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When Should I Expect My JAMB Result? Here’s the Answer

Update: JAMB result for 2021 is Out: See How To Check Yours

Candidates that have participated in the 2021 UTME have been asking questions about when their results will be out. What you should note is that some of the 2021 JAMB UTME results have already been released and others will be as the exam progresses.

According to the information made available by JAMB, the results of candidates who took the exam from June 19th to June 22nd have been released. CLICK HERE to see how to check yours. Other candidates are to check their results 24 to 48 hours after their exams

Candidates are also to note that all the results for each day may not be released at the same time. This means results may be released gradually as time goes.

Update: JAMB result for 2021 is Out: See How To Check Yours

JAMB may also delay the release of some of the results for some reasons like malpractice, late coming etc Also if there is a widespread irregularity in an exam centre, JAMB may also decide to delay the release of the results in that centre until the issues are sorted out.

We urge candidates to let us know via the comment section once they have received any credible information concerning the release of the results and the DAY they wrote their exams so that others will equally check theirs.

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  1. Prince Gabriel ajuru

    Pls o. I have been trying to check my result online, but the keep on telling me. Ur result is not yet out. I wrote my exam on 21st June which was suppose to be out, pls I need help.

    • Blessing Adah Enyika

      My name is blessing Adah Enyika ….I wrote JAMB on 21 of June 2021….I have not seen my result up till now …. it kept on saying result not yet released why? for what? Did I do anything wrong to deserve this? no I didn’t…Am not involved in any Exam_malpractice….. The center I wrote my JAMB was something else too much of noise and also the system were misbehaving… system gave me a lot of pressure…. please I need to start processing my admission in futo….I need my result ??

  2. Pls I have been sending RESULT to 55019and they told me was peremeter passed send HELP to same number

    • I tried checking my results online after filling my reg no n phone no they are telling mii i didn’t register for the examination n my details ain’t found please help

  3. I have written my exam since on the 15th of June… I tied checking it, this is what I saw “2021 UTME Result is Not Available Now…”

  4. Justice 08128929011

    What is wrong parameter passed

    • I also experience this

    • Me too?
      I wrote on the 21st of June, I have been trying it for something.?
      It is either saying ‘wrong parameter result passed, send HELP to 55019…’ or ‘retrieve profile code, resend NIN and so on…,’ I’m confused ? .
      A good number of my friends/schoolmates who also sat the exam are also saying similar things.
      The question now is ‘who have seen his/her own result, or these cases are mobile. Pls someone should say something ???
      I’m tired…

    • It’s gonna be fyn??

    • Oladayo precious

      I wrote my jamb on 21st June and I am unable to see my result…I used to log on on jamb portal everyday it used to show me Dear Oladayo Olanike Precious,your UTME result is not release yet what should I do

    • suraja ali idris

      me too na d same problem

    • Please I wrote my jamb on 21st of June and I am unable to see my result till now….I try to report on the link I saw online but I don’t get reply… please what should I do

  5. Abidemi John, Oluwapelumi

    Pls how can i check my result that was done on saturday 19 2021.

  6. Please if you have seen your result tell us the method you use to check it so we can check ours too and if you haven’t seen it and you are telling us you have seen it by putting your score, please stop it because many people are getting hurt because of you thanks.

  7. I sent UTMERESULT to 55019,and this is what I saw “No record found. Send email with NIN and Name to [email protected]. Then try again in 4 hours.

  8. The results for candidates who sat for it during 19th to 22nd June are out. Send ‘UTMERESULT’ to ‘55019’ to access yours if you fall within this category

    In other news, it is said that ONLY those who had theirs on the 19th of June can access it for now.

    So please check and confirm. If you see yours PLEASE, endeavour to write the DATE you sat for YOURS below this comment.

    Thanks and God bless.

    • Indicate it here, so we can verify which NEWS is authentic.


    • Send UTMERESULT not RESULT to 55019. Thanks.

    • This jamb people are just using scope to be collecting money from us before releasing the results…imagine how much they have gained from the #500 each individual wasted untop dat SMS result stuff. They know wat dey r doing

    • Pls how else can I check my result if not sms

    • Ogungbeni Racheal Temidayo

      Have checked mine today I did it on Wednesday

    • did it work @Ogungbeni Racheal Temidayo?

    • I did my jamb on June 19 and have been checking it since it is just telling Wrong parameters result check
      I don’t know what happened

    • Go to chrome app or ur google app type jamb portal then u tap on it ,,u will see enter ur Register number or phone number then scroll down u will see CHECK MY RESULT tap on it and wait u will see ur jamb score

  9. Please we wrote in Dayspring center, our centre was cancelled and yet we have not receive any information from JAMB. Does it mean we are not writing this year? I’m confused o

  10. Calm down, Just hold on
    They are making some changes in the portal (adding button for result checking).

    Whenever they are done, u will the the button, in place of CHECK MOCK RESULT.

