Mark too

    • Just because the other person scored 40 in her postume, it doesn’t mean that yours will be like that. Read like a beast for ur postume. Its only an exam. People still pass it. Don’t end ur own story based on the ending of another’s

  46. Hello did I meet NDA cutoff mark I score 163

  47. Please can I study mechanical engineering in futa with 200?

    • Halima, you can study Mechanical Engineering in FUTA with your score of 200. What you need to do now is to begin preparation for the post UTME as your faith now depends on it.

      You can consider signing up for any of my free classes online to enable you prepare for post UTME.

      I wish you the best in all your endeavours.

  48. Please I scored 154 can I still gain admission in uniziki for the curse English language

  49. I got 159 pls help me

  50. Please help me I got 210 in my jamb, is there any possibility of gaining admission into unilorin to study biochemistry

  51. Pls I got 170 in jamb can I get admission into unn plssss????

  52. Adeyemi Gbolahan

    Please I got 151 in my jamb please help me

  53. I scored 189 and I want to study microbiology in unilorin how possible is it??

  54. Good morning, please I got 175 in Jamb is there anyway I can get admission into FUTMINNA I want to study Architecture

  55. I score 173 can I get admission in unical
    For computer science

  56. I have 200 and I want to study accounting… Please which university will accept me with this score

  57. Pls I have 171 score and I want to read public administration pls can I get admission in ABU Zaria or Kaduna state university and any others university from north?

  58. I got 208 in my jamb utme and I want to study accounting in unizik is it possible?

    And I also heard the cutoff mark for each course is to be calculated with your post-utme and jamb score together to know if you reach the cutoff mark for the course; is it true? Or is it just only with your jamb score will determine?

  59. Hello pls can I still study computer science technology without chemistry good grade in Niger Delta university or another other university’s with jamb score 167 last time I checked.
    Marketing grade C5
    Econ’s C5
    Civic B2
    English B3
    General maths C5
    Agric C5
    Biology C6
    Chemistry E8
    Physic ; B3

  60. Please notify us on the school that accepts 160-180 as jamb cut off mark.love myschoolgist

  61. Please I really need help from here can I be giving admission into FUAM to study Computer Science with these my jamb score 171

  62. I have 170,can I be accepted in OOU, for studying performing art….

  63. Faruq oluwatosin

    Please I have 195 in jamb and I choose futminna to study computer engineering and actually computer engineering cut off mark overthere is 200. What can I do? Can I be accepted by the school???

    • Oluwafunmilayo Deborah Jegede

      U will be accepted in the school not the course u are going for u have to change course that fit into ur score

    • You don’t need to do any thing you just have to work hard in your post utme that all and you will get admission or change your course

  64. Can I gain admission into federal University wukari with 155

  65. I scored 197 , can I still Gain admissions with it
    Course: history and international relations

  66. Emoghene Damaris

    Pls I scored 167 and I want to study political science in university of calabar is it possible pls

  67. I got 204 in my jamb utme pls can I gain admition studying Elect elect or computer science at ABU Zaria?

    • Of course, you have 90% chance of getting admission in abu zaria because the cut of mark for computer science is 190 in abu zaria

    • Okereke jacinta ekpereamaka

      Can I get admission into ABU Zaria to study pharmacy with jamb score of 204?
      Please I want a piece of advice because I don’t know what to do now
      I’m confused right now.

  68. Please i wrote jamb and my scores is very low, so I want to change my course, but the problem is that am a science student with this kind of subject combination for (computer science) ENGLISH, PHYSICS,. CHEMISTRY, and MATHS, is it possible to change it to art course,(political science) or any other art course? Thanks

  69. Please can I change my course and Institution after my post utme exam?

    • I would say thank you so much Sir…..for this enlightenment cos so many students have been and/or are yet to be victims of these nonsense including a female friend of mine …..
      We both registered for jamb ;then while I was trying to be reading at least an hour every day;she was roaming about shopping all because her fiance works with jamb and because she was told that even if her utme score is low;that she can upgrade it by paying about 50k to some fucken people….
      A lot of jambites don’t even have time to study before the exam anymore all because they were deceived about this upgrading stuff…….

    • Bunde Terlumun Michael

      Please sir, may l know that University that will admit me with 172 in Northern part of the country Nigeria

    • Yes you can change to another university of your choice. Visit any of the CBT centres around you.
      God Bless!

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