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All You Should Know About Combining O’Level Results

Many candidates often ask if their schools of choice will accept the combination of O’level results or accept O’level results obtained after two sittings. Combining O’level results or Using “Two sittings Result” happens when you don’t have all the needed O’level requirements for your course of study in a single result, which means you have to sit for another exam to make up for the remaining required subject (s).

There are three recognized bodies when it comes to conducting O’level examinations in Nigeria;

-The West African Examination Council (WAEC)

-National Examination Council (NECO)

National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB)

One major question students or admission seekers often ask concerning the results obtained from these examination bodies is, “Can I combine “this” with “that”?

Now, let’s deal with that. When it comes to combining O’level results, one thing you should know is that almost all institutions accept two sittings and that means you can actually combine a maximum of two O’Level results when seeking admission into that course (WAEC/NECO, WAEC/WAEC, NECO/NECO, WAEC/NABTEB, NECO/ NABTEB, NABTEB/NABTEB) and their GCE equivalents regardless of the difference between the years you sat for them. However, there are exceptions;

  1. Some schools accept 5 credits at one sitting or 6 credits at two sittings for some courses e.g University of Ibadan (UI) accepts O’ level 5 credits at one sitting or 6 credits at two sittings for Law.
  2. UNIBEN, UNIBADAN, IMSU, ABSU, EBSU, UNIOSUN, ANSU, UNILORIN, DELSU, UNILAG, UNN, and BOWEN accepts just one sitting for Medicine And Surgery (MBBS).
  3. UI Accepts Just one sitting for Pharmacy
  4. All Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, etc accept a combination of results but it should not exceed two sittings

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Combining O’level results does not really put you at a disadvantage during the admission process. The only time it does is in the instances mentioned above or if your school of choice decides to consider the number of O’level exam sittings as one of the primary criteria in the admission process which rarely happens.

So the bottom line is whether it is one sitting or two sittings, just make sure that you have the right O’level requirements for any course you intend to apply for in your school of choice.

We hope this helps. If you have questions, you can ask using the comment box.

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  1. My mathematics was cancelled in my Weac, can I still enroll for jamb

  2. Charles precious

    Pls I had e8 in maths in waec and c5 in neco, can I combine the both for entry
    And I also want to know schools that take combined results

  3. Alfred Samson Tupshak

    Do part time also accept combination of result

  4. Asiwaju halimat koyinsola

    Can I combine waec and Waec to study mass commo in uni of Ilorin

  5. Jeremy Jace Chinedu

    The problem is i got 4 credit in waec and 2 credit in gce i want to combine but the problem is one of the subject are the same grade in both sitting pls wat the solution

  6. Can I combined waec 2010 with nabteb 2020 to further my direct entry at OOU ogun state University bcos I scored D7 in English language and I want to rewrite it I want to seat for nabteb can I combined it together

  7. If I get a B in Physics Neco but get a D in waec but the rest subjects are perfect can I replace my neco physics with my waec physics?

  8. Is there any problem for relogging into post utme portal after registration

  9. Pls can I combine waec and neco gce to study computer science

  10. Can I use NECO results to travel or study in another country.

  11. Can I conbine neco and weac to study public administration

  12. Can I combine NECO and WAEC to study LAW at the University of ibadan

    • I have been trying to upload my result combination (waec and GCE) but it’s not going through and I have checked different cyber cafe all to no avail, please should I do

  13. Pls can I combine neco n waec written in different school same yr

  14. Can I use Neco and jamb to gain admission

  15. I wrote waec once, the result came out fine just that my mathematics was cancelled but I pass it in my neco. My question is can I combine them

  16. How do I calculate O’level two sittings result

  17. I choose lasu and I want to study law ,I am using 2sitting for my O’level result

  18. Olusola Ark Of God

    Can UI accept two sittings for medical laboratory science

  19. 1)How to calculate 2sittings for o’level result
    2)can I change it from one sitting to two sittings after jamb/during admission process

  20. Oluyemo motunrayo

    I passed my waec but my jamb was so poor how can I study computer science at University of ilorin…….

  21. Abubakar jazuli

    Can I combine NECO 2017 and NECO 2019

  22. Can I combine my result for physiotherapy in University of ibadan sir very urgent


    AND ALSO, CAN I CAN I CHANGE A FEW COURSES FROM SCIENCE TO ADDING ART COURSES in my second siting in case i decide to change course?


    AND ALSO, CAN I CAN I CHANGE A FEW COURSES FROM SCIENCE TO ADDING ART COURSES in my second siting in case i decide to change course?

    • Please do I need to pass all the subjects combination that I choose in jamb in o’level as well? Because I choose agric in jamb but I don’t pass it in my o’level result.

  25. Olowookere zainab adekemi

    Can I combine 2014 weac with nabteb/GCE 2020. Pls I need reply.

