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Things candidates should do after JAMB Registration

After JAMB registration, candidates often want to know what next they are expected to do. The purpose of this post is to let UTME candidates know a couple of things they are expected to do after their JAMB registration.

Before we get into other things you are expected to do, the major thing you are expected to do now is simple. You should now study as much as you can. Try and cover the topics on the JAMB syllabus for your selected subjects.

Don’t even think of cheating to pass the exam. That is one of the easiest ways to put yourself up for failure because it is no longer easy to cheat JAMB’s system and the consequences if you are caught are not worth it.

To help you adequately prepare, you need to download ad activate the First Class learners app or software for the 2022 JAMB exam if you have not done so already. Do so via these links;

Other things UTME candidates are expected to do after JAMB registration

Apart from getting ready for the exam, candidates are to try as much as possible to stay updated with the necessary information especially as it concerns any of the following;

Exam date and any possible changes: JAMB can change the dates of the exam or other aspects of the exam at any time. That has been the case in previous years. So it is advisable for candidates to stay updated as to know when any change like that has been made and adjust accordingly

Printing of the JAMB exam slip: The JAMB exam slip shows candidates the date of their exam, the centre, and the time of the exam. JAMB will announce an official date for candidates to print their exam slips.

Link your email address to your JAMB profile: Candidates will be required to link their email addresses after the closure of JAMB registration. This is to enable them to login to the JAMB portal and the JAMB CAPS and be able to use services like change of course and institution, checking of admission status, etc.

Just like in previous years, we will rig you all necessary information and updates concerning anything you need to know about the JAMB exam, Post-UTME, and admission.

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