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JAMB Mock: Important Things To Observe During The Exam

Finally, the JAMB Mock Exam for 2021 UTME candidates holds on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021. For candidates who will be participating in the mock exam, we would like to point out a few things you should take note of that will help you during the main examination especially if this year will be your first time writing the JAMB exam.

We advise you to take the JAMB mock examination like it is the main JAMB examination. This will prepare your mind and help you grow the confidence to tackle the main JAMB exam. Observe the whole conduct of the exam carefully. Especially, take note of the following;

The Onscreen Calculator: JAMB will not allow candidates to come into the exam hall with calculators. You will be required to use the calculator that will be on your Computer screen to calculate anything during the exam So for those who will be taking subjects that have to do with calculations, I will advise you to take time to observe how the Onscreen calculator works. If you do not know how to use it, call the attention of the invigilator. This will help you know how to use it well during the main Exam.

Check If A Rough Sheet Is Provided: Also for candidates who will be taking subjects with calculations, most will require you to use a rough sheet. However, JAMB has banned the idea of bringing the rough paper in the exam hall. We don’t know if they will provide one for candidates. So try to see if there is any provision like that so you will know how to prepare for the main exam in terms of tacking calculation questions.

Other Important Things To Take Note Of:
a. Take a good look at the layout or interface of the computer screen after login in.
b.Take note of where the TIME is located and the exact time given for the exam.
c.Take note of where the Subject Navigation is Located, the subjects you will be examined on is located, how many questions you are to answer etc
d. If you are provided with the 8 key device introduced by JAMB, take the opportunity to master the keys earlier mentioned.
e.Check if both the 8 key device and Mouse are provided and if you are able to use the two.
f.Check if there is anything new that has been introduced by JAMB that wasn’t there last year.
g.If you find anything you do not understand, ask the invigilator so it won’t be a problem for you during the main exam.

Please to avoid being punished or disqualified, do not go to the hall with the banned items. If you must go with them, make sure you keep them somewhere safe outside the exam hall. You can come back after the mock exam to share your experiences with us in the comment section. It will be highly appreciated.

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  1. The update was reprinting to start yesterday, but I try log into jamb reprinting portals, but it was showing examination slip printing not allowed
    Pls is there anything I need to do?

  2. Please is the jamb mock result out.
    Please how will I know

  3. Amadoma assumpta

    Please, who has faced this kind of issue, I need help, the name in my NIN is not what am using for jamb, I have done NIN re registration to update my name and I have also done sim re registration to update the name in my sim, but my profile code keeps on coming with the old name, please how do I solve this problem,

  4. Jamb mock is not compulsory u have nothing to pay for since u have done ur registration relax as ur waiting for ur print out

  5. I wrote the was okay but the systems were not in good conditions

  6. How will I know if the mock result is out

  7. Victory women harchikaru

    Yes pls when are we going to reprint

  8. Glory Echereobia

    I registered for mock,but was not informed of. The recent. Date I thought it was on 5th, will. This affect me??

  9. How can I check my jamb mock exam results and when will it be released

  10. When will the mock results be available?

  11. Ahmed Olajumoke Jemilah

    The exam was okay, but there are few observations:
    1. The exam started way behind schedule, it started about 8:45 am instead of 7:00 am
    2. About twenty questions had load failure, either the answer options failed to load of diagrams failed to laod.


    • Teslim Raheem A

      Same problem at my center, some questions failed to load,some no answers in the options.Why is this so?

  12. When can we reprint our Jamb Slip to no the day and the time it we be writing Exam

  13. Please someone should share his or her experience with us and how the jamb mock exam was and whether it was been done with the 8keys or the mouse,The calculator was it on the screen or there is a button pressed to bring it out in fact give a descriptive explanation of the exam

  14. Epere Stanley ekene

    Please answer me sir I register for mock but I can’t see my information

    • Damilola Afolabi

      Go to the center you registered for JAMB with your registration slip. Theywill help you print your mock slip.

  15. Thank you so much for the update
    Ká Chụ́kwụ̀ ọkìké ọbịama mé gí nmá

  16. nura abdurrahman

    This my first time that I will writ the exam, please what are the banned iterms

  17. I am very happy with this post, because i am among the candidates that will participate in the mock exam tomorrow, i feel in mind that we will get our dream cut off mark insha Allah, ya Allah kayimuna jagora ameen…

  18. Can i take my phone along wit me

    • Phone is banned in the exam hall
      It will implicate u
      U have to drop anything that will implicate u outside the exam centre

    • No you can’t You just finish reading the instruction through phone is a banned item

    • Ikenna Nnate Iro

      Pls when is Jamb reprinting to start plsssss….and what is our password for the Jamb portal

  19. This is my first time writing jamb and I don’t have any experience on computer how am I going to do please

  20. Ebiowe bilebema blessing

    Pls I regist for mock but they told me I didn’t register for it and I my first time to write JAMB

