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WAEC concludes 70th NEC meeting, reveals decision on withheld results and malpractice cases

The Nigeria Examinations Committee (NEC), of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) at the end of its 70th meeting in Lagos, has released a communique on the sanctions and decisions it has taken concerning all established cases of examination malpractice recorded during the conduct of the 2020 May/June examination.

According to the communique released,  entire results of candidates found in proven cases of examination malpractice would be cancelled. Similarly, candidates involved in proven cases of malpractice in a particular subject will have the result for that subject cancelled.

In addition, some candidates will also suffer other sanctions Such as barring them from sitting tor the council’s examinations for a certain number of years, some schools will be derecognized tor a specified number of years or have all their recognition completely withdrawn, some supervisors that were found wanting in the discharge of their examination duties will be formally reported to their employers and blacklisted while some Invigilators will also be reported to the appropriate authorities for disciplinary action.

According to the communique, the decisions of the Committee will be implemented without delay and the affected candidates and schools duly informed by the Council.

The communique equally added that the results of candidates who were exonerated by the Committee will be released. However, the date for the release of the results was not given. But we advised candidates to check the result porta regularly.

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  1. Hmmmm dis it so so unbelievably
    Wats d need of cancelling some subjects
    Anyway am not surprised.cus country s full of surprises….mad people everywhere..??

  2. Cancelled results has been released you can go and check
    They cancelled physics from my own but the rest was B all through

  3. Why will waec canceled Student result

  4. Abdulrahman Danladi Muhammad

    Please notify me
    When you put the date of release of 2020 result.

  5. Mad oo
    We should be checking the portal regularly?
    What if our card finish
    Are they going provide another means for us
    Mad people everywhere

  6. ???? we plenty for there

  7. Please when is the exact date my school requires I upload my o’level results

  8. Abdulwakeel Abdullahi

    Has anyone seen his/her outstanding result grade being shown?

  9. Pls when would it be released,dates for post utme has already been fixed and they require o level results

    • All my result is cancelled
      Not even a single one is left
      Will they still release it or we should protest
      I think this country and organisation in it are all corrupt

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