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JAMB Regularization – Unable To Print JAMB Admission Letter Or Have Invalid JAMB Number?

If you have been admitted into a school (University, Polytechnic or College of Education) and your admission status on JAMB website still reads “No admission given yet” even after the printing of JAMB admission letter for that particular year you were admitted has been enabled then you need to go for JAMB Regularization.

The reason your admission status is not available on JAMB portal and hence your inability to print your JAMB admission letter is due to the fact that JAMB has not recognized your admission and has not uploaded your details on its portal. This usually happens when your school has offered you admission without forwarding your name to JAMB for approval.

So JAMB regularization is simply a process of getting JAMB to recognize your admission and consequently upload your admission details on its portal. However, JAMB Regularization is not only for students with “No Admission Given Yet” response om JAMB Portal. There are other categories of students that need to go for JAMB Regularization.

Categories Of Students That Need JAMB Regularization

  1. Already admitted undergraduates whose JAMB Admission Status reads “No Admission Given Yet” or whose JAMB admission letters are not available for printing on JAMB’s website
  2. Students Admitted through internal programmes like Pre-degree, Evening programmes etc. and does not have JAMB Registration number
  3.  Graduates of ND, HND, NCE, IJMB, etc students trying to apply for JAMB direct entry and gets a  response like; “Invalid Registration Number or Registration Number does not exist”
  4. Students who were given double admission and the admission details displayed on JAMB portal is not for the desired school.
  5. Graduates who needs their JAMB Admission Letter NYSC Mobilization whose JAMB Admission Letter is still not available for printing on JAMB’s website.

What You Need To Effect Your JAMB Regularization

You will be required to provide the following information during regularization; Your Matriculation Number in the school admitted, Full name (no abbreviations), JAMB registration number (UTME, DE), Pre Degree Registration Number. (where applicable), Your State of origin, Local Government/Area LGA, Gender, Date of birth (the one used during JAMB registration), Course you are studying, Full address used in JAMB registration and Year of admission.

How Can I Regularize My Admission?

  1. Click here to create a personal account on JAMB website: ( if you do not already have one). If you already have an account, simply enter your login details (Email Address and Password) HERE to login.
  2.  After you have logged in, On the page that opens, click “Regularize Admission”.
  3.  After clicking “Regularize Admission”, the payment Confirmation Page will appear. A Transaction ID will be generated. You will find this displayed on the confirmation page screen.
  4. Go through the details displayed on the Confirmation Page. Ensure to take note of the Transaction ID (which is displayed boldly in red). This will be useful for future references pertaining to the transaction. A copy of this Transaction ID will be sent to your email address.
  5.  If you wish to pay with your ATM card immediately, click on the Continue button.  if you wish to pay using other payment methods like ATM, Cash at the Bank and Quickteller.
  6. By clicking the continue button you will be taken to the Interswitch Payment page, where your will be required to enter your card details and click on the Pay button.
  7. The payment status will be displayed on the “My Payment Section” and and SMS/email notification containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status sent to you after payment. Click on the Continue button.
  8. After completion of payment, you will be required to provide the following details; a. Year of Exam and b. JAMB Registration Number.
  9. Once you are done providing the details correctly, the application form will appear. You will be required to complete the application form online. Please take not of the mandatory fields (*).
  10. After completing the application, click on the Submit button.
  11. An Indemnity Form will be made available after your have submitted your application. Print this, fill it and take it to your institution or school  for approval.
  12. Your institution will then submit the form to the state office of JAMB.
  13. Once the form has been received by the state office of JAMB, the form will be processed and if approved, your details will be uploaded to your profile on JAMB website and your details changed as requested. You will get a notification to that effect once it is done.
  14. To confirm that your details have been correctly changed, proceed to check your JAMB Admission Status. If it displays your admission details correctly, it means your JAMB Regularization process was successful.

Note: The cost is N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira).


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  1. I did not go in through jamb and I want to print out my admission letter what I will I do
    Also I don’t have registration number HW will I have it

  2. I did my registration late pls my me out am unable to reprint my jamb center and date

  3. Please I was given admission in lasu after I changed my choice to fuoye and now I can’t print my admission letter but I’m not able to I tried changing back to lasu but it seems they’ve closed their portal please I don’t know what to do

  4. During my regularization, I wrote the school former registrar name instead of the new one, what do I do??? Will the school accept it??? Am I going to do another regularization?????

  5. I did my reguralization last year and they sent me Non approval, so i was told to reprint the form again,and now i was unable to reprint saying been processed..please what am i missing here?

