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WAEC reveals exam date and number of candidates for 2021 May/June SSCE

WAEC has revealed that about 1.6 million candidates are expected to participate in this year’s West African Senior School Certificate Examination which has been scheduled to begin on August 16, 2021, to September 30, 2021. This was revealed by the Head of the National Office of West African Examination Council, Mr Patrick Areghan, in an interview with newsmen in Lagos.

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He stated that the council was working with relevant stakeholders to ensure a hitch-free WASSCE for school candidates, in spite of some challenges.

According to him, the entire process of conducting the examination – from the printing of examination materials, distributing them, and ensuring security, to the recruitment of Adhoc staff and printing certificates – is a huge financial burden.

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He noted that the West African School Certificate was internationally accepted and required protection of its integrity.

He urged schools and candidates to get themselves well prepared ahead of the examination, warning that the council would not tolerate any acts capable of undermining the integrity of the examination.

“We have in-built mechanisms to detect every act of cheating; cheats, when caught, will not get their results.

”Even if you cheat in our objective test, we will catch you, using technology. This technology is called the Item Deferential Profile; it has been there for quite sometime,” he said.

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  1. Let keep hoping on God oo??

  2. This waec official didn’t want us to rest at all, there’s even no interval between the NECO’s ending day and WAEC’s commencement day.
    this’s terrible o !

  3. I thought the update said that waec will start on 16th August and end on 30th September, why is everyone talking this way?

  4. Waec commence on August 4th
    you guys should not believe this shit

  5. waec should start fast oooooo

  6. My problem is not even about waec??I cnt even rewrite that jamb next year ejor na ??let’s do what we have to do this year ?

    • Please if the student preparing for WAEC will not be seating for it then let the government also refund the payment oo

  7. WAEC have been that means there is no admission this year or what??
    And what of the people dat have WAEC ,are they going to offer them admission??

  8. Abdul Rahman ibrahim

    Pls wat about this year admission? will some that are not using awaiting result be admitted??

    • Why would the ministry of education took such a miserable decision?
      I don’t know why everything about this country is too frustrating ?.

      How could a leader everyone is looking up to would won’t to take decision without minding the effect it would bring on us, yet considered to be trusted.

      I wonder how they 2021 WAEC Bach vs 2020 batch would cope in 2021 if at all school would ever open in Nigeria again.

  9. Hephzibah Promise

    Well those who sees vision will understand….
    Please don’t think I’m too spiritual here ooo

  10. This man is taking this corona stuff too personal! Nonsense! Better allow those students finish their academy session before thunder would struck you and your lies!

  11. I really don’t care what happens??, coz u never know God’s plans for u and I. So pls jux pray to God’s to help; that Y we play for God’s will to be done right, pls see this as an opportunity for something great to happen and remember every disapointment is an opportunity for greatness..

    God bless…???

  12. Hmmm mallam adamu 2 b sincere we stayin at home does nt make any sense fa… jst lyk our FG are confused hw many date av dey set 4 d exams,still it was cancelled nd nw d worst is dat it is prosponed…my beloved co-jambite nd waec candidate i tink we shud pray becos dis IS beyond bcareful we shoutin nd complainin won’t change anytin bt d pain is our heart….bt neva d less FG abeg make una get sense quick fa

  13. With what clues the federal goverment can stay behind. This is really unfair we are tired of remaining at home

  14. Wat dis country really turning into,d federal government should just have pity Nd approve d exam,it’s NT fair ,God. We need ur intervention,it’s NT getting funny anymore,y wil market b opening Nd schools can’t,it Nt fair

  15. I think this whole thing is a hoax. A very big lie and big conspiracy. So we would now write WAEC with SS2 students next year abi???…
    The virus sef is not as dangerous as predicted. Everything about this is full of lies. The federal government knows it isn’t serious but are using the opportunity to make money out of this.
    I hope the ministry of education doesn’t have brain issues. You tell me markets can be opened and schools can’t be. Then your taking the exams to the next year. It’s sincere and obsolete madness. South Africa that has opened schools despite them having the highest cases in Africa.

