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Admitted On School Website But Not Admitted On JAMB CAPS Portal – See Why

I have been offered admission on the school portal/website but Jamb CAPS portal says that I have not been admitted yet.“ Many candidates are currently having this issue at the moment. They have been offered admission by their schools of choice but yet their admission status on JAMB CAPS still shows “NOT ADMITTED”. If you have been offered admission on a school’s website or portal but you are yet to be admitted on JAMB CAPS portal, the information here is for you. Please read.

The major reason for this is the fact that such candidates are yet to upload their O’level results on JAMB CAPS. Until your O’level results is uploaded on JAMB CAPS Portal, JAMB will not offer you any admission on their portal because you are simply not qualified for admission until you are able to provide your O’level result.

So we advise all candidates who are yet to be admitted on JAMB CAPS Portal even after their school of choice has offered them admission to immediately proceed to any accredited JAMB CBT centre or JAMB Office to upload their O’level results on JAMB Portal.

Even if you submitted your O’level results during JAMB Registration, you are advised to re-upload the results. Remember without JAMB giving you an admission, you cant print your JAMB Admission Letter and until you have a JAMB Admission Letter, your admission is not valid. All affected candidates are therefore advised to take this seriously or risk losing their admission.

After re-uploading your results, you are advised to check JAMB CAPS again after 3 days or 1 week to see if your admission status has changed to “ADMITTED”.

For detailed procedure on how to check your admission status on the JAMB Portal, check this link: JAMB CAPS Portal 2020 Activated: Check Your Admission Status.

Another Reason

Another reason could be that JAMB has not uploaded or updated the list of admitted candidates for your school of choice on JAMB CAPS. If that is the case, you may have to exercise patience and check regularly to see if the situation will change.

……What If The Situation Remains The Same?

If after ensuring that your Olevel Result is correctly uploaded on JAMB CAPS and waited for a week or so and the situation remains the same. The next step will be to visit the admission office or the school that offered you admission.

This is because the problem may be from a mistake made by the school that offered you admission. Your name could have been mistakenly omitted or deleted from the final list that was sent to JAMB.

Whatever be the case, the school should be in a better position to rectify the problem. So if you have done your best and waited long enough and the situation remains the same, visit the school!

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  1. I have was offered a transfer program on my jamb caps which I accepted..for two Weeks it didn’t reflect on my admission caps ..I went to do change of course to the course I was given ..still same thing ..what should I do?

  2. School has offered me admission but my jamb caps read admission in progress for over two months now

  3. Please some one should help me, Jamb gave me admission in mouau and I accept it now my people said that I will not go to mouau again that I will go to eha-mufu so I do know what to do about my admission letter the cafe said that if I print it that it will be showing that mouau so please what should I do so that it will change to eha-mufu

  4. What of the one is showing admission in progress for like 3-4 days

  5. I had uploaded my result about a month ago and it still keeps showing admission is being processed .Please what can I do?

  6. Pls jamb denied my regularisation pls wat shd I do

  7. Pls I’ve been offered admission to study Pharmaceutical Technology in Fed. Poly NEKEDE from the school portal… I was told to change the institution as my first choice so as to reflect on my Jamb caps, which I did. But, my Jamb is still stating ‘Not Admitted’. Sir, What do I do?

    My WhatsApp number is 07033892132… I would love a student or newly admitted ones (ND morning) like me in Fed. Poly Nekede to chat me up plss…

    • Y can’t I change my jamb profile password Tru my phone number (sending reset password , )or Tru another email

  8. I have been selected via school portal, but was told to upload my o level result which has been showing or reflecting already on my jamb portal.and whenever I check my jamb portal it has been showing not admitted please what should I do

  9. Pls I was offered admission through second list and shopping list but I chose that of my shopping list. But the course has not reflected in my jamb caps only that my second list admission. Should I accept it and go for regularization, or accepting it, is it going to affect the course I’m doing now, that of my shopping list

  10. Abdulazeem Badmus

    Please I just upload my o’level to jamb after school admission list is out
    What is the probability that jamb will admit me also

  11. I have been offered admission from school but up to now my jamb Caps is showing not admitted. What should I do please?

  12. Uniport offered me another course which I accepted, for more than two weeks now and I haven’t been given admission. The second list is also out.The new course has reflected on my jamb portal although I didn’t make any changes.

  13. I have being admitted by jamb but not on my school portal and now I want to pay my acceptance fee but I can’t because I need to go through the school portal to pay acceptance fee.
    I need help on this.