  6. When registering my Jamb in 2015 my name was mistakenly spelt as Ibememe Ikenna just two names mistake here is Ibememe instead Of Ibeneme (m for n)

    After securing admission into Uniport I wrote to admissions office was asked to attach copies of my Birth Certificate which bears my three names Ibeneme Ikenna Kenneth, till my graduation I bore this three names,

    My certificate bears same
    For mobilization now my Names have to tally I don’t know if there’s a way forward to this

  7. Please how do i reprint my indemnity form from cyber cafe

  8. Jamb has changed the way Regularization is being done… they’ve decided to change the method to a more digitalised way because of corruption of the process by some schools and jamb officials. hence the reason for the delay.
    With this new method, indemnity forms are sent directly to Head of institutions through an electronic format designed for that purpose.

    • Head of institutions had a meeting with jamb concerning this issues some weeks ago and were duely informed about the new development

      • Busari Alimot Erioluwa

        Good day sir.
        Please sir have done my jamb regurisation since last two years and have not been given admission letter,I complained to my school which I was asked to submit indemnity form again which i did but still now have not been given admission letter.
        Please sir kindly help.
        God bless you and your family.

        • Asipa Itunu Esther

          I did my Jamb Regularization since March am yet to be given admission letter, please do find a solution to it I need to be among the next batch for NYSC Service.

        • Please I am going through the same challenge and it’s bothering me alot

        • Aziegbe miracle

          I have done my jamb regularisation since February and I haven’t get any notification from jamb

  9. I have the jamb admission letter and result slip with the course I studied, while my record in checking admission status in jamb site is showing a different course, also saying my name isn’t in matriculation list. What should I do?
    Again, why the delay in correcting details in jamb admission status site after regularisation?

  10. Alkali peter esther

    Why havent i gotten my admission letter yet?i did my regulazation since 2020 and i am supoose to be mobilzed but no admission letter yet.please look into it ASAP.thank you

  11. I applied for regularization through my school. yes! they gave me admission as stated on the a report by – an email platform on which an account was opened for me, yes! On the report there was jamb registration number and a congratulatory message on my admission and proceed to print your admission letter, yes ! I confirmed the payment on jamb portal but i could not print the admission letter after paying for admission letter printing.

    • ….my problem is that i gave someone who works in cafe my details to help me with my jamb Regularisation but up till now ..he still saying that jamb is not saying anything and my print out is still not out…this is really depressing sir …cause people i know are already deployed..pls help me sir please

  12. Good day sir…my own issuea is that I wrote my jamb 2016 and I apply university of Jo’s and gave me admission at federal polytechnic bauchi which I did and have graduated .so now I need my admission letter in order for me to present it my school for mobilization so when I went to cafe to do that ..I was told that o can’t print my admission letter until I did change of institutions and my problem is that I can’t logging to my dash board because the email address and the phone number I use for registration I Don’t have access to them because the phone number has loss and I can’t do the welcome while the email it jamb that open it for me I don’t have access to it …so now what will I do

  13. Busari Alimot Erioluwa

    Good afternoon sir/ma .
    Have done my jamb regularization since 2019 and have not received any admission approval till date. I went to make a complain at my school and they asked me to resubmit my indemnity form which I did again. That the fault is not from them, But the portal still saying NO ADMISSION GIVEN YET.

  14. Anasoh precious ogochukwu

    Good day sir/ma
    I have done the regularisation since 2019 and I’m yet to receive my admission letter from jamb. My institution has checked and signed it. It was submitted to jamb office at ikoyi and up till now my admission status still say no admission yet given till date.
    Pls sir/ ma help me please .
    I’ve been trying to know the issue .
    Will be glad if my compain is given a favourable answer
    Institution: lagos state college of health yaba

  15. Please i have done the regularization and also got a confirmation mail to that effect. When i want to print and error message pops the document has not been open

  16. Please,I was required to print out my payment slip by my institution.. I just checked it,and there are no details on mine.I m asked that the form cannot be collected without the payment slip,how do I go about it?

  17. Please,I was required to print out my payment slip by my institution.. I just checked it,and there are no details on do I go about it?

    • I have been paying to collect admission letter, the payment is deduct from my account after using OTP but my payment is not clear still pending like 3 times now. Pls what is wrong

  18. Pls how much is 2019/2020 Change of Admission Letter Now
    Pls is it true that you must have your school Reg. No before process change of Admission Letter.

  19. I paid for my jamb change of course and admission later,but I can’t print my admission later.
    It keeps showing me document not uploaded

    • Pls I have the same problem, and I don’t know how to fix it…. Have you done yours… If Yes, pls how did u do it…. Help pls

  20. please help! l did regularization and my admission has been approved however, l can’t print out my admission letter because l did not sit for the jamb exams back then when l registered for UTME. What should I do?

  21. I am awaiting NYSC and I’ve been regularized. My admission letter, admission status and matriculation list is ready but I’m having problems with my original result slip. It says “you have no result yet”.
    What do I do? I need it for mobilization.