  16. Imagine these people again
    If we stay an extra year back,what do they expect us to be doing????
    They’ve opened even markets?!! . Markets are the most busiest and congested places in this country and now u cant open small school?!!
    Meanwhile what abt our payments for the kain waec sef. It should jus fly into thin air or what???
    See, these people should not even play with us b4 they swear for sombori oh
    We gas write now abeg…
    Afta all d jacking sombori has done.
    Nooo u guys should not even run mad

  17. I’ve been getting by this past few weeks by saying Omo. I think they should just use our UTME result. Anyways only God will save us in this country ?.

  18. This really seriously infact Nigeria is really going crazy this day’s..
    But please what we now happened to the 2020 waec registration fee now cuz waec don collect there own money oo..
    Are they going to refund the waec fee or the leaders we pay for the student registration fee by 2021.

    • Same here, they need to tell us about the fees for both waec and neco ooo, my money no go burn just like that

  19. Omg pls I can’t rewrite jamb next year …God please help us student.

    • I just pray they allow us use the result next year ooooo

    • Augustine joy ebalehita

      Am actually tired of this whole story.pls d government should at least consider can’t be open and school remain closed.only God knows if they are not lieing about this corona stuff.

  20. They are even lying abt this Corona stuff. I think it is almost 30thousands and something. Abeg where did u put all those people. If that amount of people have been infected, then the whole should have been infected. They open banks, markets, religious activities and even interstate movements. Now to open school is the problem. All they know is to embezzle money and we the poor are the one suffering for it. They Know that if they open school, their secret will be known to everyone. Abeg whoever that is controlling this country, should use sense oo. Shey ur robot president no fit talk to all this Abi he is blind or deaf

  21. I know common sense isn’t too common.
    If market places can reopen, why not reopen

  22. Olaniyi Rebecca

    How could they cancel the exam, wat abt the jamb we have written. And even if they cancel it, will our money just waste like that. Abeg no do shit for us. Abeg Nigeria students come protest oo cuz I am even tired of this nonsense. Pls we can’t stay another year at home, we are getting older everyday. Let us do wat we want to do and forget it since we are not even kids

  23. Is it that no wasce for us and our money is gone just like that or what

  24. Nuhu Muhammad tahir

    Heyyy ohh god of mercy pls honorable minister allow us ,resume to the schools

  25. Never too late in life

    I can see the plans of enemies
    Those with awaiting result will not Gain admission this year making them to seat for another jamb next year
    Most of them have high score
    I wish private schools can write their own since FG said no school under their control will right
    Witch craft adamu

  26. Jonathan Dangkoen

    I hope they won’t cancel jamb ooh.
    Bcuz am done writing jamb.

  27. Oh god help us ooothis people want our ass to rust at home ooo we done tired

  28. After all the reading from the beginning of this July, only for so called FG to come cancel Waec, chai am not reading again ooo, my brain is already hot, I can’t kill myself biko?????

  29. But seriously I think Sir Adamu Adamu should consider us we are still the ones parents send to markets and banks for our parents …we go to churches oo we are going to enter uni there’s nothing like ” we dont want to risk the children’s life” so please we are old enough to know how to control ourselves . Federal government please calm down and think of how it is no be only us waka come o ahh from Ebola to covid 19 hmmm please think about it we cant repeat an academic year its excruciating

  30. Olisachikaodinaka

    Please oo students should come out and protest against this rubbish

  31. We are begging you our government consider us cus we need this exam this year especially me my destined can not be delayed

  32. Akpigho Blessing

    See all this should better be a joke ooo. If it were to be one of your child that is in this you won’t even mind taking him abroad or paying inlegal money. I Abeg you in the name of God I need that exam everyone need’s it.
    There have been market, churches, even parties. Please just consider us, those who wrote jamb expecting waec results??? other countries are writing I don’t know what’s happening in this country all they are interested in is money how to steal and buy mansions

    Oh God help us especially me..

  33. Lemme not even believe this shit……if truly the Waec is next month…..them never Born F-G or what ever is controlling this country….to stop it….them open market, bank, churches,..then they wanna leave school behind……. they’re saying rubbish

  34. You guys should chill…they will reopen school…… Na mumu Dy worry them..

  35. God please don’t allow this to happen my destiny cannot be delayed ?

  36. I dont know whatever the ministry of education name is… Baba better behave urself ohh….. Don’t angry Nigerian students ohhh…banks have opened, churches, market places…abi they told u we are children abi…sir behave urself ohh..don’t angry us

  37. FG, it’s not fair. If market, churches and banks have reopened why not school. Other countries have resumed. As for me, I’m schooling online. But it pains me to hear this. This might affect the students if really it’s true.

