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JAMB Warns Candidates Against Accepting Any Admission Outside JAMB CAPS

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has warned candidates against accepting any admission that does not pass through its Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) as any offer of admission not validated on JAMB’S profile page or offered through the CAPS is invalid.

According to JAMB, there have been complaints from the general public that three Public Universities have devised a method of “offering admission” to candidates outside the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) on their own designated portals.

JMB described this as a deliberate act done with the intent to lure unsuspecting candidates to accept other programmes  (courses) aside from their programmes  (courses) of choice.

The board re-emphasised that the CAPS system is  designed among other things to

i. prevent institutions from unilaterally changing or proposing a candidate for admission into other programmes (courses) other than his/her chosen one;

ii. disallow an institution to skip a higher ranking candidate to pick a less ranking candidate;

iii. allow an institution to recommend a substitute programme for the consent or rejection by a relatively low-ranking candidate who is not likely to secure a place in his/her initial programme; and

iv. allow a low-ranking candidate on each programme to, on his or her own, opt-out of consideration from the initial programme and be considered for a programme where he/she ranks high enough to be considered.

It, therefore, warned that any candidate who accepts such offer of admission does so at his or her own risk as there will be no regularisation of any irregular or illegal admission.

The board added that appropriate caution has been given to these universities which are to promptly withdraw and desist from such illegitimate action and any of such act will henceforth be visited with appropriate sanctions

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  1. My admission status on my jamb caps change from NOT ADMITTED to ADMISSION IN PROGRESS ,check back later .is this a good sign,it happened yesterday coz i do check my jamb caps almost everyday

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