  26. The gender on my weac is wrong instead of male it was female, so i swore an affidavit, my question is hope it will not affect my admission process

  27. Can weac and neco to study medicine and surgery just one sitting

  28. Can i study economics with e8 in government at unilag

  29. Can I combine 2017 waec and 2020 waec?

    • Most schools accept 2sittings in equivalent of 2yrs,the combination of the exam must be 2yrs difference….
      E.g 2018_2020

  30. I have E8 in literature in English can I still still study law

  31. I have E8 in maths and I’m an art student, what course will accept that and which school. I made the rest of my papers.

  32. Comr. Salako Olawale Ayomipo

    Need some informations about UNN about Business Education. All it entails to be given an admission. Will b glad if am given adequate information about this.

    I heard applicants to UNN as DE will also sit for UTME and I wants to know if that’s real. If it is real, what are the subjects to b chosen for the Course ?

    Cos last time I checked the requirement for it on Jamb website I saw English, Math, Account, Typewriting, Shorthand, Chemistry, Physics, Government.
    Excluding commerce. Pls I need more enlightenment

  33. my English in my waec is e8 and my neco is c4 but in my neco my surname was not misplelt will it affect my of I want to combine the two results

    • I believe you can’t combine results again bro

      • Plss sir,am using combine result,waec ND neco,in jamb portal I used d neco maths but in d school portal I used d neco maths ND literature,have been offered admission by d school, hope d difference is not a problem

  34. I have my waec pass in mathematics can i study medicine and surgery please i need and answer

  35. pls can i combine wesc gce with neco school result

  36. Can one combine waec and neco for pharmacy in UNN ,and can one after d combination use the certificate outside Nigeria

  37. Can person combine nabteb O level result with NECO result

  38. Pls…..I uploaded two waec results on my school’s portal, one waec and anoder waec GCE ,for law in UI…….Then later on,I uploaded a complete neco result to jamb caps……do u think this can affect my admission for uploading different Olevel results to the two portals, I have been asking around,and the answers I got have not been satisfactory…….pls,wat do u suppose?…

  39. Pls I actually use awaiting result wen registering my jamb
    When the waec result is now out d result is bad so I have to use my older result
    There are now two different subjects in both exam
    Won’t that change my result to 2 sitting

  40. Please can i combine results of art department and science to do music

  41. My post utme score is 60% in oou and my Jamb score is 221 also my waec result is very alright…. Pls can I be given medicine and surgery because that’s what I chose as my first choice.
    Pls I need an urgent answer pls
    God bless you

  42. Can I combine result for uniben law I got e8 in waec but passed in neco literature

  43. Pls can I combine GCE and WAEC result for admission pursuit. I wrote jamb and waec 2019,I passed my jamb but failed English in waec and I want to write GCE this year. Can I combine my waec and GCE and still get admission because my post utme is on August and the GCE is on December.

  44. Good day …pls can I combine both waec nd nabteb results while uploading to jamb…??

  45. Can I combine GCE with waec for pharmacology in unilag


    Can I use 2019 GCE to gain Admission into osun state polytechnic, iree

  47. Can I combine f9 in gce with f9 in waec
    Please i need a reply

  48. please can I offer mass communication with the following results
    biology …C4
    animal husbandry ….C4

    • No Amanda, you need your Government and Literature honey, sorry you got to change.

    • pls call me 08100198001 want to ask you something or you can also msg me on whatsapp then we can talk more better i need to know about it,cos am also looking for admission to study mass communication in yaba tech and i want to know what to do .

  49. I scored D7 in Literature WAEC, please can i study Public Admin in ABU Zaria

  50. can i combine gce and neco to gain admission.

  51. Onudhoma precious

    Can I combine waec and neco in awaiting result?

  52. Abuh alilu innocent

    Thanks for your concern


      My screening Grade is 50 and I want to study computer engineering at osun state polytechnic, and I score 181 in my jamb, but the only conscience is that I have a Pass in English language D7 and also have B2 in Yoruba language, and other subject is good, is my Admission sure I need a urgent answer pls


      My screening Grade is 50 and I want to study computer engineering at osun state polytechnic, and I score 181 in my jamb, but the only conscience is that I have a Pass in English language D7 and also have B2 in Yoruba language, and other subject is good, is my Admission sure I need a urgent answer

  53. I have four credit including English and Math
    And I want to combine it with Nabteb can I?

  54. Can i use only my neco result and gat admission into the tertiary level?

  55. Gabriel Sylvanus

    Please Will Jamb Accept D7 in English Language

  56. pls can I combine WAEC and WAEC between 4years to study Banking and finance

  57. Pls if I am using two sitting, how can I fill the olevel stuff field in jamb form

    • I have registered for jamb,and I want to use awaiting result of Nabteb, but when I checked my Nabteb result,i see that i Don’t have physics, but I have it in waec,
      can I combined it??