  14. Pls can ABU ASPIRANTS check jamb caps for their admission status? Even though we didn’t write postutme yet

  15. I have gotten admission by jamb
    But school is saying not admitted
    What does it mean

  16. I did pre degree in unilorin so later change my course on school because of my jamb score now the problem is that I did not change on jamb portal I tried to change it was saying the school has closed their portal will I be admitted

  17. Please I changed my course from business administration to Educational management on fuoye Portal but I didn’t change it on jamb caps hope I’m good to go

  18. Please I was given admission by my school of choice federal university otueke and on the jamb cap they are saying my admission is processing what’s wrong


  20. I changed institution from my former school to another school after writing their utme exam,can I still be offered admission?

  21. I applied microbiology during 2017 jamb registration and the school gave me botany, I have been checking jamb caps and it’s been showing not admitted up till now , don’t know what to do.

  22. I’ve been offered admission on school portal but couldn’t see anything like that on Jamb CAPS I’ve uploaded my result thrice. Initially I choose Economics and when I changed to another course I was told to go re-upload my O, Level and OND result cause I actually put in for DE.

    Just about few weeks ago, I got a message that I should do the upload again which I did immediatelty.

    I’ve checked more than ten times all is the same ,, Not admitted” so, I learnt the problem could come from the school or due to not uploading of results.

  23. I changed course from economics to economics education, I was given admission that same night to study economics,I guess it didn’t reflect.My jamb caps is still showing not admitted I need to change course back ?
    Have even paid my acceptance fee

  24. My school have given me admission but it’s still saying ‘not admitted’ on jamb caps, and it’s been over a week now and I need the jamb admission letter for screening purpose. What should I do.

  25. Please guys advice me
    Last had started giving admission ,I was scared that my aggragate was to low so I change course for economics to economics education that night I was given admission in class portal to study economics because it didn’t reflect , I can’t change course anymore and it is showing not admitted on jamb caps, will it affect me and have also accepted it

    • No it won’t cancel.
      If only u CONFIRMED to Accept admission

    • I can’t be able to login to my jamb caps….whenever I try to login it always tell me invalid credentials…and have been admitted by the school I apply for…..I checked my jamb portal not yet given admission……what can I do… so worried

  26. Pls when I uploaded my waec result in jamb portal instead of b3 in marketing they wrote b2 would that affect my admission process

  27. Please I want to use my neco which I wrote last and is remaining two papers which are putting awaiting results will jamb give me admission with what I have please because they have started given admission

  28. i have been given admission into lasu (stream II) an have paid the fee i supposed to. Left to accept admission on caps but jamb havent offer me since january. My o’level has been re-uploaded since december and it shows on my caps. My school and the course given to me is there, but my jamb caps still shows NOT ADMITTED / no admission given yet

    Pls how do i go about this ??

  29. I think they should scrap out jamb. They are making admission procedure rigorous and frustrating for applicants

  30. Tai solarin university of education gave me admission on the 16th of January up till now jamb cap is still saying admission in progress/No admission is given yet
    My waec result is still on my jamb cap
    Please what should I do

  31. Tai solarin university of education have given me admission since January 16 but up till now,jamb cap keep saying admission in progress/No admission is given yet
    My waec result is still on my jamb cap
    What could be the problem please

  32. I have not been admitted on my jamb caps it is showing admission not given yet

  33. I have been given admission by delsu is showing on the school portal that i have been admitted but is still showing in jamb CAPS that i have not been admitted please what can i do i need immediate reply please.

  34. My own is 2019/2020, but can i still go and try uploading my olevel certificate? Although bsum has offered me admission already.
    Another thing is this, i did not include physics in my jamb, but my school has given me admission to go and study physics. Please genuine is the admission.

  35. how can i check if my olevel was successfully summited in jamb caps

  36. Please what do I do,I used different emails and phone numbers for jamb registration and post utme registration,my school has admitted me but jamb has not given me admission what do I do.

  37. Thank you school web but however, I think some full time students were given admission into part time. I don’t know about other schools but laspotech here, full time students who have long been waiting for admission, some of them were suddenly getting admission on th school portal but not jamb portal. Upon enquiry thy were told to proceed to pay their clearance that thy were given part time admission on the ground that some were not qualify for full time

  38. Please I applied for federal university lafia, does anyone have any idea if they have started issuing admissions

  39. I matriculated in 2009 into pharmacy which was offered to me by my school but my name is not in jamb list and it has affected my NYSC application. If i re-upload my O’ level now, will it be rectified? And again, i tried regularizing but i discovered my course pharmacy is not on the jamb caps for reguularization. What do i do?

    • You just need to do Jamb Regulization (Condolment of Illegal Admission) which you have to pay a fee of 10,000 or 12,000, then your name will be on Jamb, and you will print your jamb admission letter

  40. Hello,am using two sittings,neco ND waec,in my school portal,I used my neco maths ND literature but in my jamb portal,I used only neco maths,have gained admission to study philosophy,hope d difference is not a problem

  41. Please what should i do i have been given admission at kwasu but i was given computer engineering whereas i have made my change of course last week to computer science and in jamb have change it to computer science because i don’t do futermath but i was given computer engineering and i have accept it please what should i do course it still not admitted in jamb and it still computer science?