  38. If this is a piece of trash, the author should be banned, but if it’s true, I don’t think the ministry is making a right decision.
    He should ponder over this again before finalising the whole matter

  39. Why is everything in Nigeria always done the abnormal way he can FG open market of all places then still leave school unopened sincerely dis FG is jxt playing with our lives. Why is it the poor masses dat to suffer in dis country.

  40. Ha nigerians we have problems, how could you imagine market,domestic flie, banks,social activities, all are allow only schools to resume become problem to u ppl how ever most of us no that the kind of crowd thoes places gather its ahead of schools one, so u people want to ruine our life by stoping us from going to scul god pass all of ur evil conspiracy u dont value education at all.

    • Omoteso Sulaimon

      Let’s pitty all the students, meanwhile sitting at home will not help them,and we should know that they’re the country’s tomorrow, let’s plan them well……….GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

  41. Concealing this year examination is not necessary after observing the whole lockdown, still couldn’t come out with a solution why not make provision for for every school under the ministry of education that will possibly lead to a successful ending without stories, like hand sanitizer water for watching of hands liquids soap for disinfectant
    as a mater of fact your children are at home right now studying online and at the end of this year that you people have decided to conceal a whole academic section will still have there result been given and valid
    All you people wants is to make the ordinary citizen to at all times find it so difficult to survive
    If I may ask what are the duties of the government to this country interns of education
    but I a sure you all this are revolution signs
    Please stop fooling this country,

    • Ismail Muhammad Birma

      This minster of education is mad woo
      If not why are they doing dis to us now we can go to the market we can go every where and the crowd in the maker is even more larger and congested than the scul so why can we go to the market but can’t go to scul

  42. I believe this is a kind of Joke. Loose an Academic Session?

  43. Stupid people always confused, something I heard in the news with my own ears clearly, now this he-goat is saying ‘he must have been misquoted’. nye nye nye nye?. I’m not even a WAEC student, but this people should not let me swear for them oo.?

  44. I don’t understand what you are saying, you mean those of us with awaiting result are not gonna get admitted this year, then what will happen to our jamb? This act is totally uncalled for, This country is totally corrupted, you guys don’t value education at all. Those who this pandemic started from there country has allowed there children to go back to school, but we the Nigeria we don’t value education. It’s a shame if every gathering has been reopened but you guys still shut down school.
    I regret being a part of this country

  45. Akinsola Joshua

    Am tired of sitting at home

  46. Mstwww we must resume school weather you like it or not

  47. home is not like school oooo let reasume quicly

  48. Nigeria the giant of Africa!

    • What can of thing is this u guys are using us to play we are not toy but human being for christ sake please when are we writing our waec

  49. What an unscrupulous and rigorious country we are, that education is a No No, now despite the millions of cases in U.S schools and other things are open. Infact this country need deliverance. Locking down school is not the solution. Thank u

  50. Abeg what is this na. I most graduate this year o whether the devil likes it or not. I can’t spend a whole 1year at home na. Maka why

  51. Does anyone know whether change of course form for unilorin is out ??

  52. What about the people that registered their
    Jamb with awaiting results?
    When the university of their choice have
    commence post utme screening?
    does it means they will not gain admission?

    • I think students with awaiting result may not be given admission considering the fact that you can’t process anything concerning admission without SSCE…Those with WAEC result should be given admission,it will make admission easier for them atleast… Because from the look of things, SSCE may be written towards the ending of the year or even next year…Those with awaiting should wait till next year..It’s nobody’s fault…the pandemic has made things this way….

    • You are not serious

    • Is the pandemic affecting only Nigeria, cos schools in other countries that were more affected with the pandemic are already opened, Haaa Nigeria is fucked

    • What a country we have
      See waec give us back our money sef

    • That mouth shut it we don’t need ur opinion

    • Olaniyi Rebecca

      Is like this one u are not serious at all. Keep that ur dirty mouth of urs shut

    • Hephzibah Promise

      I think so

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