  58. Can I use Waec2016 and Waecgce 2018

  59. Good day Please can I combine NECO and WAEC GCE for two sittings?

  60. Want to combine my 2008 NECO and 2015 WAEC results in my 2019/2020 admission application. How possible is this?

  61. pls in my waec I used IBIZUGBE DANIEL but in my gce I used IBIZUGBE DANIEL OSAYAMEN. can I combine both results?

  62. i got maths d7 nd others eng,economics,acct,civic,comerce,ccp,office pra,insurance are credit in neco.What can i study with this result

  63. can i combine waec result with neco gce for admission

  64. Oghenejakpor Gracious

    Please Can I Combine Waec gce Result With Neco Result?

  65. Can I combine O.level Neco GCE with Waec result for admission

  66. Can one combine Neco and GCE result for law

  67. Please can I combine waec 2013 with gce 2017? Please I need reply

  68. Can i combine two GCE sittings in FUOYE

  69. my NABTEB is good but my surname was Adeniran and am an IGBO boy i use the name cos my stepdad paid for my fee but now we are no more together and my new waec English is E8 so can i combine the two result for JUPEB

  70. thanks. but please can i combine neco 2017 and waec 2018 for unn electronics engineering?

  71. I sat for English, Government, Crs and Igbo language in Utme and got 240. Please can i study political science in Unizik?

  72. Please, can I combine two waec result of the same of the same type; two may/june result of different year.

  73. I want to combine waec and gce but the last name (not surname or fullname but last name) was misspelt as chifurumnaya instead of chifurumnanya can I go on with it.. I hear it’s not a problem considering it’s last name

  74. pls can a person combine a waec result of over 30 yrs with a recent GCE result?

  75. hey.. pls can I combine my 2015 waec and 2018 waec gce results for admission?

  76. I wt to combine my both wace and neco in poly will it be accepted

  77. Maryjane Ogbuewu

    i can combine neco gce&neco for law at esut

  78. Pls in my jamb na awaiting result i have already put waec gce but i dnt have opportunity to do it pls can i still upload any other exam like nabteb

    • JAMB may give candidate the opportunity to that later


        My screening Grade is 50 and I want to study computer engineering at osun state polytechnic, and I score 181 in my jamb, but the only conscience is that I have a Pass in English language D7 and also have B2 in Yoruba language, and other subject is good, is my Admission sure I need a urgent answer pls

      • I wrote gce 2016 and have all except maths and waec 2019 ND have all except economics and I really need economics for my course can I combine the two for admission in unibadan

    • Please can I combine 2 waec result for 2016 and 2018 to enter state university?

  79. Pls can i upload nabteb in jamb but i have already put waec but it is awaiting result

    • For now no. JAMB may give candidate the opportunity to that later

    • Please sir can I use these results to study Industrial chemisty.
      Civic Edu:A1
      English Language:C4
      Physics :A1

      • Hujjatullah Muhammad Adedeji

        All students can be admitted into the school of choice only by studying harder.

        Now in respect on result combination, students are advised to try their possible best to make all their papers in 1 sitting because it gives 90 percent of getting admission into the selected institution as chosen.

        The reason why you are required to try your best to make 1 sitting which gives 90 percent of being admited into the institution is because it boosts up candidate´s UTME exam score given by the selected institution.

        Students of nowadays thinks they can´t make 1 sitting because they are now reluctant in studying their books but the truth is everyone have the spirit of success in him. I believed in this inspiration that “I can do it all alone and once and for all” in constant practicing past questions and answers.

        Nowadays youths misuse the advantages of social media and search engines (google, wiki pediatric, esclopedia e t c.) they rather use it as an advantage of their playing games to search for unnecessary things instead of educative things.

        Now in respect of two sittings, i will still advise all school candidate of high school should try their best in getting their first paper but if they still missed their target and go for the second sitting, he/she should not be reluctant in still trying to clear all the papers in the second sittings because the more your high score after combination of the two sittings, the more the chance of getting admission into the selected institution of choice as selected.

        Many student feel more reluctant in writting their second sitting saying “After all am only looking for just two or three papers, so i will only put my best on those papers” this is the mentality of students saying they will only focus on their needed subjects but that is not the case, the real deal is by you trying even harder to clear all your papers in the second sitting but if still can´t clear all but got needed papers and high marks in other subjects, it gives you high chance on being selected in your selected institution and in the course selected as well.


        • What if one fails economics in waec but the remaining subjects are okay and in neco he passes all the subject can he submit the two for admission

  80. can I combine neco gce result and neco

  81. can I use my Nabteb 2016 and Nabteb GCE 2016 for admission pursuit

  82. please can I combine two gce sitting for computer science in yabatech

  83. My physics was cancelled but my other subject are ok.can I study medicine and surgery in. Uniben with that result.

  84. Thanks for this, really helped.

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