  42. james blessing essien

    i have been given admission by the school, printed my admission letter but my jamb caps keeps showing not yet admitted, why

    • Good morning I am having the same issue with you with University of ibadan as my school of choice. I will like to know if you were able to rectify yours by now. Cuz am yet to see mine on jamb caps. If you were able to kindly reply and let me know how you did it.

    • I changed my school and coarse on the new school portal but not on jamb caps
      Can i still be admitted

  43. my caps is till showing not admitted while i’ve been offered admission. whats the problem?

  44. Jamb offered me admission… I have accepted but I don’t see it on the school portal. How do I go about it

  45. Jamb have gave me an admission but the school all their list had already came out and my name is not there.
    So what can I do now to gain an admission into the school

  46. I have seen my name in the school portal but my caps is still showing me admission in progress check later what should I do

  47. My jamb cap is showing me my registration number and my course, with the school i applied for,
    But is still showing not admitted yet, what can i do?

  48. Was admitted via school portal but jamb is still reading not Admitted.
    I’ve reupload my O level result bit it’s still the same.

  49. My caps shows that my school wanted to transfer me to another course which I accepted, and the ask me to do change of course to the new one offered to me and I did just that(six days now).finally the school offered admission to me but yet my caps still show not admitted so am confused.

  50. I have been given admission by jamb but school has not published my name wat d reason

  51. for my notification after checking the, check admission by the right hand side of the screen it shows ” Error please supply registration number”. And when trying to click on the provided space to make such input or paste my reg. no. the screen disappears leaving me with a the same option of access CAPS and check admission over and over again?

  52. good day,my school list is actually not yet out but already with jamb. And applicants from d school have started receiving and accepting admission. but for sometime now when i check it shows ”NOT ADMITTED”, so i want to ask does it mean i was not offered admission by jamb at all. or i have not been offered yet? thanks.

  53. My jamb cap is showing me my registration number and my course, with the school i applied for,
    But is still showing not admitted yet, what can i do?

  54. My jamb caps is showing my school of choice and the course I applied for since last month……. Even now, but am through with my clearance and everything but still not adimmited

  55. i have payed my acceptance fee into the school who gave me admission but my jamb caps says not admitted
    what should i do.

  56. Pls, I was offered admission by my second choice of institution through the school portal which I have accepted through payment of the acceptance fee. While on JAMB CAPS, my first choice institution is showing NOT ADMITTED. How then do I print my admission letter from JAMB in order to validate the admission offered to me from the said second choice institution ?

  57. Pls, I was offered admission by my third choice institution through the school portal which I have accepted through payment of the acceptance fee. While on JAMB CAPS, my first choice institution is showing NOT ADMITTED. How then do I print my admission letter from JAMB in order to validate the admission offered to me from the said third choice institution ?

    • Please help out, done with my ND, even collected my certificate,wants to go for my HND and my JAMB portal caps still shows NOT ADMITTED, what should I do

  58. I have uploaded my o level and I can also see it on caps
    but now the school gave me admission into another course and I am seeing not admitted in caps today why?

    • Pls, I did change of instution and have been offered admission by the school but on my jamb caps its still showing not admitted.
      And I have already paid for my acceptance and school fees.

  59. Jamb and school gave me admission and I accepted it.i now went to print my jamb admission letter then my jamb caps is showing me that candidate is not yet offered admission

  60. Jamb gave me admission and I accepted it even the school I applied for u too I went to print my admission on jamb caps but it’s showing candidate have not been offered admission yet
    Am confuse please.

    • Odufuye Adebola adeboyr

      My caps still showing not admitted my school have offered me admission, I was confused…. Why pls

  61. Mohammed almustapha kakagida

    I choose udus as my first choice i was told the is yet to start admission as they are undergoing nuc accreditation. Now that November is ending what is our fates

  62. On my school portal my course is geophysics BT on my jamb portal is industrial chemistry pls help me am confused

    • I think you should check the transfer approval link on JAMB CAPS. My brother had a similar issue. On his school’s portal, his course was computer engineering, on JAMB portal it was computer science. But when we checked the transfer approval, it reelected that his school wanted to transfer him from computer science to engineering and asked whether we would want to accept or reject. Maybe your issue is similar and this could help?

  63. A friend of mine has a problem of adimssion in progress for up to three months now .please what is the problem it’s dishearteing

  64. Where by your caps or jamb portal is showing your result and no reg. Number of the result hope there is no problem. And what of if the caps is showing you not admitted those that means no admission for the person.