  21. Please I registered for the jamb mock, but they told me I wasn’t selected for the mock, and this will be my first time experience of jamb. Will they repeat the same tutorial on how to operate the computer they gave at the center today

  22. Please I miss my mock jamb exam and how will i know the patterns they are using for me to get prepare

  23. The frequent emails were very helpful. Also it is important following the instructions. And remember to cross check your work. I had a whole new experience writing this jamb mock

    • I miss my own exam I didn’t get e-mail so I went to cafe and surprise I got my mock jamb silp but before I reach there because it very far they have entered hall they didn’t allowed me. Pls can beliefly tell me how the pattern is and how answer will be help me

  24. Please is there any consequences if I don’t. Partake in the jamb mock even if I had registered for it

  25. Is it compulsory to write the jamb mock exam because I didn’t register for the jamb mock exam

  26. I did not see my center and I register for the mock

  27. Chidiebere Damian

    Pls is there any disadvantage for accepting to write the mock exam during registration and u later failed to write it.. Will it affect my main exam?

  28. i wrote the exam and it went well just that there was a little delay before the exam tho,

  29. thank God for the mock,it’s was ok but we suffer system fairlure i hope b4 the main exams the will rectifier there network problems or outof 100%only 20%will pass the exams.

  30. I am not writing the mock exam but how will i know how it goes, please i need some explanation so that i will prepare myself for it.

    • We will provide you with vital information from the experiences of candidates that participated in the Mock exam

    • Precious Raphael

      Pls sir,what if you registered for the mock and you weren’t able to participate in it,will it affect the candidate?
      Please sir,i really want to know this

  31. can one reprint his or her jamb print out in another state he or she did not register?

    As in,I registered in Enugu will I be able to get my print out in cross river state.

  32. Please when is the jamb re – print coming out?

  33. Am still confuse. Am at my centre and yet 7:00am candidates are now getting ready to write the exams……

  34. I registered with my gmail and it was approved but if I want to log-in to jamb site they will still be saying incorrect password,,hope there is nothing to worry about

  35. Since I registered for jamb, I’ve not been updated on where to write. I mean where I’m supposed to write.

    • JAMB will notify you of that soon

    • Check your Spam folder …they have surely sent it for those who registered for it…Remember you need to print out the Mock Exam Slip …the exam is today soo be fast abt it just go to any nearest cyber cafe they’ll open your mail there then you tell them to do the Print out …be fast abt it..

  36. I registered for the mock exam but I haven’t seen any message and the exam is 2morrow wat can I do

  37. I registered for mock exam but when I check my jamb profile I found out that I wasn’t registered, I hope it doesn’t affect the main exam

  38. Pls I haven’t received my jamb details uptill nw.

  39. i try to check my jamb profil if am qulify for d mock but is not showing does dat mean am not qualify for d main exam?
    is it complsory

  40. okwu amarachi beatrice

    gud day, are we to pay any money to the CBT center, if yes how much

    • You do not need to pay if your are writing in JAMB owned CBT centre. You are only to pay if your CBT centre is a private one. The amount is 700 Naira

  41. Why won’t rough sheets be allowed… How’s someone meant to calculate without a rough sheet… That totally makes no sense… For math physics and chemistry ? I will call the snake oh

  42. Av not been notify but I reg for it will it affect me if I don’t right?

  43. Pls I want to know, hence bring of rough sheet to the examination hall is prohibited, and we don’t know if they will make provision for us over there. So what are we going to do when working on subject like maths and econs. And secondly, am a fresher in the exam, I want to know if the mock examination is compulsory. Waiting to see your feedback as sooner. Thank u

    • The mock is not compulsory. JAMB said do not bring any rough sheet to the hall. May be they would make provision. You will know when you get there

  44. Thanks for the info u guys have been helping
    But I didn’t register 4 the mock exam trial is there any way I can get the questions? ie after the exam

  45. The mock exam is not compulsory so even if you register for it and later did not write the exam, there is no problem at all….the main UTME is the real exam

  46. The exam is tomorrow and am yet to receive any info about it.This is so frustrating, hope jamb won’t delay like this during the main exam?

  47. please how much are they collecting from the mock jamb

    • You do not need to pay if your are writing in JAMB owned CBT centre. You are only to pay if your CBT centre is a private one. The amount is N700

  48. I didnt see my exam centre and venue and i register for the mock exam o

  49. Do you know where the mock exam will take place? Please

  50. Please hoe are you going to login into the Jamb profiles before starting your questions

  51. is this possible for all who register for jamb at college of education to do mock exams one day. cant other people come other days.

  52. Pls are u sure they don’t talk money and how much if they do and is it by force to write it even when u ve registered. Does it mean u will not be qualified for d main exams becos that wat I saw in d slip.

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