  11. Am try to check my result but jamb send me the two result that is not my result twice different results with the name of male and female

    • Use the number you used to register to check

    • Usigho Onomegwolo

      I wrote on the 19th of june.but now I’m trying to check my results through SMS as it was said by jamb but they keep telling me your request has been accepted and it will be proces shortly.charges is #50.i hv try this procedure severally today but my results is not coming out.please let make us to us the portal they created to check our results because this SMS is giving us headache and fever for body to some of us as we were on able to check our results.

  12. Please the results are out!!! I had 238

  13. Akinde Ibrahim Adeola

    Mine was the first batch of all 19th June and 7am self

  14. I wrote my on Monday I do check regularly but the always tell me that I didn’t register for jamb dis year I used Portal

  15. Sagir ilyasu gital

    I wrrote my own on tuesday 22 june

  16. You didn’t read this mail completely, results ain’t out yet, what are you expecting?
    When results are out everyone will know.

  17. I did mine on the 19th of June

  18. I did my exam on Wednesday,23rd of June. Please notify me when my result is ready.

  19. Ogwogu Felicia Amaka

    I wrote jamb on the 21 when should I expect my results???

  20. Omoniyi Emmanuel oluwatobi

    I wrote my jamb on the 23rd of June when will my result be out kindly notify me

  21. I did my jamb on 23rd of June Wednesday and I’ve not seen my result yet please when will I see my result kindly notify me when it’s out ooo I’m tired of sending SMS

  22. I wrote Jamb on thursday 24th when will my results be out?

  23. I wrote my jamb on 19th and I have not seen my results,,,,plss what is happening

  24. I wrote my jamb on 19 of June
    But I haven’t seen my result
    I used Jamb result checker portal it said website removed or not available
    I used 55019 it sent “wrong parameter RESULT passed
    Send HELP to 55019”.
    I have spend more than 500 naira card
    I’m so confused
    Please when it out notify me ?

  25. Daniel Emmanuel

    I wrote my own on the 19th …and now my result is no where to be found .. what’s really happening ???

  26. Precious Empire

    I think y’all should wait till month end before checking results because I don’t think they’ve released any result.

  27. Umude Favour Ogochukwu

    I wrote on the 19th yet I haven’t seen my result

  28. I wrote on the 19th and the portal is not showing my results but a friend of mine who sat for the exam on the same day has see his

  29. I wrote my jamb on 19th, and yet haven’t seen my result,i kept send message to 55019but the reply was wrong parameter and am confuse even the worst part is day deducted 50,which is stupid.

  30. I wrote on the 19th and my portal doesn’t show 2021 as an option just 2020…

  31. I did my own exam on 19th , and I never see any message that, check ur result.

  32. I wrote on Monday pls when will my result be out?

  33. I wrote on the 19th and when i sent RESULT to 55019 it keeps saying wrong parameter text help but still no reply and the #50 is still detucted without any reasonable reply.

  34. How can I log in to my jamb portal

  35. There should be proper and effective amendment on the issue of result checking via SMS which discouraging jamb candidates on their attempt to check their results. Substantial amount i of money has been wasted on this unsuccessful struggle

  36. Wow!Nigeria Nigeria, Nigeria as one of the most corrupt countries. On account of all the fathered research, from findings, trying all in the name of technology advance,examination malpractice is still surface.All blames is levelling against the stake holders.
    We’re better suspend this so called computer base test concerning JAMB as a matter of the fact that,the multifarious dangers and loss it poses into the life if candidates cannot address .

  37. Y’all should chill till Monday. By then there’s a bigger possibility that your results would be out. Stop wasting your ₦50 per SMS for now.
    We all know the country we are in. Barring any form of hitches, your results should be out by now but things tend to be a bit slow in this part of the world.
    I hope your grades make you smile in the end.

  38. Y’all should chill till Monday. By then there’s a bigger possibility that your results would be out. Stop wasting your ₦50 per SMS for now.
    We all know the country we are in. Barring any form of hitches, your results should be out by now but things tend to be a bit slow in this part of the world.
    I hope your grades make you smile in the end.