  65. please i uploaded my o’level result before i got admission , now the school has given me admission over 3 weeks but on my jamb portal its showing no admission given. please what should i do

  66. have do changing of Intitution then i reupload my o`level to jam cap since last two week and still sowing me not addmited, why?

  67. I met the merit cutoff , but my subject combination is wrong, I did not have economics in my o’level and i want to study Mass comm in Unilorin. Please is there hope of a transferred course at least?

  68. My oleval results is showing on my caps should I reupload it again and I did change of skol should I still up load it

    • I have uploaded my result since the day I register for my jamb but I have not gotten admission but in Jamb CAPS and my school of choice. WHY?

  69. Please I have correction uploaded my o level result and still haven’t been admitted

  70. I have changed my institution from Unimaid to gsu, and i have uploaded my result during jamb registration, and i re-uploaded it again, but my caps showing me not admitted, what’s the problem?

  71. the school gave me admission before then i reuploaded my result but still my caps is still showing admission in progress..what should i do

  72. I have been offered admission in the school I applied for and I have uploaded my o’level results yet its still showing no admission given yet on jamb caps and it’s more than a week now

    • Durojaiye Opeyemi

      Whenever I check my admission status on jamb portal, I always see : Error…. No admission is given yet. Please is this truly an error or what Sir?

      • When you click “check admission status”, select “access my caps” and check your admission status at the right hand side of the new page that opens. If you are using a mobile phone, ensure you change it to desktop mode or you won’t be able to see the complete page. It’s easier to just use a laptop or desktop instead

  73. Please jamb caps gave me admission, but my name is not on d skul list……. Please am confuse

  74. Please I did change of course as a result of not meeting up with the required cut off mark, And I have also reuploaded my o level But the caps is still showing not Admitted
    Please what could be the problem?

  75. I can’t see my O level result in jamb caps but I have upload it

  76. I have uploaded my results but my caps is still showing not admitted

  77. Please a school is considering me for admission in market place in Jamb caps, though I have not accepted thier offer due to their high tuition fee. Is there still hope for admission in my first choice of school even if another school is considering me for admission?

  78. My jamb caps has my o’level results but uniben school portal still shows awaiting results I’m confused and don’t know what to do.

  79. please sir how can one check her admission status on the school portal because I am confused some is saying my school gave me admission but on jamb portal I have not admitted so now am asking if that is possible and if it is possible please how do I check if my school ABSU has given me admission without it showing on jamb CAPS

    • I have re uploaded my o level results
      The school has offered me admission
      But jamb caps is still saying not admitted
      What should I do please?

  80. Prince Feranmi Hope

    Pls av reuploaded my O’level result nd school has given me admission but jamb is yet to giv me pls wat can I do

  81. Please i have a serious problem.
    These are my ‘o’ level result:
    civic c6
    maths b3
    english d7
    physics c4
    biology c5
    animal husb. c5
    ict b3
    chemistry f9
    agric sc. b3

    Now my problem is that can i get admission with this result if at all get a good jamb result.

  82. I have been admitted by d school but my CAPS s still showing not admitted and I v re uploaded my o level result

  83. Agbor Genesis Godwin

    School have not yet given me admission the same thing with jamb. I have good o level result. MY jamb score 203 post utme 180. What is the problem. I have upload my o level result.

  84. i recieve a message on my phone that i ave being offered provisional admission to best legacy college of education ogbomosho oyo state but i fill osustech in my jamb portal yet it still nt admitted

  85. Plz is there any need of me uploading my 0’level on jamb caps since it was a polytechnic that gave me admission ?

  86. I reuploaded my o level result the skul gave me admission but jamb send me a notification asking me to follow the link to accept my admission but on the website i counld not see anything what is the couse?

  87. Have been admitted on jamb caps
    But not on school website
    Ls any problem with that

  88. A wrong email was used during registration and now i can’t be able upload my o’level simply because my email is not valid. What is the way out here?

  89. I have been offered admission on jamb caps but my school is showing your submitted application is being processed what do I do

  90. Adebayo Mubarak ayobami

    My course on school portal is different from Jamb portal and I can’t change my course again on jamb portal cuz have exceeded the minimum number of changing of course and my jamb caps is showing admission in progress I hope I don’t have any problem with that

  91. i was offered admission on jamb caps but not the course i applied for i later had to do change of course to the course i was given, before printing my admission letter, but my school portal says admission in progress for the main course i applied for

  92. Chinecherem chidinma

    I have uploaded my o’level result but still is showing NOT ADMITTED

  93. What if it shows admission in progress first then later shows not admitted

    • I have been admitted on school website but my jamb caps is showing not admitted
      And I re uploaded my o’level results
      What is the cause

  94. I was offered admission on jamb caps but yet to be offered by school,pls what is the problem

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