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What To Know Before You Reject Admission On JAMB CAPS

It is no longer news that candidates have the choice of Accepting or Rejecting the admission offered to them on JAMB CAPS .  If you reject the Admission offered to you, you will automatically be available in the CAPS Market place where other institutions may consider you for admission if you meet their admission criteria.

The issue is that many candidates are rejecting the admission offered to them by a polytechnic hoping that a Federal or State University will give them admission later while some are rejecting the admission offered to them because they were not offered the course they wanted to study.

One thing such candidates should know is that most Federal and State Universities in Nigeria will likely not be visiting the Market place to look out for candidates majorly because they have more than enough candidates that applied to them for admission.

So that simply means that the institutions that will likely visit the market place are majorly private universities and other institutions that have low number of candidates that applied to them.

We therefore advised candidates not to be fast in rejecting their admission. Unless you are absolutely sure you do not need the admission and equally do not mind going to a private university or waiting for another JAMB, please do not reject your admission.

So even if your school of choice offers you admission into a course you did not choose, take time and think it through before making the decision on whether to accept or reject the admission.

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  1. Pls I have accepted transfer approval to another course by my institution of first choose and have done change of course but yet my jamb cap is still down not admitted pls what does that means

  2. Rasheed Soliu Tunde

    My own is still show NOT ADMITTED YET but I have uploaded my O’level result on Monday and I score 166 in my jamb exam please what should I do?
    I have not be offer admission in both JAMB and MY SCHOOL OF CHOICE…… Please

  3. Rasheed Soliu Tunde

    I haven’t been admitted in to the school of my choice and even do, jamb caps did not give me admission either. Pls what should I do?, 166 is my score in my jamb result and I just uploaded my result on Monday……. Please what should I do

  4. Ihekachidinma perpetual

    Pls I checked jamb caps and is telling me no admission yet.. Pls what’s the cause

  5. Please what do I do when School has given me Admission but Jamb hasn’t??

  6. Please I Have accepted my admission and did online by paying up my school administrative charges. But my jamb caps will be displaying not admitted yet. What is d meaning of that

  7. Hello, please on my jamb caps I’m seeing admission in Progress,check back later for a course I did not apply for were as I scored really high for the course I applied for,but I want to ask as what I said earlier is being displayed on my caps is it possible that if my school send’s my name for another course to jamb it will change to that course on the jamb portal after the first one has been there already

  8. Hi, I’ve been trying to reject an admission offer from Olawoyin Awosika school of innovation studies on the caps system, but the stuff has not been rejecting – showing server error. Please what should I do to clear this

  9. I have not accepted or rejected my admission on cap.. 2017/2018 session.. Will it affect anything?. I was trying to use my phone but its only showing me welcome.. DE candidate.

    • Try Using Chrome Browser To Check, Then Switch To Desktop Site.
      Or Add Me Up Of On Fb “Josh Hoodz” Xo I’ll Teach You A Better Way Of Checkinq, Xo U Dnt Loose You Admission.

  10. Please, what is the range of time for acceptance of an admission offer?
    And what if I didn’t accept or reject it on time, is there any possibility of losing the admission?

  11. Unilag hasn’t released any new list yet, but its showing NOT ADMITTED, pls does DAT mean I won’t be admitted? or what,because they didn’t release another list

  12. I accepted the admission but when i go to the page the admission status is blank

  13. Pls. before the jamb profile cap is showing admission in progress, but today I saw CONGRATULATION YOU HV BEEN OFFERED ADMISSION! Accept or Reject, I click Accept, it says Record(s) successfully updated! and since then the Admission Status disappear. What does that mean, does it mean truly I have been admitted or not. kindly explain to me.


  14. My admission status on jamb caps states that have been recommended does that mean have been admitted

  15. Thanks for your reply. I’ve forgotten what was being displayed then. But, it was something like positive feedback. Can’t really recall.

  16. there is no caps on direct entry profile, what are we suppose to do.

  17. my school of choice has released their merits list and my name is not there despite the fact that I score hight marks…and my jamb portal is still showing NOT ADMITTED please any chances in gaining admission in second list..(243jamb–200utme)

  18. Hi my school have release admission list but the CAPS is showing the school I did not apply for there post utme for example I choose futa and iree poly
    And i go for iree poly post utme and the list has been release but caps is still showing me futa

  19. I delayed accepting the admission till for a day or two. And on checking it back, though, I was still having it there, I accepted it. But ever since then, whenever I check, what I do see there is that I’ve not been admitted (I’m talking of Jamb portal).
    So please, what do you think might have been wrong?

  20. My skul hv nt yet release their list and jamb has offer me admission in oda skul wish i hv not yet accept or reject it, is there any possibility my name will still come out in my original skul?

    • Two schools will not offer you admission at the same time on JAMB Portal. If you are sure you do not want the admission, just reject it. No other school will consider you for admission until you reject the one you have already been offered. However, just like I stated in the post, be absolutely sure you do not need the admission before you reject it.

  21. What abt direct entry candidate?

  22. Please my School is yet to release their admission list but jamb has given me admission on caps, should i accept it now or wait till the school admission list comes out???

  23. Please, if you accept an admission offered to you by another school, does it automatically cancels your admission in your own school of choice who is yet to admit you.

    • Once you accept the admission offered to you by any school. You are automatically unavailable for admission from any other school.

      • What if I do change of institution and make another school my first choice, will it affect my other options of gaining admission in other institutions? Especially in my initial first choice of institution.

  24. What if u have accepted it even when it show not admitted yet and ur school later release list and ur name is there

  25. please I have checked my jamb admission status but it is coming out blank please can someone explain what that means cause am confused ?

  26. but up to now the camps is showing WELCOME, is the caps not ready? pls Admin help me out pls, thanks.

  27. Hello! My school does not release admission yet, but some candidates from my school have started receiving Jamb CAPS admission but I am yet to receive mine, my status says “admission on progress”, is that means my chance of getting admission is lost?

    • No. It actually means that there is a possibility that you will be offered admission.

      • Pls i have been sent a message that says, Congratulations you have been offered provisional admission to study bsc criminology at bayero University kano, but when I check my caps status it showing me “sorry no admission given yet. Pls what those it means..

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