  39. I have been trying to check mine through the SMS it keeps showing me invalid character found in the name submitted pls help me

  40. I wrote mr jamb on the 20th yet I’ve not seen my result till today. I’ve tried all the possible means to check my result but it was all in vain

  41. My friend has not seen her result since last week monday, she has try 55019 but they did not send it

  42. Pls I lost the Sim card and don’t know how to access my result. Pls help me I am dying out of patients

  43. Pls ooo help how can I check my result have tried sending RESULT to the SMS but did not see any reply pls reply am begging

  44. I have tried to send RESULT to my SMS since the second day I did my exam but have not seen my result

  45. I wasn’t late for my exam and I did my biometrics before exam,now I have sent result in cap letters to the number yet no response.

  46. I have sent Result in capital letters to 55019 and I haven’t see my result

    • I wasn’t late for my exam and I did my biometrics before exam,now I have sent result in cap letters to the number yet no response.

    • Ojong Precious Obibia

      I wrote my exam since on Thursday19 but have not seen my result yet…I have send Result to 55019 and up till now have not seen my result why?

    • Where did you take your exams


      I have tried severally without success, please what can I do to see my result?

  47. My problem here is that jamb have closed the jamb portal and they said we should send result to the number we use for our jamb my problem is that they stole my phone when I finish my jamb registration and my sim can’t be retrieve back because it was not register.pls what am I going to do

  48. I wrote my exams on the 17th and I have been sending RESULTS to 55019..
    They have been deducting my money but u haven’t seen my results

  49. Some of us that had problem with the systems they gave us to write exam with till we ended up leaving untouched questions what are they doing about it?

    • What about us that have problem with dump printing what will jamb do about it please I need a response the invigilator there said jamb Will send another date for my exam yet no reply from jamb up till now

    • Me I try all these Mathis not seeing the results

  50. I sent Result to 55019 I didn’t see anything
    Some of my friends have seen theirs buh I haven’t seen mine
    The Cyber cafe guy said I should wait till next week
    Hope there is no problem

  51. Akele Aisosa jeffery

    The booklet that was given to me for solving I forgot to write my registration number on it and one of the invigilator said I should leave it hope there won’t be any problem

  52. My daughter fingerprint verification did not succeed. Hence she could not write the exam today. They promised to send her a message on the next action. It is not certain when.

  53. When I wanted to summit… My time was up so it summit by it’s self.. I hope thy won’t b any problem

  54. The link for checking the examination results isn’t opening
    Anyone with another way of checking for checking the results
    Except sending results to 55019

  55. Please my sister complain that she was suppose to write her jamb exam today but unfutunately she missed, pease i want to ask if jamb can consider her wrute to nest time please i am really pleading

    • I’m so sorry but I don’t think she can… Even the slip has an area written that anyone who is absent loses the right to take the papers. My regards to her tho.

    • When did u write ur exam???
      If it’s yesterday wait till tomorrow, I believe d result isn’t ready yet that’s why it isn’t opening, it’s happening to me too…

    • Wrote mine today and anticipating for a better result

  56. Wooooo. Jamb is real trying more than ever, i am really so impress about the resuil that out so soon I am reallly happy that I have seen my resuil thank you very much.

  57. Chukwudi maduabughichi

    I wrote my jamb exam on 14th march and I haven’t seen my result yet what should I do?

  58. Thank u the manager of my school app for informing us with the all necessary thing That is needed for utme jamb examination. Thank u so much finally u helped us

    • My results is out and I didn’t get up too 200
      I want to ask if there was a problem during the marking
      Because people really failed this year

  59. I just pray I get my desired score…my first jamb though

  60. Use the number that u used to register for jamb to send RESULT to 55019

  61. I checked the jamb site as instructed but no where to click my result

  62. Thank God I scored 216 in my jamb 2020 and thank you myshool Masters,I used your app.

  63. is the results for July first out

  64. nwofe modesta ukamaka

    Please i wrote jamb on 16 may 2017 and i hvn’t seen my score what will i do?

  65. kareem taofeeqat

    those that did their jamb on monday and tuesday who have not seen their result…What could have caused it…I need a reply asap plz.Thank you

    • JAMB has disclosed that it usually investigate results for malpractice before releasing. If that be the case, the results of candidates suspected to may have involved in malpractice will not be released until investigations are concluded. However, we cannot say for sure that this is the reason the result is being delayed. But we hope soon JAMB will be able to sort all that out.

    • My school help oo what are the prescribed test for literature 2020 because the questions I heard jamb asked are not from the syllabus

    • As well as i. I did the same, sending mssg to 55019 but it said wrong parameter and my #50 don go

    • My school help oo what are the prescribed test for literature 2020 because the questions I heard jamb asked are not from the syllabus

    • Thanks for letting us know

    • I wrote my exam on the 19th of june being Saturday last week please when is the result coming out..i thought jamb result comes out after three days?

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