  22. I have done the necessary regularization stuff and submitted my indemnity form to my school and it was approved and send to jamb since then my admission status has not been uploaded

    • I did my jamb regularization since January yet know response from jamb, this is very bad, the government parastatal is working efficiently so bad

  23. 1.My name is on the JAMB matriculation list but with a different course because i have changed my course in the University am studying.What do i need to do to effect the change of course on the JAMB portal.
    2.Also most spaces on my profile are blank it shows only my JAMB registration number and all the functions are dormant and not responding again.

    NOTE: Am in 300 Level now.

    Please what can i do to rectify this issue so that it would not affect my NYSC?

    Thank you

  24. pls how long does it take for jamb regularization to be approved ???

  25. How long does it take for jamb to effect correction after receiving your form from the school??? I have been waiting since November but nothing is happening

  26. I have an issue whenever I try to print my admission letter !! I was first given admission on my Jamb caps even before school list came out and I had already accepted it immediately I saw with the Jamb caps mobile app even on the website it has reflected that I’ve successfully accepted the admission …

    But as I try to print out my admission letter which I’ve paid for it keeps showing me ” This candidate has not been offered admission ” Even went to a Jamb Headquarter Annex in Ikoyi Lagos and the staff that attended to me ask me to wait for some time that it will update and I’ll be able to print … Buh I can’t wait long I urgently need the letter for school clearance , I even complained to Jamb on their support site about the issue and sent them my details they asked me to go an Approved CBT to print the letter !! Still haven’t done that yet …

  27. Good day please I need your help please, as a result of improper information about the jamb regularization, in year 2016 I was given admission for my Bs.c by my school without taken Direct entry, in 2017 the school asked us to ensure we go to near by approved jamb cyber center to do that, but when I get to thier D.e form was filled for me instead of Regularization and my jamb number now reading year 2017 but I started the program 2016, please I need help what will I do please

    • Okonkwo Victor Godwin

      Good evening please I misplaced my jamb reguralization number registered since 2018.please I just hope I could retrieve back my pin to print out my slip…

  28. Please schoolnews I have done the necessary regularization stuffs and have submitted my indemnity form to the school, yes! It was approved and my admission status was uploaded afterwards, but I am unable to print my admission letter, the payment was accepted but what I am seeing is only a blank page.. Pls help.

  29. i did jamb regularization but made mistake with my name, after a month the admission offer appeared with my correct name. i made payment for admission letter printing but when ever i try to print it keeps telling me that ‘you cannot use your profile to print someone else admission letter’.. please help me the closing date for submission of the admission letter print of is next week.. please i really need help

  30. I have an issue of invalid of origin please what do I do

  31. I have completed my jamb regularization info but I use another person account to pay and process the whole thing but encountered a problem like the name of the account I used is reflecting on the indemnity form not my own name what will happen and what should I do ?

  32. ogundeji tobiloba

    if the course given to me from jamb is different from the course given in my school.. Do I still need to do jamb regularization? plz reply.. Thanks

    • Isaac igbadumeh omokhafe

      I have done my jamb regularization about 5months ago.I am yet to receive a confirmation message from jamb.
      I was admitted on another institution but I didn’t like d course so I went to another institution and wen I did my jamb reg ,my idemnity form was titled Application for change of admission letter

  33. amina

    I applied for regularization through my school. yes! they gave me admission as stated on the a report by – an email platform on which an account was opened for me, yes! On the report there was jamb registration number and a congratulatory message on my admission and proceed to print your admission letter, yes ! I confirmed the payment on jamb portal but i could not print the admission letter after paying for admission letter printing.

  34. pls my regularization have been approved but I don’t see my jamb registration number pls what to do

    • The JAMB registration Number is usually not sent immediately. It can even take weeks. However, if it is taking too long, I advise you visit the closest JAMB office for clarification.

  35. I have completed suceesfull payment buh my indemnity form is not coming up and under payment it says approved not used… Please what do I do

  36. I have not successfully done my jamb regularization, can I register for jamb direct entry with my previous jamb registration number?

    • I do not really understand your questions. But a new JAMB registration number is issued to you when you apply for JAMB Direct Entry.

  37. Pls is DE form still on sale?

    • No. Not yet.

      • I did my my jamb regularization and I was given a black and white copy indemnity form from the jamb office where I did it, I took it to my school for submission and it was rejected that it must be color print so I went back to my jamb account thinking I can reprint it but when I click on the indemnity form, it says sorry no application for this transaction and I also check my payment all to have discovered that the payment I made for the regularization was not use, and other were use so i went back to the jamb office I was told that they don’t have color printer to do reprinting for me . Now I don’t know what to do, please what should I do? I need help please

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